Call of Duty Warzone Best AK47 Loadout (2024)

Call of Duty Warzone Best AK47 Loadouts

Call of Duty Warzone’s weapons may come and go, additions to the game are always coming and going with every new update.

However, the legendary AK47 will always remain a mainstay within the world of Call of Duty. The AK47 is one of the most widely known guns around the world, the Russian-built assault rifle hits like a tank and yet it has the candid handling of an SMG and the fire rate of an American-born machine pistol.

So, naturally, it’s a huge mainstay in Warzone as well. Warzone’s rendition of AK47 can be modified to your preference, not unlike most other weapons in the game.

However, within Warzone, the AK47 seeds drastic changes in playstyle depending on your loadout. So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best loadouts for the AK47 in Call of Duty Warzone.

COD Warzone AK47 Optimal Loadouts

Whether you want to run in with an AK47 CQC encounter, a long-ranged battle of attrition, or a bit of both, we’ve got you covered!

1. All-Rounder Loadout

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • 20″ Spetsnaz RPK Barrel
  • Ranger Foregrip
  • Rubberized Grip Tape
  • Tac Laser

This loadout was designed to turn the AK47 into an all-rounded killing machine. It can do essentially anything you want it to between close and mid-range combat.

The Monolithic Suppressor is always a great choice for assault rifles whenever you need to increase their damage, make them quieter to hide from enemy radars, and also prevent damage drop off.

The RPK Barrel will aid in that as well, making sure that your AK47 is effective at fights that might even have some distance between you and your enemies. Of course, there will be some kick because of how powerful this weapon is, so to control that recoil, your loadout will include the Ranger Foregrip and the Rubberized Grip Tape.

These will ensure that your weapon has minimum vertical recoil or weapon sway upon each shot fired, just to help you land those shots better.

Now that the recoil is sorted with some grips and an attachment, now we just need a Tac Laser to make sure that the weapon picks up and ADS time is faster, as well as the shots just a bit more accurate!

This loadout will aid you in seriously anything, while it wouldn’t have a huge mag, it will still shred through any enemies in front of you.

2. Close Quarter Loadout

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • 20″ Spetsnaz RPK Barrel
  • KGB Skeletal Stock
  • 45 Rnd Mag
  • Serpent Wrap.

If you’re like me, and you just simply do not enjoy waiting around for your enemies to pop up so you can shoot them and be done with it, you’ll be interested in this loadout. This loadout is for those of us who enjoy running and gunning!

Again starting with the Monolithic Suppressor and the 20” Spetsnaz RPK Barrel, both of which will be highly essential to this loadout even more than the previous one. You need your weapon to hit hard in close distances, while also ensuring that your shots always land with accuracy.

These two attachments will provide that beyond any doubt. However, now we must focus on maneuverability and movement, your weapon must be light and airy, with lots of room for players to run around with it.

This is why the KGB Skeletal Stock is our best suggestion, this stock will make the weapon lighter however it will come with increased recoil, but your barrels will counteract that.

Not to mention, you will be having a decent chunk of bullets due to your 45 Round Extended Magazine! This loadout just essentially turns your AK47 into a high-caliber SMG that can destroy at least 3 people at the same time within close quarters.

3. Mid to Long Range Loadout:

  • GRU Suppressor
  • 20″ Spetsnaz RPK Barrel
  • Axial Arms 3x
  • Spetsnaz Grip
  • Bakelite 60 Rnd Mag.

This is the loadout that I think a lot of people will be interested in. The Mid to Long Range Loadout is the perfect way to make sure your AK47 is ready for combat over any distance within the game.

The GRU Suppressor is the key here, in exchange for some damage and accuracy, the GRU Suppressor will increase the weapon’s range and yet keep you very quiet and hidden. Now of course, on longer ranges, the AK47 will be a bit harder to control.

So to counteract that, the 20” Spetsnaz RPK Barrel and the Spetsnaz Grip will come quite handy! These two attachments will of course significantly tame the recoil down, while also making sure that the weapon’s damage range and bullet velocity are on fleek.

The Axial Arms 3X Optics will be the best-suited choice for this loadout, it is the best mix of mid and long-range distances that you can use in many different situations.

Whereas the final and one of the most important aspects of this loadout will be the Bakelite 60 Round Magazine, which will ensure that you never run out of bullets in a certain engagement!


This was our list of the best, most curated, and perfectly designed AK47 loadouts that will at least guarantee you a spot in the top 10 of every serious game.

Make sure to keep practicing your hand with the AK47’s recoil, the weapon is an absolute beast and perhaps ranks as the best gun in the game at the moment.

If you’re wondering what to use with the AK47, check out our OTS-9 SMG loadout list and pack it along with your AK47 as a complete package!

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