Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations Revealed (2024)

All Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

Fallout 76 is a multiplayer online game. This certifies the fact that you will have to grind in order to craft, upscale, and consistently upgrade your gear. Whether it’s collecting components such as Junk to dismantle and add to your resources, while other components are absolutely vital to your grind.

One of such components is the Aluminum component, which is one of the most important resources that you absolutely require in Fallout 76.

So, let’s get into detail about why Aluminum is so important and what are the best locations (farming spots) to find this amazing resource!

Why Is Aluminum So Important Fallout 76?

Aluminum is not just useful for upgrading gear and crafting important items, but it is also used in repairing any weapons, along with crafting any of the building materials that your builds require.

It’s an instrumental component that you will be using quite regularly within your Fallout 76 journey. Seeing as it’s not a very easy component to find, and you will be in need of it very much.

We’ve highlighted some of the items that you can scrap for Aluminum, as well as the key spots that you can find this component relatively frequently.

Items You Can Scrap For Aluminum

Before you head out hunting for Aluminum, make sure to check out your junk items for any of these items that might already be in your inventory or your base.

These items can have up to 1 to 3 Aluminum resources per dismantle. If you have any of these items already ready to be processed, then make sure to completely drain your stock before you go out looking to gather more. 

  • Aluminum Can
  • Aluminum Canister
  • Aluminum Scrap
  • Blasting Caps Box
  • Cake Pan
  • Chez Vivi Typewriter
  • Clean Cake Pan
  • Clean Coffee Tin
  • Coffee Tin
  • Coolant Cap   
  • Eyebot Model   
  • HH-3 Capacitor
  • Hubcap
  • Industrial Oil Canister   
  • Large Glass Jar Lid
  • Large Glass Jar Ring
  • Large Glass Jar Top
  • Mr. Gutsy Model
  • Mr. Handy Model
  • Oil Can   
  • Protectron Model
  • Ring Stand
  • Robot Parts Model
  • Sentry Bot Model
  • Ski Pole
  • Small Glass Jar Lid
  • Small Glass Jar Ring
  • Small Glass Jar Top
  • Steel Guitar
  • Surgical Tray
  • Tin Pitcher
  • Toy Rocket Ship
  • TV Dinner Tray
  • Vault-Tec Alarm Clock   
  • Wake Master Alarm Clock.

Aluminum Farming Spots In Fallout 76

Below we have put down and described the best farming spots in Fallout 76 where you can find the Aluminum component in abundance. Hoard up on as much of the Aluminum items that you can, and then save them up on your base.

If you’ve completely cleaned out all of these spots, just store them at your base and load up a new server to find them back in the places you originally found them! Check out the list below.

1. Abbie’s Bunker

Abbie’s Bunker is a place just near the 66th, right along the road that leads to the Thunder Mountain Power Plant. It’s also near other landmarks such as Ella Ames’s Bunker and the Red Rocket Mega Stop. You can find recurring Aluminum junk in this hot spot.

Abbie’s Bunker All Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

2. Charleston Train Yard

The Charleston Train Yard is also another one of the best Aluminum farming spots. This spot is sandwiched right in between the AVR Medical Center and the Poseidon Power Plant. 

Charleston Train Yard All Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

3. Dent & Sons Construction

Dent & Sons’ Construction is on the only path that leads downwards from 101st. The key landmarks that are situated near this spot are the Federal Disposal Field HZ-21, just southeast of the Garrahan and Hornwright Estates!

Dent & Sons Construction All Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

4. Palace of the Winding Path

The Palace of Winding Path is situated on the journey westwards from the 98th, situated directly northwest of the popular spot Sunnytop Ski Lanes. The Palace of Winding Path is one of the most popular spots in the entirety of Fallout 76, and can be recognized from miles away!

Palace of the Winding Path All Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

5. Prickett’s Fort

Another great hotspot to find Aluminum farms inside of is the Prickett’s Fort landmark. This farming spot is situated just directly north of the Palace of Winding Path, with the nearby landmarks being Sacrament and Knife Edge which are placed on both sides of the Fort.

Prickett’s Fort All Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

6. Sacrament

If you head up straight northeast from the Palace of Winding Path, you will find yourself at the Aluminum farming spot named Sacrament. It’s placed conveniently next to the Palace of Winding Path and Prickett’s Fort, so you can use it to make quick and easy runs collecting Aluminum.

Sacrament All Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

7. Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

The Pleasant Valley Ski Resort is a great spot to look for some amazing quantities of the Aluminum component. It is situated quite conveniently right next to the Top of the Worldbuilding, as well as right below the Pleasant Valley Cabins and just straight north of Beckwith Farm. 

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort All Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

8. Ranger District Office

All the way on the other side of the map is the Ranger District Office, situated just west of the 65th. If you head up to Watoga, you can find the Ranger District Office just a few minutes’ journey towards the north of the AMS Corporate Headquarters. 

Ranger District Office All Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

9. Sons of Dane Compound

This spot is also near the Palace of Winding Path, however, it is a bit more towards the southeast rather than north. It’s placed right in between a couple of other landmarks such as the Relay Tower LW-B1-22, Fort Atlas, and Hopewell Cave.

This spot has a ton of Aluminum-based items that you can process.

Sons of Dane Compound All Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

10. Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm

The Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm always has a huge reserve of Aluminum junk items. This farm is located right next to the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center, the Poseidon Power Substation PX-01, and the Hillfolk Hotdogs. 

Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm All Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

That was our guide on the best farming spots that you can find when it comes to the highly useful Aluminum component. This component can be found in abundance across the map in many different forms of items.

However, if you’re too busy to hunt for Aluminum Deposits or to scavenge for the plethora of items that can be processed into making Aluminum, these are the prime locations you should round up.

These locations will have more than enough Aluminum to cover at least one very long play-through. Not to mention you can always just join a new server to restock these farming spots completely!

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