The Lover Stone Location in Skyrim (2024)

The Lover Stone Location in Skyrim

If you’ve followed Ralof or Hadvar at the beginning of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, they’ll eventually lead you to the Guardian Stones, a group of standing stones found along the road near Riverwood.

Standing Stones are magical rocks that can either give you special powers or increase your stats and skills in the game. But did you know the Guardian Stones aren’t the only standing stones in Skyrim? There are actually 13 standing stones hidden in different areas of the world

Unfortunately, you can only get blessed by one stone at a time. Activating another standing stone removes the effects of the previous stone you’ve activated.

Thankfully, we have the Lover Stone, which boosts all of your skills by 15%. If you want to know where you can find this magical stone in Skyrim, keep on reading!

Where is the Lover Stone in Skyrim?

Where is the Lover Stone in Skyrim

The Lover Stone can be found northeast of Markarth, just above the Kolskeggr Mine. It’s located on top of a rocky cliff by a waterfall, which can be quite tricky to get to.

However, there is a way to access it from the back. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get to the stone:

  • Starting from the Markarth Stables, head east to the Salvius Farm. 
  • Follow the stone path leading east and just before you reach Kolskeggr Mine, climb the hill to your left.
  • Continue east until you see the Lover Stone.

Congratulations, you found the Lover Stone! Watch out for the cave bear that’s roaming the area. There are a few things you can loot in the area as well.

If you look behind you, you’ll find a nest with rock warbler eggs in it. You can also harvest juniper berries from the small light green-colored trees. If you head west from the Lover Stone, you’ll find an Iron Ore Vein. Just don’t forget to bring a pickaxe!

What does the Lover Stone do?

What does the Lover Stone do?

The Lover Stone gives you the Lover’s Comfort effect, which can also be given to you by your wife or husband in Skyrim. This stone is helpful for a werewolf-turned Dragonborn who is unable to get Lover’s Comfort from their spouse as their beast blood will prevent them from getting a full night’s rest.

The Lover Stone is also great for those aiming to equally level their skills for a hybrid build such as a Nightblade, Spellsword, or Ranger. 

Keep in mind that the Lover’s Comfort effect cannot be stacked by activating the Lover Stone after resting with your spouse, as the stone already gives you the Lover’s Comfort effect permanently.

This is more of an advantage as you don’t need to refresh the effect by coming home to rest with your spouse every few hours. However, you can stack the Lover Stone’s effect with another standing stone by wearing the Aetherial Crown. 

aetherial crown skyrim

The Aetherial Crown is a gold circlet imbued with Aetherium shards. The crown can be obtained by completing the “Lost to the Ages” quest. To use the Aetherial Crown, unequip the circlet before accepting a blessing from the stone, and it will automatically connect to the Aetherial Crown.

Once you’re done, wear the Aetherial Crown and head to your main stone. 

For the main stone, it’s best to use the Lover Stone as unequipping the crown removes the effects of the stone tied to it. It’s great to combine it with any of the Guardian Stones for maximum benefits.

Assuming you aren’t a werewolf, if you want to get resting bonuses while having the Lover Stone then you should store it in the Aetherial Crown and unequip it before you sleep. With this method, you can boost your XP up to 50% for eight hours after sleeping!


That’s all we can say about the Lover Stone in Skyrim. It’s one of the best Standing Stones out there and is relatively easy to find.

That being said, there are a lot of other great standing stones you shouldn’t miss out on, such as the Apprentice Stone, Lord Stone, and the Steed Stone. If you want to learn more about the amazing world of Skyrim, check out our Elder Scrolls-related guides!

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