How to Draw Equipment in Cats and Soup

how to draw equipment in cats and soup

Cats and Soup is a cooking game that cat lovers find hard to resist. The mobile game’s major appeal comes from its delightful art design, relaxing background music, ASMR, and most of all – adorable kittens.

As you’re running a restaurant trying to rack up profits, you also have adorable cat chefs working for you in the middle of an enchanted forest. Of course, they don’t do all the work.

Most of your responsibility as a business owner involves collecting recipes to keep your menu diverse, building facilities to make the job easier for your employees, and keeping them well-fed to improve their skills.

There are many other things you can do on the side, such as buying furniture, dressing your cats up, and designing their mini rooms. But there are also other activities that can help you level up, such as completing events and daily missions

A lot of players have struggled with one mission in particular: Draw Equipment. If you’re also one of those players, well.. you’ve come to the right place! This guide tells you how to draw equipment in Cats and Soup. 

What Does “Draw Equipment” Mean in Cats and Soup?

What Does “Draw Equipment” Mean in Cats and Soup

Those who have been playing Cats and Soup for a while have probably seen the “Draw equipment 2 times” quest show up in the Daily Missions tab. This has confused a lot of players, as it leaves little to no explanation as to exactly what “equipment” you should get.

Like all the other missions, there are also no instructions as to how you can achieve this. But it’s actually simple. What this quest really means is you should draw items at least two times from the treasure chest. 

Upon completing the mission, you get energy as a reward. Energy is a type of currency that allows you to buy and upgrade new recipes in Cats and Soup. It’s even harder to earn more than gold, which is why it’s important for players to upgrade their rest stations often. However, if you want to draw equipment, then you’re going to need to build a treasure chest first.

How to Build a Treasure Chest in Cats and Soup

How to Build a Treasure Chest in Cats and Soup

The process for building a Treasure Chest is the same as building facilities in the game, you just need to earn enough gold to afford it. Gold coins are earned by selling soup in Cats and Soup.

The more soup you sell, the more gold coins you earn. If you want to sell more soup, then you’ll have to upgrade your facilities, buy more recipes, and feed your cats rare fish to level them up. Once you have earned 2000 gold, then you can finally buy a Treasure Chest.

To start building a Treasure Chest, click on the hammer icon at the lower right corner of your screen.

This opens up the Craft menu

This opens up the Craft menu, which shows you all the facilities you can build. Next, navigate to the Function tab. The Function tab is where you’ll find things like the Good Luck Jar, Bulletin Board, and Treasure Chest.

You can’t actually activate these services unless you’ve built them. Once you’ve found Treasure Chest, click the button on the right that lets you purchase it.

After buying it, choose the area you want to build the Treasure Chest in. Once you’ve chosen where to place it, congratulations!

How to Draw Equipment in Cats and Soup

How to Draw Equipment in Cats and Soup

Now that you have a treasure chest, you can start drawing equipment. Click the button below the treasure chest to open it. The next time you do, you can quickly access the treasure chest from the in-game menu if you don’t like wasting time finding it.

To access the in-game menu, just click the icon just above the Craft icon. You should be able to find Treasure Chest in the menu.

Upon opening the treasure chest, you’ll find that it’s not actually free, which is expected of mobile games. You have two options: you can either spend 300 gems or watch a 30-second ad.

You only get three tries daily to use the latter, and you will also have to wait 60 seconds before each try. It wouldn’t hurt to watch an ad, as you’ll only need to do this two times to complete the achievement. 

cats and soup treasure chest

Some of the things you can get from a treasure chest are clothes, accessories that grant buffs or passive effects for cooking, and the price of recipes you buy. These passive effects can higher the price of your food, as well as make your cats chop veggies and cook soup faster.

So not only are you getting a reward for completing this achievement, you also get useful items to help you run your business.


And that is how you draw equipment in Cats and Soup! We hope this guide helped you complete this daily mission in the game. It doesn’t just stop here, you can always go back and get equipment from the treasure chest.

Just make you have enough gems to spend or wait 10 hours between each draw, all it takes is patience. Opening the treasure chest is one of the best ways to obtain items without having to spend gold coins.

If you want to see more helpful guides on Cats and Soup, we have plenty of them. While you’re here, feel free to check out our guides on other games too!

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