How to Make And Use Blue Ice In Minecraft


For a game that stays relevant because of the creativity of the community, it becomes important to add new and exciting features that the community can capitalize on and exploit to create something great.

That’s why in the 1.13 update the developers at Mojang decided to add a new exciting block called Blue Ice!

As the name suggests, the block is blue in color and is icy! The block was added in the form of glaciers or icy peaks in the update so that there is variation in the colors of the glaciers. Not just for aesthetic purposes, the blue ice block is actually pretty useful, the uses will be covered in the article!

The block has a really cool texture and it surely can be used in builds that are based in the snowy biomes. The Minecraft devs are really great at creating new blocks which the community will like and with this one, they were 100% on point!

The blue ice block isn’t that hard to acquire, you just need to locate an icy biome where ice glaciers generate and then start mining, the blocks are most of the time distributed in the central parts of the glaciers. Apart from this trick, you can even craft it.

Regardless of your liking for the Blue ice block, the block has revolutionized many Redstone components and is also a great block for building if used properly. The block’s unique properties allow players in Minecraft to create custom Mini-Games based on its mechanics!

What does Blue Ice do in Minecraft?

The blue ice block in Minecraft is really slippery, most of the mobs and entities slip on it. Items are able to slip on it too, due to which there are many Redstone contraptions that use blue ice blocks in transportation tubes.

If water is placed over a blue ice block in a series, the items will flow at a faster speed than before making this combination ideal for making tubes that transport stuff. Blue ice can be used to make roads that are faster to traverse with a boat. This combination is really great and is one of the fastest ways of traveling in the game!

blue ice minecraft

Can you craft blue ice in Minecraft?

Blue Ice is readily available at the bottom of icebergs and the glaciers that are formed in the oceans. It is really easy to get your hands on this block as these snowy biomes are really common. But make sure to carry a silk touch pickaxe as the blue ice block can only be acquired using silk touch.

blue ice minecraft

If you use a normal pickaxe, the blue ice block won’t drop on breaking! The blue ice block can also be crafted using 9 packed ice blocks. 9 packed ice blocks will only give you a single blue ice block which may not seem much, but the blue ice block is really useful, so collecting the materials required for this block is not a waste of time.

Is Blue Ice worth it, in Minecraft?

Yes, absolutely, the blue ice block is really useful in the game and hence it is worth crafting in Minecraft!

The possibilities with this block are endless, you can let your creativity run wild when using this block in restone projects. Many have built long roads connecting their bases in the game using this block. The block is used in every Redstone sorting system regardless of the design!

The block looks lovely and can be used in many different snowy base ideas in the game. As said earlier, the uses of this block are endless, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

Does blue ice melt in Minecraft?

Unlike the other ice blocks in Minecraft, the blue ice block doesn’t melt, even if placed near light sources. This property of the blue ice block comes in handy when creating Redstone projects where light is needed to keep the contraptions mob-free.

Is blue ice faster than packed ice?

Yes, blue ice block will help you travel faster than if you’ve traveled on packed ice. So basically you can build a long road using blue ice and you will be able to travel faster than normal speeds in Minecraft.

In fact, the blue ice block allows you to travel faster than a horse if you use a boat! This feature of the block makes it one-of-a-kind in the game.

This property of the block has been used by many big YouTubers to travel in the nether, this way they travel a lot of blocks in the overworld!


Minecraft is a vast game, there are hundreds of blocks and items out there that can be potentially be used to make great-looking builds in Minecraft. There is Redstone which helps you build functioning contraptions in the game, this completely changes the game.

Noth these aspects of building and Redstone are the core of the Minecraft game. You can’t think about Minecraft without an idea about a house or Redstone contraptions popping up in your head. And the blue ice block is useful in both these cases.

Hence the blue ice block is considered one of the most useful blocks in Minecraft. And with the new nether update, it became even more useful as it can now be used to make unlimited amounts of basalt and automatic bridge-building machines in the nether.

This is a huge deal when you realize that most of the nether is traversable easily if you could walk in lava, and the blue ice block allows this to become a reality. Read more Minecraft guides:

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