The Coolest Pokemons 2024: Yveltal, Giratina, Urshifu, More

The Coolest Pokemons Ranked

As one of the most well-known video game franchises of all time, Pokemon has been a staple for players all around the world. I mean, it would be difficult to not enjoy the games for their gameplay alone, with their classic adventures and regions to explore.

When you add all the Pokemon you can find, catch, and train, well, it’s easy to see why the Pokemon franchise has been wildly popular for decades.

There’s no shortage of Pokemon to catch with nearly 900 Pokemon currently available across all the released games, so there’s certainly a Pokemon out there for everyone.

There are few things in gaming more satisfying than finding and catching that one Pokemon you’ve been searching for, or training and leveling up one of your starter Pokemon. Though almost every Pokemon is unique and appealing, there are some which stand out above the rest.

The Coolest Pokemons Of 2024

We’re going to take a look at the 15 Coolest Pokemon Ranked for 2024 (in no particular order). 

1. Incineroar

As the final evolution of Litten, Incineroar is one of the coolest Pokemon known for its power in battle and its tendency to be quite arrogant. According to the official Pokedex, Incineroar “finds beating down unworthy opponents boring”.

If that isn’t considered cool, then I don’t know what is. As a fire/dark type Pokemon, Incineroar boasts a wide variety of moves it can learn such as the flamethrower and flare blitz.

2. Marshadow

An oddly terrifying yet terrifyingly cool Pokemon, Marshadow is unique in its ability to mimic its opponents and become more powerful than them.

Don’t let Marshadow’s size fool you; this little guy will haunt your dreams, and there’s really nothing cooler than copying someone else’s moves and being better at using them than they are.

Marshadow is only available by trading with another player or through in-game events, so its rarity makes it even cooler than it already is. 

3. Zamazenta

Zamazenta, the Pokemon featured on the game cover of Pokemon Shield, sports a design that looks like, well, a shield.

Not only is it beautifully designed, Zamazenta also has a really cool backstory; it once helped save the people of the Galar region, and it can absorb metal to use in battle. That all sounds pretty hardcore, and Zamazenta certainly looks the part of a cool hero. 

4. Toxtricity

Electric Pokemons are always pretty cool, both in their looks and their abilities, and Toxtricity is no exception to that rule. Capable of performing both electric and poison-type moves, Toxtricity has a decent arsenal for use against its foes.

Depending on your Toxtricity’s nature, it can be either “amped” or “low key”, which not only determines its appearance, but it also dictates which new move Toxtricity will learn once it reaches level 52. 

5. Grimmsnarl

The final evolution of Impidimp, Grimmsnarl is a dark/fairy type Pokemon with hair wrapped around its body, making it stronger.

Grimmsnarl has a “gigantamax” form which makes it look like a boss you’d fight in a game like Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy, and while in this form it can create a drill with its hair and can drill through the ground with it; I mean, just imagine being some poor trainer unlucky enough to come across a gigantamax Grimmsnarl while it’s using its own hair as a drill.

Maybe a little weird, but cool, nonetheless. 

6. Urshifu

Martial arts-style Pokemon are some of the coolest Pokemon ever, so of course, I had to include Urshifu in this list. With two different forms, Urshifu will either relentlessly attack its foes or will take a more tactical approach to defeat opponents.

As a fighting-type Pokemon, it’s unsurprising that Urshifu’s moves are primarily fighting-type moves such as dynamic punch, although Urshifu can also use dark moves like a wicked blow, which will always be a critical hit. 

7. Eternatus

There are few things cooler than a dragon, and Eternatus is among some of the coolest Pokemon as a skeletal-looking dragon. The official lore behind Eternatus states that it came from a comet and absorbs energy from the Galar region.

Thankfully, this Pokemon has a 100% catch rate, meaning that you literally cannot fail to catch it once you have its HP depleted. So, if you’re the kind of trainer that wants an ancient dragon as part of their arsenal, be sure to go out and catch Eternatus!

8. Solgaleo

One of two final evolutions of Cosmog, Solgaleo is a fierce Pokemon that resembles a lion and can open Ultra Wormholes. When its third eye opens it travels to another world and as if that isn’t cool enough, Solgaleo is called “the beast that devours the sun”.

Solgaleo’s design is strikingly powerful and was the perfect Pokemon to use on the cover of Pokemon Sun.

9. Cinderace

Who wouldn’t think that a Pokemon who can juggle a pebble and turn it into a flaming soccer ball is cool? Cinderace, the final evolution of Scorbunny, can do just that and more. As the only Pokemon known to use pyro ball and can use a G-Max move called G-Max fireball while in gigantamax form.

To make Cinderace’s gigantamax form even better, its fireball can become larger than 300 feet. Fire-type Pokemon are almost always cool, but Cinderace takes it to a whole new level. 

10. Giratina

giratina - coolest pokemon of 2022

Although Giratina was introduced over a decade ago, its “cool factor” still holds up well to this day. Said to live in “a world on the reverse side of ours”, Giratina is a ghost/dragon type Pokemon that looks uniquely haunting with its black wings and crown-like object on its head.

With its signature move “shadow force”, which causes it to vanish and then reappears to attack its opponent, Giratina is still one of the coolest Pokemon, even in 2024.

11. Necrozma

Not only does its name sound cool, but Necrozma is the embodiment of the word. Although everyone Pokemon is unique in its own way, Necrozma’s appearance is on a different level than most with its black crystal-like body.

Necrozma has a signature move called “prismatic laser”, a powerful and brilliantly colored light display that deals high damage to opponents. 

12. Volcanion

One of the more unique Pokemon comes in the form of Volcanion, which is both fire and water type, and as such, can use both water and fire type moves.

Volcanion’s design is an interesting one, with two arms that form a ring on its back and act as cannons. Perhaps one of the cooler abilities Volcanion has is water absorb, which will restore its HP if it gets attacked by a water-type move. 

13. Drednaw

Coming in as a mix of water and rock type, Drednaw resembles a turtle if that turtle had a spikey protrusion on its head and jaw strong enough to chew through steel.

Drednaw are typically aggressive and in official lore, they’re quite difficult for trainers to tame. This Pokemon also has a gigantamax form which has it standing at over 70 feet tall. If there’s anything more terrifying than a 70-foot-tall turtle with spikes, then I’ll eat my own hat!

14. Yveltal

Try to think of something cooler than this line: “When this legendary Pokemon’s wings and tail feathers spread wide and glow red, it absorbs the life force of living creatures”.

That’s the official description for Yveltal on the Pokemon website, and one which leaves little to the imagination.

Yveltal is a dark/flying type Pokemon that appears to be a cross between a bird and a dragon and can use dark and flying type attacks, such as oblivion wing, an attack which not only deals damage but will also restore some HP.

15. Celesteela

Classified as an “Ultra Beast” (Pokemon originating from Ultra Space), Celesteela is a steel/flying type Pokemon that certainly looks out of this world.

Celesteela’s arms resemble bamboo shoots, which can emit flammable gas that it stores within its body; its arms are also used to propel itself into the air during battle and it’s been said that Celesteela is able to fly into space.

I’d say any Pokemon that’s referred to as an “Ultra Beast” is pretty cool, but being able to fly itself into space makes Celesteela one of the coolest Pokemon in my book.

And there you have it, the 15 coolest Pokemon ranked for 2024! You may have your own opinion of which Pokemon are the coolest, and that’s great!

Since there are so many Pokemon, everyone has their favorites, and that’s a part of what makes Pokemon so special and cherished by millions; there truly is a Pokemon for everyone.

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