Is Rust Cross-Platform? 2024 (PC, PS5, XBOX, Switch)

Is Rust Cross-Platform

The recent surge in survival games popularity has made games like Rust and Dayz really popular. The core gameplay of these games depends upon the ability of the player to survive in procedurally generated worlds that the player is thrown into with only minor equipment!

Rust is just another game with the survival aspect, and it is a multiplayer game primarily.

Hence, it only makes sense to play against others and test your skills against other players. But what if you and your friends have different console systems? Will it be possible to connect?

Rust Cross-Platform Quickly Explained

Simply put, cross-platforming means a game will allow players from different devices, consoles, or systems to play with each other on a server. Now the description itself should ring alarm bells in your head, as every gaming system has its own features and specifications.

Therefore, not many games get cross-platform functionality, and this creates a rift between the players from the different consoles. The players are mostly pitted against the players from their own consoles.

Even after owning the game, they can’t connect with other consoles.

Is Rust Cross-Platform?

Rust is a survival game available on Xbox One, Ps4, and PC, and yes, it is cross-platform. It allows players from the PS4 to connect with players from the same console and the Xbox one, which is a totally different console from the PS4.

This is a vast advantage that Rust has over its competitors; Even though there are many technical and financial hurdles in making a game cross-platform, Facepunch studios have pulled it off.

Is Rust Cross-Platform On PC And Console?

But not everything is good for Rust. Although the game allows cross-platform between consoles, it doesn’t allow the console players to connect with the PC version of the same game. This simply means you can’t connect with your friends who are on a PC.

This isn’t the best news for the Rust players out there; even though the cross-platform works between consoles, it should have been a feature on the PC version of the game as well, but unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

There are no future plans from the FacePunch studios for making PC cross-platforming a thing!

The real reason why Rust isn’t cross-platform with PC

You see, cross-platform may sound like a great idea, but sometimes it is left out because of certain limitations, and it is actually better that way. Rust is a game that will require time and skill to master when you play, and as every gamer out there knows, the mouse and keyboard setup is the superior way of playing games like Rust.

So because of this, the players themselves were not keen on allowing cross-platform between the console and PC players as the PC players would’ve had an unfair advantage over the console players who are stuck with their controllers.

If the primary player base doesn’t want a feature like this to exist, why would the developers go out of their way to make it a thing? It won’t make sense. Therefore it is in the best interest of all that Rust is not cross-platform between consoles and PC.

Is rust cross-platform between PS4 and Xbox One?

Unlike a lot of modern games that come out nowadays, Rust has cross-platform functionality available.

Simply put, if you are on any console that has Rust running, you can connect to every player that has Rust on their console, but not on PC, So yes, you can play Rust cross-platform with players from the Microsoft or Sony consoles.

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