How to Register As VIP In GTA 5

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Becoming a VIP is quite similar to becoming a CEO, but however this time there is no need to purchase an Office.

However, by not having an office, one will not gain access to the SecuroServ Network that offers access to the Cargo and Vehicle work. You are however still able to undertake VIP work and gain access to the majority of things that CEOs have at their fingertips.

What Do I Need to Become a VIP?

Good question. The threshold to become a Very Important Person in Los Santos isn’t too ridiculous: the player will need to have at least $50,000 to their name in order to have the option of becoming a VIP. This doesn’t need to be held on the player physically, you’ll just need at least 50k in your Maze Bank Account, on your character, or a combination of the two.

To check your money, simply press down on the D-pad. The money in the top right corner of the screen is your economic state, with money held on your person on the top and the money in your Maze account below.

How to Register As vip In GTA 5

What Are the Differences between VIP and CEO?

Another good question. The main issue is that becoming a VIP is a temporary title while CEO is more of a “set in stone” type situation where you gain permanent access to certain things and your progress retains between sessions. VIP status only lasts for four hours (real time) with the time remaining shown when opening the Interaction Menu, and VIPs have to endure cooldowns timers on certain activities. There can also only be a maximum of 10 VIPs and/or CEOs in one lobby.

So How Do I Become a VIP?

If you’re already a CEO from purchasing an Executive Office, this somewhat overrides the ability to become a VIP, as all the bonuses that come with being a VIP are inhabited within the ability to be CEO. So if you become a CEO, you’ll sort of “lose” the ability to become just a VIP as a CEO is the equivalent of a permanent VIP.

So if you become a CEO in GTA 5, you’ll sort of “lose” the ability to become just a VIP as a CEO is the equivalent of a permanent VIP. If you don’t yet own an Office, the option of “Register as a VIP” can still be found under the “SecuroServ” option in the Interaction Menu.

You’ll gain access to the same things as a CEO, with the VIP work being one of the best ways to earn money online.

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