The Best Dust 2 Callouts In CS:GO (2024)

The Best Dust 2 Callouts

Counter-Strike: Global Offense Callouts is a set of locations that help players boost their performance significantly and achieve better CS:GO Ranks.

Perfect coordination between teammates is the key to success in Dust 2 CS:GO and the only thing you need to win matches. Indeed, you would know how difficult it is to push up your rank in the game if you are playing for yourself, not for the team.

Besides, the most important thing needed to have a good team synergy is knowing the proper Callouts for almost every map of the game.

The game releases particular words for each virtual location to help you tell your teammates where you are or where you can meet opponents, and they will understand without any worries. 

When playing the game, you must actively communicate with your teammates to highlight your location and react speedily to their actions. In case you are curious to learn about CS:GO Callouts, then here we go: 

  1. Mirage Callouts
  2. Dust 2 Callouts
  3. Cache Callouts
  4. Overpass Callouts
  5. Inferno Callouts
  6. Train Callouts
  7. Cobblestone Callouts
  8. Nuke Callouts
  9. Vertigo Callouts.

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It would help if you kept in mind that the method of learning Callouts is approximately the same as CS:GO Maps.

Investing your energy and time knowing about the term mentioned in Dust 2 Callout would be in your favor and may help you survive longer ahead of the opposing team.

There are only two rules that you must keep in mind: 

  1. Don’t Rush
  2. Be Patient

CS:GO Dust 2 Callouts Guide

Undoubtedly, Dust 2 is one of the most competitive maps found in CS:GO. Dust 2 was the remastered version of the original map, wherein several modifications were made to make it perfect for competitive players.

In Dust 2, different Comb Defusal Scenarios are available in the Middle East.

No doubt, Dust II is a balanced map that is designed in a way that makes it interesting for both teams. If you are one of those players who are eager to learn about Callouts, you’ll be glad you’ve read this long.

A Short – counter-terrorists spawn very near this area. It’s the shortest way for them to A Site. For terrorists, it’s a short way as well.

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  • A Short: You should keep in mind that Counter-Terrorists spawn near this area. Using this way, they can reach the A Site easily. 
  • T Spawn: Usually, Terrorists love to start playing rounds here with no worries. 
  • T Plat: It is a Platform found near T Spawn, along with a massive T Ramp. 
  • Outside Tunnels: It is a pretty big area holding an entrance to B Tunnels. Usually, Terrorists make use of this tunnel to reach B Site. 
  • Upper B Tunnels: Terrorists turn left if they want to move in the Tunnel keeping B Site in mind. 
  • Lower B Tunnels: It is an entrance used to enter Mid for Terrorists. 
  • Close: It is a corner found on B Site, wherein the Left side is for Terrorists. If you are an attacker, we suggest you check it out. 
  • B Closet: You can use this site to hide on B-Site. 
  • B Car: It is a vehicle on B Closet. In short, players would be on B Car if they hid behind it.
  • Fence: It is a wall found on B Site, and players can stay here to see the terrorist. 
  • B Plat: A platform found near the Planting, B Site. 
  • Back Plat: There’s a hidden area behind B Site, and consider it the best place to hide. 
  • Big Box: A massive box found on B Site. 
  • Double Stack: On B Plant, you will discover two boxes, one over the other. 
  • B Default Plant: You can plant the bomb on B site using the B Default Plant. 
  • B Window: This Callout comes with a Window on B Site, and it leads players to Ct Mid, where they discover boxes. 
  • B Back Site: There’s an area hidden behind B Default Plant and only visible if you look at it from the Tunnels. 
  • B Doors: If you consider getting into the B Site from CT Mid, imagine it a helping passageway. 
  • B Boxes: These are boxes laid outside B Doors. Players can wait for opposing team members who move from B to CT Mid. 
  • Scaffolding: In Dust 2 Callout (Scaffolding) contains a lot of Building Materials on CT Mid against B Window. 
  • Pit: You can discover an invisible slope to Terrorists as they enter A Long from Long Doors. Pit Plat – a platform near Pit. Snipers can see A Site from here.
  • A Long: When moving toward A Site, terrorists can quickly discover a Corridor-styled area. 
  • A Car: Using a car to reach a destination far away from the spot might be helpful, and it also gives terrorists an extra layer of protection. 
  • CT Mid: The open area found between B Site and CT Spawn. Terrorists usually enter here from Mid. 
  • Mid Doors: These are big doors found between CT Mid and Mid. The perfect place for Terrorist Snipers to aim and shoot their targets through doors from their spawn area. 
  • Xbox: It’s a massive box that can be found by terrorists when they are moving from Lower Tunnels to Mid. Jumping on the box may help them reach A Short. 
  • Mid: It’s a massive area like Corridor, offering a way between CT Mid and T Spawn. 
  • Palm: It was a Palm Tree earlier but now turned into a Telephone Mast. 
  • Top Mid: The area connected Mid with Suicide and Outside Mid. 
  • Suicide: Although it’s a shortcut to reach Mid from T Spawn, Suicide is very dangerous. 
  • Outside Long: Moving to Long Doors, terrorists can enter Outside Long Callout, leading them to A Long to Top Mid. 
  • Long Doors: Terrorists can enter the Zone; however, it is protected by counter-terrorists. 
  • Blue: It’s a massive crate kept against the Long Doors. 
  • Side Pit: You can discover a hidden area from Long Doors, which is helpful for Terrorists. 

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