How to Change Uniform In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Though Pokemon Sword and Sheild games came out in 2020, the hype for the game remains, the PokeFans won’t let go of this so quickly, and with the new DLCs added to the game, you better believe they’ll be grinding the game for months to come.

The game was the first Pokemon main series on the brand new Nintendo Switch, and though it received heavy criticism on its landing, the game sold like crazy.

The Pokemon fans were upset about the final product and thought the game would’ve been better if they’d put more effort into it and polished it more. But all this criticism later, the fans still went and bought the game, because let’s face it, who’s going to miss a new generation of the Pokemon games?

The game instantly became popular because of its new and advanced features, better than the last installments. In this game, the pokemon roam freely in the wild area, which was never seen before, and to be honest, it is the best part of the game.

You get to interact with these creatures and fight them in their natural habitat.

This and more new features like these propelled Sword and Sheild to the top of the charts.

One such new feature was the ability to change one’s clothes; though the gimmick has been implemented in some games, this was unlike any other. You could buy new clothes and get gym leader uniforms from the leaders you’ve defeated in the game.

And to be honest, the clothes look great; this adds a new element to the game and makes you feel more connected to the universe as you have more freedom to customize your attire.

This only makes the game feel more alive, and this feature should become a recurring feature in the game!

How to get new clothes in Pokemon Sword and Sheild?

Pokemon sword and shield have added a new type of building to the game; these buildings are called boutiques and can be found in almost every major town or city in the Galar region.

The boutiques are spread across Galar, and you won’t have a hard time finding one. So that you know, this is how they look like!

How to change Uniform in Pokemon Sword & Shield

If you have extra money on you and feel like spending it on new clothes, just walk into the store and head towards the employee there. They will give you a wide range of collections to choose from, and you know what the best part is? You can mix and match different items to give your character a personalized look!

How to change Uniform in Pokemon Sword & Shield

There are various T-shirts and jackets available along with shoes and multiple accessories in the store. If you’re confused about how to dress your character to look cool, you can look up many combinations from the internet.

Having a different attire will make your player character stand out when you play online with your friends or go on raids with others.

How to change Uniform in Pokemon Sword & Shield

After you’ve purchased the clothing you wanted, how do you wear them? Because once you’ve bought them, no option is available to dawn on the new attire?

How to change clothes in Pokemon sword and shield?

After purchasing a clothing item successfully, you’ll get a prompt to put non the clothes; if you click on yes, your character will wear the clothes; if you click no, nothing will happen. But what to do next if you want to put on the new clothes?

Simply walk into the trial room; the room is seen in the boutique and can be accessed by; walking in!

How to change Uniform in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Once there, everything’s pretty straightforward. After that, you get a list of all the clothing items you have, and you’ll have to click on the clothing item you have to wear. This will lead to you instantly dawning on that piece of clothing; as I said earlier, it is a pretty straightforward procedure once you enter the trial room!

Now that we know how to buy clothe and how to wear them let’s move on to the next question, i.e., how to change your uniforms in the game?

How to change your uniform in Pokemon Sword and Sheild?

Uniforms were introduced in the game as a reward for beating the gym leader in a match. These uniforms are more than mere pieces of clothing; they represent your victory over some of the best trainers in the Galar region. And when you have all the gym uniforms, it means you’re ready for the final battle!

Every uniform looks different depending upon the gym leader you’ve defeated in the battle. Every uniform you’ll get will be similar to the uniform the losing gym leader was wearing. Don’t worry; they won’t strip in front of you and give away the uniform; they have an extra one!

These uniforms can’t be worn to any gym leader matches though, you can wear them outside, but in the battle, your clothes will change to their default mode when you enter the stadium for the battle!

If you have defeated a gym leader, you probably have a uniform in your bag, but how do you access it, and how do you wear it? The same way you wore the clothes you bought from the store, by going inside the trial room and clicking on the items in the uniform.

Why can’t we wear uniforms during gym battles?

Gamefreak and the Pokemon company have a lot of explaining to do for this crazy limitation they’ve imposed upon the game.

You should be able to wear your uniform anywhere you want, but for some reason, when you enter the most intense battle in the game, aka the gym battle, your clothes revert to the white uniform.

This isn’t professional at all; the gym leaders are often seen sporting great outfits while the players have to settle for ordinary and boring attire; this takes away the realness of the game!

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