11 Ways to Get Free Pokemon Go Coins (2024)

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Pokemon Go has always been all about encouraging exploration and rewarding players for playing in that certain way.

However, since the covid-19 began to spread, it became very clear that gamers won’t be able to travel outside for some time and that means the ability to earn free Pokecoins in the game has suffered greatly since it was only rewarded by outside activities such as defending Gyms.

Thankfully, the game’s developer Niantic has added new ways to earn PokeCoins in the game which are not as demanding as the older ones and even allow you to make a lot of free in-game currency from the comfort of your home.

Fans were asking for ways to safely earn PokeCoins from home without having to spend real money for a long time and it only took a pandemic for it to happen.

There are several changes made to the coin earning system in general to balance the new changes, and we’ve created the perfect guide that explains the new changes and introduces you to the new ways of earning free PokeCoins in the easiest way! Let’s get started.

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How to Get Free PokeCoins

Pikachu - How to get free pokemon go coins

The main change made to the existing system is that defending Gyms is now less profitable than before in order to balance the number of coins you can get in a single day.

This means that you can only get 30 free PokeCoins from gyms per day, instead of the 50 before. And the rest of the free 20 coins can be made from the other activities that we will discuss which are new. The total amount is still only free 50 coins per day, so if you want to do things faster you will need to spend real money.

You cannot repeat the same activities and get paid for them every time, they will be randomly featured daily and you’d have to complete what the game highlights to you.

Now that we have the rules out of the way, here’s how to actually get the free coins in Pokemon Go:

  • Make an Excellent Throw – Pretty simple, just follow the basic method of executing an excellent throw of the Poke Ball
  • Evolve a Pokemon – Can be any Pokemon, just do it when the game highlights it
  • Make a Great Throw – Same as Excellent Throw except the standards are lower
  • Use a Berry to bait a wild Pokemon and catch them – Self-explanatory, catch a Pokemon but use a Berry first to lure them
  • Take a snapshot of your buddy
  • Power up a Pokemon
  • Catch a Pokemon – Nothing specific here like the Berry requirement, just catch a Pokemon
  • Make a Nice Throw – Same as Great Throw, but the standards are even lower
  • Transfer a Pokemon – Use the transfer feature of the game and send your Pokemon over
  • Win a raid – Participate against one of the game’s raid bosses and win against them
  • Defend a Gym – The longer your Pokemon will stay in the Gym, the more PokeCoins you earn until you reach the daily cap. In which case you will remove your Pokemon and eventually get paid the total amount.

These are the 11 primary ways to get free coins in Pokemon Go and most of them can be done from the comfort of your home so you won’t need to run into the wild! If these methods don’t suit you, then you will have to spend real money to get the in-game currency.

However, the methods are diverse so at least one of them would suit your playstyle and patience.

We hope the guide was helpful, if you have any questions or opinions don’t forget to let us know in the comments! And make sure to check out some of our other guides on the website that are just as helpful.

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