CS:GO: The Best Dust 2 Grenade Spots (2024)

Dust 2 CS:GO Best Grenade Spots

If you are a gamer, then you must already be familiar with the fast-paced gameplay of CS: GO. The gunfights in this game require excellent aim, a lot of precision, and awesome crosshair positioning aka callouts in Dust 2.

Being a competitive game, CS:GO requires a lot of quick thinking and skill in order to win, simply put, if you’re going to throw flash and smoke grenades, you need to be in the best spot.

One mistake that most beginner players make in CS:GO is not properly using your utilities. Most new players just rely on their guns and raw aim in order to win fights and always end up being a nuisance for their team.

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In CS:GO, you can’t just blindly chase after your enemies. You need to properly strategize with your entire team before every round and fulfill a certain role in order to secure that win.

One utility that is super powerful and can help you win a lot of rounds is the grenade and for it, you also need to know what the best smoke spots in Dust 2 are.

How Helfpul Grenades Are In CS:GO

If used correctly, your grenades can help you lure the enemies out and pick them off very easily.

Grenades can also help you fake pushes and confuse the enemies! Flash grenades can help you temporarily stun your enemies. You can use a stun grenade to quickly push onto a site and kill every single player that was trying to hold an angle.

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

Dust 2 is one of the most popular maps in CS:GO, and it is preferred by players because of its simplicity and balance. Now, without any further ado, let’s go over some of the best spots for throwing grenades at your enemies!

1. From The Spawn

from the spawn

First off, we’ll be focusing on A long from the terrorist side. You can throw a flash grenade from the spot shown in the image below, and it should be able to get to the enemies waiting at A long.

You will have to run or jump to get this one down like the walls of A long can be an obstacle.

2. Skylight, A Site

Skylight, A Site

If your team wants to commit to A site, then a pretty good grenade spot you can use is the skylight area. Previously, players could simply run through the area and throw a flash into the skylight blinding all the enemies.

However, after recent updates, this is no longer possible. You will have to jump while running through the area and aim for the skylight in order to reach the enemies.

3. CT Spawn

Dust 2 CS:GO Best Grenade Spots

According to professional CS:GO players, CT spawn is one of the best Dust 2 grenade spots to pay attention to as it’s a huge advantage to you as opposed to your enemies and puts them directly in your line of target.

The tricky part about launching grenades from this spot however is that you have to have B site under your control already. Once you do this, it restricts enemy movements and gives you the opportunity to launch grenades effortlessly and do some damage.

4. The Cross

The Cross

Let’s also focus a bit on smoke grenades as they are just as important as flash grenades. If your team has decided to fully commit to A site, and has already managed to take control of A long, then you need to quickly try to move towards the site itself.

Of course, you can’t just run straight onto the site without thinking. A smoke grenade at the cross will make your movement very unpredictable and let you move onto the site and fight move confidently.

Stand next to the barrel in A long, and do a running throw as shown in the image below. Your grenade should land perfectly at the cross, and then your friend can throw another smoke grenade to completely cover the area.

5. Clear New Car

Clear New Car

Isn’t it annoying when a player hiding behind the car in A site just randomly pops up and gets a few kills ruining your team’s entire strategy? Well, here is how you can deal with that. Before moving into the site itself, simply throw a Molotov from the area shown in the image.

This Molotov should land around the new car area and make anyone camping there leave the area immediately or die.

Even if they don’t die to the Molotov, you will still be able to deal a bit of chip damage which can help you easily win the upcoming gunfight against that particular enemy.

6. Mid to A Site

Mid to A Site

If you like pushing from mid towards A site, then here’s a good grenade spot that you need to start using as soon as possible.

This grenade spot is one of the harder ones to utilize as the enemies can easily peak through mid and kill you. Just stand back, close to the wall, and aim at the same angle shown in the image.

You will have to do a running throw from here, and the smoke grenade should land exactly at A short and block out any snipers trying to farm easy kills.

7. B Site

B Site

Enough about A site, lets’s also focus a bit on the other site that you can take on this map. This grenade spot is simple yet very effective.

Simply stand near the chokepoint at b site and throw a stun or smoke grenade from the angle shown in the image. A smoke grenade will block out any snipers, while a stun grenade will help you push in confidently.

8. Lower Tunnels

Lower Tunnels best grenade spots dust 2

This spot is pretty strong if the enemies often like to push from the other side of the lower tunnels near B site.

Simply aim at the mid-point of the left side of the tall tower, as shown in the image. I’d recommend throwing a flash grenade here in order to get some free kills.

9. Walls Near B Site

Walls Near B Site

Two awesome and easy-to-remember flash grenade spots that every new player should use are the ones near the two entrances of B site.

While you can simply pop a flash grenade through the entrance and then push, this is too predictable, and, in most cases, you and your teammates will end up accidentally getting flashed yourselves and dying.

What you can do instead is aim for the building at the side of the entrance and let the flash go into the site from an upwards angle. This way, the flash will pop very quickly for the enemies, and they will have no time to react.

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