Is Cities: Skylines Multiplayer Cross-Platform? (2024)

Cities: Skylines is undoubtedly one of the most popular city-building simulation games out there. It is going strong even after 6 years from its initial release. The game has eventually found its way over to all the major consoles in the market and has a big player base at this point.

The game lets your imagination run wild when it comes to city planning; ever thought you could do a better job than your local mayor? Then cities: skyline is the platform you would’ve enjoyed. The game has various features that make it stand out from its competition.

As the game has now managed to amass a large fan following, it is evident that many players want to start playing together and help out each other in their city-building ventures. When playing online with others, the game will be even better than before.

So if you’re looking at how to play multiplayer with players or friends of yours, then you’re on the right page. In this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss Cities: Skylines Multiplayer and if it does allow the cross-platform option or not.

Is Cities: Skyline Cross-Platform?

Cros-platforming, simply put, is the process of connecting players from across devices on the same server to play together. As not everyone will have the same console or device, the cross-platform option makes it possible for different devices to connect and play.

But this feature is missing from Cities: Skylines, as the game has no such feature, nor do they plan to make it a thing. Cities: Skylines is a single-player game; it mainly involves the efforts of a single player to create a city.

As the game doesn’t have a multiplayer option, the fundamental question being cross-platform becomes irrelevant. But people often get confused because some YouTubers were playing the game together when the game doesn’t have a multiplayer option.

The thing is, the game has a lot of mods that enable multiplayer; though they may not work as smoothly, they get the job done. It is because of this mod that many thought cross-platform will become available.

Still, there is no such mod out that allows cross-platforming between the various devices that have the game!

Is Cities: Skylines Multiplayer?

Cities: Skylines is a game that is meant to be plagued as a single-player game; the devs never intended for it to be a multiplayer game, in fact, it won’t even work properly, the game would feel weird when more players are involved in creating or planning the city you want.

For this reason, the multiplayer option is missing from the game, and there won’t be any update that’ll add the feature as the game won’t build to that type of gaming. So if you were wondering how to play multiplayer with your friends, we suggest you check out some mods which allow the multiplayer functionality.

Is Cities: Skylines on mobile?

Cities: Skylines are available for every central console, including PC, but it still isn’t known for mobile devices. The game is too big to run smoothly on the mobile platform; yes, some phones can run the game somehow.

But these are flagship-level phones, and it is not ab big market to capitalize on.

Hence, Cities: Skylines never made its way onto the mobile platform. But luckily, if you want a similar experience, there are tons and tons of excellent city builder games on the mobile platform for both, android and IOS platforms!

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