How to Make A Fishing Rod In Minecraft

best fishing rod enchantments in minecraft

Fishing isn’t the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about Minecraft, in fact, it isn’t even the second thing that comes to your mind or even the third, and I can go on and on, but you get the point.

That being said, don’t just shove fishing away in the back of your head; it still has a lot of benefits in the game.

The fishing rod is as important a tool; as important as the sword or the axe is. But not many think about it this way. You see, in this generation, people crave excitement; they want everything to happen as fast as possible nobody’s patient enough to just wait on a river to catch some fish; they’d rather kill some zombies!

But fishing isn’t only done for fish. I mean, yeah, it’s in the name FISH-ING, but this is Minecraft, folks. The loot table for fishing is loaded with all kinds of treasures that you won’t be able to find even if you scavenge 1000 x 1000 blocks!

This ain’t no real life, Minecraft is a fantasy game, and you can expect a lot more from it.

Just to put in context, the Mending book, which is by far the most helpful enchantment in the game, is readily available through fishing. Do you know what else is available through fishing? Bows, saddles, shells, name tags, books, bottles, leather, bowls, pads, cod, salmon, trop, puffer, bone, sticks, etc.

So now that your interest is peaked in Minecraft fishing let’s see how you can craft this Rod!

Items needed to prepare a fishing rod

Hold on to your horse’s guys, before we can get into the crafting, we need some stuff for the Fishing rod.

The items needed are pretty standard, and you should be able to collect them on a whim. You’ll be needing 3 sticks and 2 strings. The sticks can be easily crafted using woodblocks. The string is a little hard to get when starting out as it involves slaying a spider mob.

Or you can also turn cobwebs or wool into a string.

How to craft a fishing rod in Minecraft

Crafting a fishing rod is pretty straightforward in Minecraft; once you have all the items needed to craft one, just follow the recipe shown in the image below, and you’re set!

How to craft a fishing rod in Minecraft

Fishing rod used in Minecraft

Once you’ve crafted your very own Fishing Rod, you can start fishing right away. But many exciting and cool things can be defined with the fishing rod apart from fishing for items. 

You can attach a carrot to the end of the rod to create a carrot on a stick and this can be used to ride Pigs in Minecraft! Yes, pigs are rideable in the game, just slap a saddle on your favorite pig and hold the carrot in the direction you want and the pig will move!

The same can be done with a warped fungus, just attach it to the end of the rod and slap a saddle onto the strider in the Nether. The strider can also run faster if you click boost! Sit on it, and you’re all set to walk on literal lava!


It’s not over yet; you can also catch mobs using the rod! Yes, you can catch any mob inside the game, hostile or not; if you aim your rod correctly, you have the mob in your control.

I’ve used this rod to bring a ghast into the overworld, so you can do anything with it (don’t try catching the ender dragon, it won’t work, believe me, I’ve tried)

Tip:- Fishing in the rain increases your catch rate!

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