The Best Sorbet Shark Cookie Toppings (Ranked)

The Best Sorbet Shark Cookie Toppings

Looking for the latest and greatest Sorbet Shark Cookie Build? You’ve come to the right place where we’ll share everything we know about the Sorbet Shark Cookie, its Skills, and what we recommend.

Before starting, you should keep in mind that Toppings are used in Cookie Run: Kingdom to offer a specific boost to Cookies in terms of the following things: Defense, Attack, Health, and more.

These cookies are essentially what the game is about and in our rankings of the best cookies in the game, you’ll see that the sorbet shark cookie is not a terrible one to have at all.

You can use up to 4 Toppings on your favorite Cookie simultaneously; however, ten different Toppings are available in Cookie Run: Kingdom, including the following: 

  • Bouncy Caramel
  • Fresh Kiwi
  • Hard Walnut
  • Healthy Peanut
  • Juicy Apple Jelly
  • Hearty Hazelnut
  • Searing Raspberry
  • Solid Almond
  • Swift Chocolate
  • Sweet Candy.

As mentioned above, Sorbet Shark Cookie is an Epic Ambush Cookie, serving as an adventurous crew member of Stink-Eye Tortuca’s Ship.

Besides, its position is prioritized in the middle and if you are curious to know about the names of Toppings that are best to use with Sorbet Shark Cookies are the following: 

  • Searing Raspberry
  • Swift Chocolate,

In this article, you will know what toppings you should choose and pair with the Sorbet Shark Cookie for the best performance.

Everyone knows that Sorbet Shark Cookie belongs to Ambush Class and comes with Epic Rarity, alongside Squid Ink Cookie found first in the Soda Island Outlaws. Approx. all cookies are kicked out with one topping slot that will increase to 15, 20, and 30 levels overtime for five slots.

Currently, the available toppings are the following: 

  • XS (Common)
  • S (Rare)
  • M (Epic).

 Besides, pairing Sorbet Shark Cookie with Swift Chocolate and Searing Raspberry either increases the cookie’s attack or decreases the skill. 

Sorbet Shark can switch between Shark and Cookie forms, but you lose the ability to speak when on the ground in the form of Cookie.

However, it is an indispensable Sub-DPS in battle that can easily damage tanky enemies. In all modes. Furthermore, Shark Splash slashes enemies easily in Shark Form; meanwhile, the dealing area is high, and the cookie does more damage than average with the highest Max HP.

On the other hand, the attack will be dealt with easily as actual DMG relative to the Max HP of enemies; however, it can’t be exceeded 300K. 

  • Cooldown: 17 sec
  • Single hit DMG: 128.1%
  • DMG relative to Max HP (against Cookies): 18.0% (+0.2% per level)
  • Additional Single Hit DMG (other enemies): 378.0% (+4.7-4.8%DMG per level).

Here’s the guide to Sorbet Shark Cookie Build for Toppings:

  • X5 Swift Chocolate to Reduce CD 
  • X5 Searing Raspberry.

The best Sorbet Shark Cookie Topping Build is the game is X5 Searing Raspberry (ATK/DMG) Build that helps you get the best DMG Output from the said cookie.

Alternatively, you can go with X5 Swift Chocolate, which may reduce the cooldown time for your selected cookie’s skill and allow you to use the skill gradually when in battle. 

Searing Raspberry Topping vs. Swift Chocolate Topping

With Sorbet Shark Cookie, players can use Swift Chocolate Topping to decrease the skill cooldown as it causes a high cooldown time of 17 sec. Meanwhile, it reduces cooldown by 0.4% at the base level; however, you can reduce it at 1.1% or 1.8% using upgrades. 

On the other hand, Searing Raspberry Topping has proven itself efficient for Sorbet Shark Cookie as it uses it to increase Cookie’s attack damage. This topping increases the cookie attack by 1% at the base level, and it goes up to 2 to 3% using further upgrades. 

Furthermore, depending on the party, players worldwide can decide what topping they should choose to pair with their cookies, and if players are eager to have less cooldown, we suggest they go for Swift Chocolate.

If you want to increase attack, you should go with Searing Raspberry.


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