Lost Ark Simple Oreha Fusion Material Guide (2024)

Lost Ark Simple Oreha Fusion Material Guide

A few things are highly important in an RPG of any kind. Your party composition, skills, stats, and even things like your base, but above all else, one of the important things is your gear.

This rule applies to MMOs just like Lost Ark, and because of that, all lost ark players should be looking for a way to upgrade their gear, and one of the best is Oreha Fusion Material.

Oreha Fusion Material is one of the best ways for a player to upgrade their gear.

This is true if they are looking at the end game and need to improve all of their stats. But many people find it difficult to acquire this particular material, so I am going to show you how. Be warned that the best way to do this is also the hardest, with the two others costing money.

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Farming Oreha Fusion Material In Lost Ark

So first, let us go over the requirements for you to make your own Oreha. The first thing that you are going to need is a fortress.

You will then want to go ahead and invest a lot into the fortress to get it ready. Most notably, you will need to up your workshop and research facilities to handle the demands of this kind of crafting.

Second, you will need to go ahead and research the Oreha Fusion Material and select one of the crafting methods. This will take time but work out, though, because if you use this method, you can get 30 Oreha Fusion Material every time you do this. Begin this process as soon as you can to get the results as soon as possible.

Crafting Oreha Fusion Material

Once the research is finished, you will now be able to craft your own Oreha Fusion Material using your chosen crafting type. I should explain the three methods and their component materials while we are here.

The three crafting methods are hunting, fishing, and excavating. So ever of these fits closer to your playstyle is the one you should choose so that it can be acquired through your natural style.

Each of these crafting styles will have specific required material that you will have to gather if you want to craft the Oreha. If you choose the hunting path, you will need to gather nine oreha thick meat, 36 tough leather, 72 thick meat, and then you will need 203 gold to craft it.

The fishing path requires 9 Oreha solar carp, 36 natural pearls, 72 fish, and 203 gold. The last path is the exaction path, which requires 7 Ancient Oreha Relic, 28 rare relics, 56 rare relics, and 203 gold. These requirements are all about even in terms of difficulty. That doesn’t mean that any of them will be easy.

How to Get The Items to Craft Oreha Fusion Material

One of the biggest roadblocks you may have to overcome in this crafting method is if the rare and uncommon materials are not popping up. However, this is not a huge obstacle, as there is a way to acquire these items.

If you get the common version of the desired material, go ahead and head to the roster resources exchange NPC located to the southwest of the trade merchant. This NPC allows you to exchange a common good variant of a resource for its uncommon or rare variant.

This exchange allows you to get all the required materials to craft your Oreha fusion material.

All these methods listed above require gold and a lot of it to be produced in volume. That is part of why I suggested upgrading your workshop, as there are numerous ways to use it to generate gold.

This will be important for the continued production of Oreha so you can get your gear to its highest status. Of course, you can obtain gold through other methods, but a continuous supply would be needed to craft the material.

The Buying method

Of course, maybe you don’t want to put all the time and resources into building your ability to make Oreha. This could be because you only need a little, or you just don’t want the hassle, in which case there are two alternative options available to you.

The first is to buy them from Mari and the second is to buy them from the auction house. These options are easy enough, but the downside is that it is incredibly expensive. Because of that, these are methods only advisable if you need a small amount of the material.

Otherwise, this is going to get costly fast.

Lost Ark Simple Oreha Fusion Material Guide

Mari’s Secret Shop

The first of these two options is to go to Mari’s secret shop. This description sounds like a wondrous location in-game but is a special section of the store page for the whole game.

Interestingly the purpose of Mari’s special shop is to offer various items at discounted rates.

This can include special items and materials that happen to include Oreha fusion material. You will need blue crystals to buy things from this store, which you can get by exchanging your in-game gold for them.

The Auction House

The second place that you can buy Oreha is at the Lost Ark auction house. This is a place where the players in the lost ark can buy or sell their various items and equipment in the game.

The list of items that are sold also happens to include the fusion material.

That having been said, the pricing is controlled by players, so it is bound to be very expensive to buy even a little. This price hike could work in your favor if you make your own fusion material and sell it at the auction house.


These are the three ways for a player to acquire Oreha Fusion Material in a lost ark.

The best way is still to make it yourself, but the other option is there if you wish to use them. These tips should help you to acquire enough Oreha to be able to upgrade all of your gear. So if you have trouble with the end game, employ this, which should help you beat your final goal.

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