Minecraft White Dye Sources & How to Get It

Minecraft White Dye Sources

A game that thrives on creativity needs to have many tools that the players can use to unleash their imaginations. Thanks to Notch, Minecraft got a new Dye (basically, painting) feature in the earlier builds of the game.

So whether you want to build a lovely hot air balloon or a simple-looking modern house, the one most important thing is the Dyes!

Ever since their introduction in the game, creative-minded players have exploited the feature for their means, giving us some crazy-looking build in the process. Not only do dyes help in getting 16 different colored blocks and other items, but they also help us texture our builds better.

Dye’s changed the way people build would be an understatement to t6he greatness dyes brought to the game of Minecraft. In total, there are 16 different dye colors in Minecraft, which fit the aesthetic of the game pretty nicely. Getting your hands on these dyes isn’t easy though, every different dye requires an additional flower/item.

Some dyes can be crafted from cactus, while some can be crafted from flowers. Today we take a look at one of the most abundant colors in the game: White!

The White Dye In Minecraft Explained!

Minecraft White Dye Sources

White dye is a primary color in the game and has a color similar to bone meal. It can be created using two different sources, viz. Lily of the valley and  Bonemeal. Due to this, the dye is pretty easy to obtain, which is a good thing as many builds require a subtle hint of white!

Minecraft White Dye Sources

White dye is used mainly to dye stuff and also to get lighter colors. For example, you’ll get lime green dye in the process if you mix the white dye and green dye. Similarly, black and white dye creates grey dye. Due to this, many colors can be obtained by simply mixing darker shaded with white!

You can click white dye on the collars of cats and dogs to change the color of their collars to white. Likewise, clicking white dye on a colored ship will turn it into a white sheep, and its offsprings will be white as well. Additionally, you can dye wool, leather armor, beds, glass, terracotta, and shulker boxes.

Combining it with gunpowder to create a firework star subsequently combining it with a firework star will make a fade-to-color effect!

You can dye water in cauldrons using white dye; you can color banners and white concrete powder. In the education edition, you can craft balloons or glowsticks using white dye. The possibilities are a ton for using white dye, the only limit while using the resources is your imagination!

Now that we know how great white dye is and its multiple uses, let’s see how we can acquire it in abundance.

Where do white dye flowers spawn in Minecraft?

Minecraft White Dye Sources

We already know how to craft white dye; you can either use bonemeal or the flower known as Lily of the valley. Bonemeal can be collected in abundance by simply killing skeletons at night; if you kill them for 1-2 hours, you’ll have multiple stacks full of bones which you can convert into bonemeal and then into the white dye.

Getting Lilly of the valley is a bit tough; the flower doesn’t bloom in the plains or the sunflowers plains. The only place you find this beautiful flower is in forests, the birch, dark oak, and oakwood forest, to be precise. They can’t bloom in the taiga and the swamp.

Though you might see some of these flowers in the forests, you will never get a lot of them at once. However, flower forests are where you’ll get a lot of these flowers, so try finding one of these places, and you’ll practically have unlimited flowers!

If you’re too lazy to go out and collect the necessary materials required for white dye, try building farms. For bonemeal, you can make a simple mob farm that’ll keep spawning multiple skeletons at once; this way, you get a lot of bonemeal and a lot of experience as well. These farms are essential and can be created quickly; watch some videos, and you’ll get the hang of it.

For harvesting flowers, you’ll need to build some advanced red stone contraptions like flying machines. There are many resources out there on the internet that explain in detail how to build a flower farm in a flower forest. Both of these techniques will help you acquire 5-6 stacks of items required for creating white dye per hour!

Is there a purple flower in Minecraft?

Minecraft White Dye Sources

No, there isn’t any flower in Minecraft that’s purple, nor is there any purple dye in color, but we have flowers and dyes similar to these colors!

The color closest to purple in Minecraft is Magenta; it looks almost similar and can be used instead of purple in various places. Unfortunately, the magenta dye can only be 0obtained from flowers and no other source; the flowers that can be used to craft magenta dye are Allium and Lilac.

Minecraft White Dye Sources

Out of the two, Allium is a little hard to get hold of as it doesn’t bloom anywhere in the overworld except for the flower forests, where you can find a good amount of them. On the other hand,  Lilac’s can be found in the birch, oak, and dark oak forests!

So the second flower is a better choice if you need a lot of magenta dye!


Dye’s became an integral part of the Minecraft game quickly; players loved the feature a lot. Though getting these dyes might seem tedious at first, but after you read this guide thoroughly, you indeed will have a good idea about how to acquire these dyes efficiently.

Some flowers and items needed for making dye are readily available, while some are hard. But there’s nothing that can’t be achieved using Redstone contraptions; just build a lovely flower farm, and you’re all good to go!

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