The Best Armor Enchantments to Use in Minecraft


While Minecraft has many different things to do within the game’s heavily customizable sandbox, a great number of players prefer to spend their time in the game fighting many different kinds of monsters.

To fight any threat, of course, you need to make sure that you have the best weapons at your disposal, and most players also realize that using the appropriate enchantments on every weapon in the game can be very beneficial.

However, people often overlook how important the defense part of combat is and don’t spend much time enchanting their armors. Just like the weapons, for example, bows, the armors in Minecraft can be enchanted too and offer many unique advantages to the player who uses them.

Naturally, it can be a bit difficult to pick the best enchantments to use due to how many different ones exist – so we’ve created a list of the best ones and mentioned what advantages they provide after being equipped so that you don’t have to go through the effort yourself! So, let’s get started.

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What Are The Best Minecraft Armor Enchantments?

Here is a list of the best minecraft armor enchantments to use in 2021.

7. Frost Walker

best minecraft armor enchantments
Image: Diamant Steve // Nice PNG

Frost Walker is not only a useful enchantment to have in general, but it also looks extremely stylish to use. Applicable on boots, the enchantment lets you move anywhere you want on bodies of water as the blocks below you will freeze and let you walk around on them. It also has an additional advantage that makes campfires and magma blocks no longer damage you as long as you have the boots equipped.

While it’s a limited effect, it gives you enough time to walk as you please and makes it extremely easy to explore the wetter parts of the map. The max level is II, so you won’t need to spend too much time upgrading it for full potential either.

6. Aqua Affinity

The Aqua Affinity enchantment is applicable on helmets and essentially increases your efficiency in exploring the underwater realms of Minecraft. It lets you mine resources at a normal speed within water instead of the slowed-down pace, which is a great help for people that like to partake in those activities.

The max level it has is I, so you can decide pretty quickly whether you want to keep it or not a bit after using it.

5. Blast Protection

Blast Protection works on every type of armor in the game, unlike several others that usually only apply to certain things like helmets and boots for example. The purpose of this enchantment is that to reduce the damage gained from TNT, ghast fireballs, and exploding creepers.

Its max level is IV and is very useful for offensive players, whether you wish to fight AI or real players.

4. Respiration

minecraft armor enchantments
Image: Diamond Armor by Zapperier | 3D Warehouse

An enchantment meant for helmets; Respiration is water-based just like Aqua Affinity. It increases the time that you can stay underwater for without dying and works in any underwater environment. It’s very useful for gathering certain types of resources and fighting guardians that reside in water areas.

Pairing it up with Aqua Affinity makes the experience even better, as you can stay underwater for longer and also be able to deal extended damage thanks to a lack of speed penalties.

3. Fire Protection

Fire Protection works on any kind of armor, but cannot be paired up with the other enchantments that come under the ‘protection’ category. It’s useful for protection against lava and fire damage which makes exploring the Nether and Overworld regions extremely easy. But the ability to fight Blazes without accidentally putting yourself on fire is a great deal in itself.

The max level for it is IV, so you’ll need to be a little patient in having the best version of it.

2. Feather Falling

Fall damage is one of the most common causes of death in Minecraft, especially since you can accidentally dig in points that have a great gap between the ground. Or sometimes, if you realize you won’t be able to kill a certain enemy and try to escape – but end up jumping from too high an edge and fall to your impending doom.

Feather Falling is a boot enchantment that reduces the damage that you receive whenever you fall on the ground from a great height. Even if it does not save your health much, usually just surviving long enough to regenerate your health is a big plus. The max level for this enchantment is IV, but it’s still pretty helpful in the early phases too.

1. Mending

best armor enchantments to use in minecraft
Image: NicePNG

Mending is an enchantment that ranks pretty high in almost every list for Minecraft’s item enhancement – and it’s on the number one spot for us in regards to armor. It can be used for any piece of armor in the game and automatically increases the durability of the item you have it equipped on whenever you pick up experience orbs.

It’s a great ability to have when you fight hordes, as you can constantly pick-up experience orbs that you gain from killing them and repair the piece of armor that you have enchanted with Mending. To make things even better, its max level is I – which means you won’t have to spend time to obtain its best version either.

This wraps up our list for the best armor enchantments to use in Minecraft and we hope you found the ones most suitable for you! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments. And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful Minecraft guides too.

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