Minecraft AFK Fish Farm Explained

minecraft afk fishing

Fishing isn’t the most popular feature in Minecraft but it is one of the most useful ones. Once you get to know the different loot you can obtain by fishing, you’ll start fishing immediately. And you should, fishing gives the player a much-needed boost in the game which can be used to beat the dragon faster.

Fishing has been a part of Minecraft since the start, but back then it was worthless to fish as the chances of you getting fish were really slim. Apart from fish which can only be used as food, other stuff was also added to the loot table for the player.

Now you can get a lot of stuff just from fishing, from leather gear to name tags, and much more. The game rewards patience and technique by making the player fish in certain conditions.

Soon players realized that there was a better and faster way to get all the juicy items from fishing, and AFK fishing was introduced to the game!

What is AFK fishing?

As the name suggests, AFK fishing is fishing whilst your away from your keyboard. To put it in simple words, AFK fishing will give you loot without having to worry about sitting near the PC.

Many smart Redstone wizards created their own version of the process, each iteration being better than the one before. Soon players had all the rare items they would ever need in the game, and you could too!

Loot! The fishing loot table is divided into three categories, fish, treasure, and junk!

When you fish there is a probability of you either getting stuff from the three categories mentioned above. The fish category has fish. The treasure category has rare items like nametags, saddles, enchanted or non-enchanted fishing rods, mending books, bows, nautilus shells, etc.

The junk category has bones, strings, enchanted rods, water bottles, bowls, leather, ink sacs, etc.

How to fish AFK?

Not a lot is required to build an AFK Fish farm actually, and there are many videos online explaining the process of building one from scratch, so0 do check them out.

Once you have your AFK fish farm ready, depending upon what the design was, you’d need an auto-clicker or a regular mouse will do the trick.

Advantages of AFK fish farming!

As we said earlier fishing can be a really useful process for Minecraft and hence we built an AFK fish farm. But what can we expect from fishing in the rivers?

Well, you can expect a lot! Enchanting your gear, finding diamonds and netherite is a long tedious process and we know something will happen and this gear will break. So to fix this issue we use the mending enchantment which repairs our gear in exchange for some EXP.

Elytra should always have a mending enchantment on them as they are really rare to find. The same goes for your netherite gear. But getting these books is hard, you can only obtain one from trading with villagers and fishing! And fishing is what we’ll do to get this fantastic enchantment.

Apart from that, you can also get valuables like enchanted bows and fishing rods. Nametags are really rare in the game, but with fishing, we get them in plenty, now you can actually keep a pet!

Nautilus shells are needed for the heart of the sea which is like an underwater beacon. These shells can be found in shipwrecks and treasure chests, but you can easily obtain them by fishing. I think I’ve made my point clear, you should always make use of fishing as it will only make your playthrough easier.

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