Elden Ring Best PvE Weapons, Ranked (2024)

Elden Ring Best PvE Weapons

Elden Ring is a game filled with everything that made the past Souls games so amazing. Like any other great RPG, the game features an amazing map to explore, a large amount of gear to find, and many unique builds that you can form. 

And most importantly – Elden Ring has a large list of threatening foes that you will have to fight your way through. And since this is a FromSoft game, the enemies are unbelievably difficult and require all of your might if you wish to take them down.

The greatest of warriors can defeat difficult bosses with just a stick. But it’s still a good idea to make sure that you have the best weapons when facing off powerful foes so that the experience is balanced.

Elden Ring has many weapons that the player can find and use, but not all of them are excellent for PvE combat. And it can take a lot of time to try them all out too!

Best PvE Weapons In Elden Ring

Here are the best Elden Ring PvE weapons that will help you destroy even the fiercest of enemies in The Land Between.

1. Sword of Night and Flame

Sword of Night and Flame

The Sword of Night and Flame has been nerfed over time, but even after those patches, it remains one of the best weapons in the game. First of all, it works great with most builds and has a decent amount of damage that can get rid of most bosses without a single trouble.

Secondly, it’s especially great for Intelligence and Faith builds – so if you play with a focus on them, you’re going to have an even greater time.

The sword shoots flames that burn down enemies in your path, so you don’t even always have to hit the enemies to damage them. Smaller enemies will perish immediately, whereas larger enemies will not die in one hit but still get hit by a metaphorical truck.

This, of course, makes it a very safe option to use in most situations.

It’s an all-rounder weapon that is easy to adopt regardless of what your playstyle is like.

2. Greatsword

Elden ring greatsword

The Greatsword is the ultimate tank weapon that deals an insane amount of damage to PvE enemies in Elden Ring.

It’s a slow but steady weapon that is meant for players who don’t mind using a lot of rolling and jumping in their attacks. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be slaying through most enemies with ease.

It can be infused with the Ashes of War, and we recommend using the Bloodhound’s Step infusion. This will allow you to become temporarily invisible when dodging at high speed – which is perfect for a weapon that is slow to use but high in damage.

3. Moonveil

elden ring moonveil

The Moonveil is one of the most popular Elden Ring PvE weapons and it’s not surprising in the slightest. It’s a very powerful katana that does an insane amount of damage while inflicting Bleed status on enemies that amplifies that damage even further.

It’s great for Dexterity and Intelligence builds, and it comes with a great Weapon Art that causes heavy damage both to enemies that are standing at close and mid-range.

There are no complications for using this weapon, it’s just incredibly useful and packs a punch that few weapons do in the game.

4. Moghwyn’s Sacred Spear + Fingerprint Greatshield

Moghwyn’s Sacred Spear + Fingerprint Greatshield

If you’re looking for a weapon combo that makes you such a powerhouse that it feels like you’re the boss fighting random players in the game – then this is what you need. Moghwyn’s Sacred Spear can be infused with Ashes of War that inflict bleed damage, such as Bloody Slash. 

It’s excellent for killing bosses and you can deal a lot of damage with it without too much effort.

When you’re not dealing damage, your shield will be protecting you from dangerous attacks. And you can further enhance this by using Mimic Tear to get enemy attention off of you when casting attacks that take more time.

5. Reduvia

elden ring reduvia

When they say size doesn’t matter, they definitely have the Reduvia in mind! It’s one of the best PvE weapons in Elden Ring, especially for Dexterity and Arcane builds.

It deals a great amount of damage with regular attacks, which is amplified by the Bleed effect being easily inflicted when using this weapon. And to top that off, it also does critical damage every now and then which helps a lot in tough situations.

Don’t be turned off by its short range, since its weapon art can fire rapid projectiles that inflict Bleed damage whenever you need to keep your distance! Oh, and you can dual wield them.

6. Lusat’s Glintstone Staff

Lusat’s Glintstone Staff

If you want to be a wizard, you will be relying on magic and spells. And when it comes to spellcasting, Lusat’s Glintstone Staff is the best Elden Ring PvE weapon.

The first important thing to note here is that this weapon is meant for Intelligence builds since that’s what best covers the Incantations.

Then, you should pair it up with some good armor of your choice and spells like Unseen Form and Comet Azur. Once you scale your stats up nicely, you’ll be a powerhouse that can tear through most enemies with your sorcery! 

But do remember to make a build with the things we recommended, because the Staff alone won’t be too useful otherwise.

7. Envoy’s Greathorn

Envoy's Greathorn

I know that this is a guide about Elden Ring’s best PvE weapons, but I will still warn you to never try to use this weapon in PvP combat.

With that being said, Envoy’s Greathorn is a boss-killer that can deal nuclear levels of damage to your enemies if you manage to hit them with every single bubble that pops out of it. 

The larger the bosses are, the better your chances are of hitting your enemies with the highly damaging bubbles that pop out of Envoy’s Greathorn. So, if you ever wanted to cheese through the game, mastering this will be very helpful.

8. Golden Halberd

Golden Halberd Elden Ring

The Golden Halberd is a great choice for Faith builds, since it deals with a split of Physical and Holy Damage. It’s a bit slow, which is obvious once you take a look at its size and the amount of damage that it deals.

However, its weapon skill Golden Vow makes up for any shortcomings as using it boosts both your offensive and defensive powers within combat.

And to make things even better, you can obtain this weapon very early on in the game by just killing the Tree Sentinel! No complicated requirements for beating overpowered bosses here.

9. Pulley Bow

Pulley Bow Elden Ring

If you’re looking forward to using a weapon that isn’t on the list of conventional ways to attack powerful bosses from close range, then Pulley Bow is one of the best PvE weapons in Elden Ring.

It deals a lot of damage for a bow and has a better range than most other options in the game that fall under this category. Using its weapon art, you can throw a shot that can even stagger enemies if you’re lucky.

It’s not a weapon you can base your entire build on (unless you want the challenge), but it’s great for specific situations where you want to attack enemies from afar. Plus, it’s a different way to play an otherwise melee-based game, which keeps replays fresh!

10. Blasphemous Blade

Blasphemous Blade

The Blasphemous Blade is an amazing weapon that is easily one of Elden Ring’s best PvE weapons due to the sheer damage that it deals and its fire damage infliction. Not only do several of its attacks deal a lot of fire damage, but you can also buff it to make the damage even higher without too much effort.

And its weapon skill Taker’s Flames engulfs the blade in flames and steals the enemy’s HP once the flames come in contact with them. It’s a bit slow, but that’s not a problem in PvE combat if you know how to time your attacks.

And there are some projectile-based attacks that you can use to be safer too! It’s a pretty good weapon overall and is perfect against most enemies in the game.

That’s it for our ranking of the Elden Ring’s best PvE weapons! Keep in mind that this guide is based on our personal experiences and community feedback. Elden Ring is filled with incredible weapons that you can use and your favorites might have not made it to the list.

And of course, the build and gear that you use in the game make quite a difference in how well your weapon performs. Something that you use might be stronger than something we suggested if it suits your playstyle better – so always remember to experiment.

Rankings are always subjective, and one way or another, we can guarantee you that the weapons on this list will give you a great headstart in your journey against the unforgiving enemies of Elden Ring!

While you’re still here, make sure to check out many of our other helpful Elden Ring guides too.

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