Lost Ark Entry Requirements Not Met (FIXED)

Lost Ark Entry Requirements Not Met (Fix)

Lost Ark, like most other MMO games, features a world with a lot of playable content. While it’s an easy game to get into, it eventually toughens up due to its well-structured progression system.

The player may usually run into dungeons and instances that are compatible with their characters in terms of difficulty. The more well-equipped and stronger the player gets the more difficult dungeons and instances they may encounter.

An exception, however, is made in the case of teamplay-oriented dungeon-raiding.

Content like Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids prohibits players depending on their progression and status of qualification, and if you attempt to participate in them with a lower progression status, you’re met with a message that says ‘entry requirements not met.

What do entry requirements mean in Lost Ark? 

Every dungeon raid in Lost Ark has a certain entry requirement.

For solo dungeons and content, the player has matched accordingly to their progression and status, but the player is also able to join parties and teams wanting to raid dungeons far beyond their progression, despite not being able to play due to not meeting the entry requirements.

While it’s disappointing to be left out of the party, the feature is arguably quite beneficial to not only the player’s skill but also the integrity of a team in a team-oriented dungeon raid. The player progressing further in the game and developing better skills would only be beneficial to their team.

How to meet Lost Ark entry requirements

There are two major ways for progressing as much as to meet most Lost Ark content’s entry requirements: raising the character’s combat levels and increasing their item levels.

Enhancing combat levels is easy and old-fashioned. Regularly getting into action and completing more and more missions. A combat level of fifty is seen as the target for Lost Ark’s end-game content, which can be attained easily through the completion of all the quest markers.

Item levels, on the other end, are quite a complicated case. The equipped gear parts can be upgraded only statistically. Early-game gear upgrades can be found through regular enemy drop tables.

Stronger gear sets for the later game, preferably with an item level of 300 or higher, can only be attained by completing several late-game tasks and require frequent polishing and sharpening.

Thus, it is very useful to keep track of the entry requirements of all the prominent Lost Ark content, so that the only available late-game content is utilized at the right time.


That is all there is to fix the ‘Entry Requirements Not Met’ prompt in Lost Ark.

Spend a lot of time playing the game, keep upgrading your gears, and don’t shy away from quests and content that may challenge you despite being in line with your skill level.

If you want more help with Lost Ark, feel free to check out the rest of our Lost Ark guides here, and stay tuned for more! 

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