Neverwinter Classes Tier List 2024 (Best Classes Ranked)

Neverwinter Classes Tier List

Neverwinter is perhaps one of the world’s most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games to ever exist. It has dominated the MMORPG landscape for almost a decade.

Developed by Cryptic Studios, and published by Perfect World Entertainment, Neverwinter is insanely popular for the sheer level of beauty its world contains, and the huge amount of freedom it gives to players in how they wish to play

The main factor that brings this player freedom is of course the class system within Neverwinter.

There are a total of 9 classes to select from, and each one has its perks and prizes. However, in the current meta, it’s the damage output and versatility that make a class great!

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Neverwinter Best Classes Ranked

Here’s our ranking for the Never Winter Classes and the ones you should go FOR in 2024!

9. Bard 

Neverwinter Best Classes

The Bard falls at the absolute lowest point on the ranking list, simply because this class does no damage.

Don’t get me wrong, there are valid reasons to play the Bard class, even in 2024. The main reasons to play the Bard class are when you’re playing with friends, it can give the party a decent stat buff through its songs, and it’s also quite fast so you can run around buffing people.

However, it’s a very low damage class, that doesn’t provide much healing either. It has an average healing rating way less than the better healers in-game, a little higher than the Wizard.

Yet the thing that brings the Bard in terms of quality is its damage more than anything. 

8. Wizard

Wizard neverwinter

The only thing that has made the Wizard not fall down to the 9th place spot is the fact that this class offers ranged damage.

You don’t need to get up close and personal with the foes, however, that comes with a tradeoff for the damage output. Wizard is extremely soft hitting, with damage that doesn’t even match the same levels as the Bard class.

The range and the AoE attacks do grant your teammates some buffer room, and the teleporting is very neat. However, as a primary DPS class, Wizard is the weakest you can find. 

7. Barbarian

Barbarian neverwinter class

The Barbarian Class is not exactly weak in any sense of the word, it is a hard-hitting, single-target-focused class that also deals a ton of AoE damage.

The Barbarian class also comes equipped with super-fast speeds, which make it a terrifying force of nature in close combat and against hordes. The Barbarian’s biggest weakness is the fact that it can die easily, unable to tank any of the enemies when they come into larger hordes than usual.

The help of allies is highly important, in particular the help of buffers and healers. The damage output is fantastic, yet in terms of versatility and self-sufficiency, the Barbarian loses out to the other classes.

6. Warlock

warlock neverwinter class rankings

The Warlock is a class that looks like it will be the most exhilarating to play, however as it turns out it’s actually quite slow.

The Warlock is a class hand-built for the more methodical players who like to experiment and play with their opponents.

The fights you have using the Warlock will be long due to the damage-over-time design of the character, yet the damage you do will be quite immense in the grand scheme of things.

The Warlock is impossible to play with during raids unless you have some solid DPS players along with you.

5. Cleric 

neverwinter classes cleric

The Clerics by the lore definition are religious fanatics that will call upon their Gods to aid you in battle as by far the best healers in the game.

However, that’s the only thing that a Cleric is good for in Neverwinter for the most part. All they can do well is heal, and while that might be one of the most useful traits for dungeons and raids, it can be insanely boring to play as a person.

Though still in terms of importance and sheer gravitas, the Cleric is a class that will always come in handy during Neverwinter’s tough treks and journeys. 

4. Paladin

paladins neverwinter

The radiant power-wielding Paladins can only be known as the true masters of class and grace within Neverwinter.

This class packs a ton of punch can tank a TON of damage, and can even become the best healer in the game by far! Paladins have a choice to specialize in Tanking or Healing, and depending on your choice, you can be the best at doing either of those two incredibly crucial tasks at hand!

Paladins are great healers as they can take a ton of damage even without the tanking specialization. Having a Paladin by your side is always a great addition!

3. Fighter

Fighter neverwinter class

The Fighter comes in at the third rank, as the most accessible and easy to play class that you will find in the entirety of Neverwinter.

This is by far the easiest class to play, yet one of the hardest to master. Fighters are known for their immense damage output yet weak skin which means that they can’t tank a lot of damage. The Fighter can protect themselves from a ton of damage through the use of their shield.

Make sure to understand and learn how to play with that aspect of this class and you should be good to go!

2. Ranger

ranger neverwinter classes ranked

The Ranger is the most versatile class in the game, do not just melee damage but also ranged damage with their bow and arrows, as well as buffing themselves up by stacking gear.

The ranger is a class that showcases almost no weaknesses and hasn’t gone through any major nerfs, which is why it stands out as one of the most powerful DPS classes in the game.

The ability to cause damage in range, close combat, and AoE is what makes Ranger so terrifying for the enemy AI! 

1. Rogue 

neverwinter best classes rogue

The Rogue is by far the best class in Neverwinter, at least by 2024 standards. The sheer advantage that you can gain with the Rogue’s stealth attacks, invisibility, and extremely high damage output is fantastic for all sorts of game modes.

In combination with a high-level Cleric, a Rogue can take out legions of enemies by themselves. The best part about the Rogues is that they are by far the class with the coolest-looking gear, which just makes players want to try the class out even more.

They recently nerfed the Rogue class to not stealthily be able to attack bosses, yet it doesn’t change much as the advantage is still in your hands depending on how you use the invisibility!

Wrapping it up

These are the best classes in Neverwinter after the plethora of nerfs and buffs that they have gone through. 2024 seems like it will be a fantastic year for Neverwinter fans, with new events on the horizon, especially after the addition of the Bard class!

There’s going to be more content storming through the players’ ways pretty soon, and when it does, we will be here to provide you with the information!

For now, check out the classes on your own and have the time of your life in Neverwinter!

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