Is NBA2K22 Cross-Platform? (PS5, XBOX, Switch, PC)

Is NBA2K22 Cross-Platform?

A great sports game requires a great fanbase, and NBA2K22 has one of the largest ones, hands down. And when you own such a great game that encourages team spirit and multiplayer experience, the crossplay feature must be enabled as well.

But sadly, the NBA2K22 gaming community has seen nothing but disappointment over the past years. NBA2K22 is a basketball game taking its name from the legendary basketball league from the USA, the NBA. The game was an instant success, but since its inception, one thing has been missing.

And sadly, it will keep continuing this way as even the latest version of the game, i.e., NBA2K22, won’t have the cross-play functionality. This is a big bummer to many players, as not every group of friends has the same console to play with.

So if you were planning to play with your friends but have different consoles, you won’t be able to.

All an NBA2K22 fan wants is to have cross-play functionality, which allows players from different consoles to play against each other in a multiplayer match. It isn’t a lot to ask for, as there are tons of games that allow crossplay.

Latest Developments in crossplay functionality

It isn’t all doom and gloom for the NBA2K22 fans, as some crossplay will be available for NBA2K22.

But it isn’t what you expected; you won’t be able to turn on the console and connect to players from the Xbox or the Switch. Instead, it is more of next gen-crossplay.

The VC from the older generation consoles can now be transferred to newer generation consoles. Also, this feature known as the Cross Progression will basically allow players on the MyTeam to play against consoles from the same family.

Is NBA2K22 cross-play?

NBA2K22 is a game available for every major gaming console that you can find on the market right now. The NBA2K22 will be released on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X, Xbox S, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia, and the Apple Arcade!

But as of now, there is no cross-play feature enabled on any of these devices. This means you can’t connect and play NBA2K22 with your friends if you’re on different consoles.

The real reason why NBA2K22 doesn’t have crossplay

There are seven consoles on which the game is available as of now. Crossplay will mean you can pick up any of the mentioned devices and play seamlessly with players from other devices that are not similar to yours.

So what’s stopping the devs from doing that? It isn’t a matter of technical difficulties. Many games allow crossplay on other consoles like Among Us, Apex Legends, Black Desert, and Borderlands 3, just to name a few of the big names.

So it isn’t a technical difficulty barring the devs from creating a cross-platform game that’ll satisfy the players.

So the only logical reasoning behind it seems like the Console companies not agreeing on the terms for crossplay between the games, and this might not be far-fetched as they are at the end staunch competitors who’ll do anything to put their enemies out of the gaming business.

And there were a lot of articles published on the issue of cross platforming on console games. Apparently, Sony charges money to allow cross-platform play; this discourages the game developers from enabling crossplay as they’ll have to reduce the amount they get.

There was a lot of backlash against Sony when Fortnite wasn’t getting cross-play because of Sony, and it looks like something like that might happen with NBA2K22 as well.

Only if the fans came together and demanded cross-play, which should’ve been in the game all along.

Will NBA2K22 ever be crossplay?

It can be if the developers put their minds to it and the console companies decided on a solution.

Is NBA2K22 available for android and iOS?

No, as of now there are no plans for an NBA mobile game let alone the latest generation NBA2K games. Mobile phones aren’t that powerful yet.

When is NBA2K22 releasing?

NBA2K22 was slated to release on 10th September 2021 so by the time you’re reading this, it will be available for purchase.

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