Minecraft: Heart Of The Sea (How to Get and Use It)

Minecraft: Heart Of The Sea

The Aquatic update changed Minecraft oceans forever, no longer we have large, barren oceans with almost no life. Instead, we have a beautiful and thriving world inside the oceans, there is variety in the fish that spawn, there is much more fauna and most importantly there are coral reefs, which just look amazing, to say the least.

This overhaul to the game also added a ton of new items, including the heart of the sea. The heart of the sea seemed a rather mysterious item to many Minecraft players, they manage to find it and don’t know what it does, so they just leave it in their storage. While some spend hours trying to find it and have no luck.

In this detailed guide, we will cover almost everything there is to know about the Heart Of The Sea, from how to get your hands on it, what is it used for and many more tips and tricks which will be useful.

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What is Heart Of The Sea?

Minecraft: Heart Of The Sea

Heart of the Sea is an item added in the aquatic update, it is extremely rare to find and it looks like a blue orb when held in hand. It has mysterious powers which grant players special abilities when in water.

It can’t be placed and it only can be used in one crafting recipe that being the conduit. The conduit can be an important piece of item for those who want to build an underwater base. Underwater, bases became much easier to navigate with the conduit.

How to find the Heart of the sea in Minecraft?

Now that we know what the Heart of the sea is, it is time to go on an expedition to obtain one. The heart of the sea can only be found inside buried treasures, which are extremely rare to find on your own. But there’s a simple way to locate these treasures.

Take all the water-breathing potions you can get your hands on and deep dive into an ocean. Because we need to find a shipwreck, it looks like a damaged sunken ship and isn’t that rare, you find them easily if you look in the oceans and near the shores. Sometimes you might find them on the shores as well.

Now inside the shipwrecks are chests, these chests have a rare chance of having treasure maps. If you’re lucky on your first attempt you might find one, but if not, keep looking.

Now the further part is pretty straightforward, just follow the map and try reaching the X marked on the map. Once there, start digging around, the treasure may be buried deep, so be ready to clear out a lot of sand.

The buried treasures will have the heart of the sea almost every time you find one. And there you go, you’ve found a heart of the sea!

What to do with the heart of the sea?

Now that you have the main item which you were looking for and were curious about, you might think, what in the world are its uses?

Actually, the uses are pretty powerful. As mentioned earlier, the heart of the sea is only used in one crafting recipe and that is the conduit. To put things as simply as possible, the conduit is an underwater version of the beacon. The conduit will give you conduit power when you’re in its range.

Minecraft: Heart Of The Sea

The Conduit gives a variety of buffs, including underwater breathing, if you’re in the range of the conduit you won’t use air bubbles, instead, you’ll be able to breathe underwater and stay there.

Another useful effect is the night vision that the conduit provides, in the ocean things get real dark, so a base is out of the question, but a conduit providing night vision is enough to make that place liveable.

The conduit also grants the user increased mining efficiency, so that the player can mine faster underwater. The conduit will also damage any hostile mob that dares to go near it.

How to get a conduit?

We already have the heart of the sea, which is the most important and rare item needed for crafting it, so the next thing we need is Nautilus shells. We need 8 to be exact to craft a conduit.

Nautilus shells aren’t that hard to find, they can be found using various techniques. The most prominent being fishing, just fish AFK for an hour or so and you’ll have all the Nautilus shell you’ll ever need. In addition to this, there are more ways in which you can get your hands on these shells.

The drowned is a hostile mob that drops these shells. But you’d have to kill a lot of them as the chances of them dropping shells is extremely low. The low drop rate combined with the deadly oceans isn’t a great match.

Another way is to stay near your base when a wandering trader arrives, just buy these shells from him. But again, we face the same problem, the chances of the wandering trader having these shells are low. So fishing is the best way to find them actually.

Now that we have all the items, we craft the conduit. The recipe is pretty simple, just place the heart of the sea in the middle and surround it with shells and you’ll have your own conduit.

Minecraft: Heart Of The Sea

Activating the Conduit.

Now that we have a conduit all we need is a place to activate it. It can be done anywhere in the world, but it requires 3x3x3 water sources around it, so technically you can build it on land as well.

Keeping the conduit in the middle surround it with circles of prismarine blocks, they can be any variant of the prismarine blocks. Three circles can be made in total, with one circle providing a range of 32 blocks and 3 circles a range of 96 blocks. The conduit power can also be harnessed if it is raining.

The frame should have at least 16 blocks for the conduit to activate and the frames or circles should be built in a 5x5x5 frame.

Minecraft: Heart Of The Sea

Once the conduit is activated it will provide conduit power if you’re in its range. The conduit will open up and start moving a little, it also emits light and a creepy sound.

Minecraft: Heart Of The Sea

Why use a Conduit?

The heart of the sea takes a long time to find and so do the Nautilus shells, so what’s the point of going through all the hassle just to get some night vision?

The conduit is much more than that, and the same case can be made for the beacon, it doesn’t grant superhuman powers but still is pretty useful. Similarly, the conduit is a pretty useful item especially if you’re planning on staying underwater.

The update aquatic has added a ton of underwater features you should atleast once through your playthrough aim to make an underwater base, they look great and the conduit will help you in this venture.

The ocean world is full of great creatures and beautiful fish, the coral reefs are mesmerizing and the dolphins are fun. The Minecraft team has done a lot of work making the oceans into a liveable place, so try playing there too.

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