How to Get Christmas & Halloween Hats In Among Us

How to Get Christmas & Halloween Hats In Among Us

Among Us takes the character customization experience to a whole new level with an extensive collection of free hats and other accessories.

Change the hat to make your little space bean look cool while searching for the imposter on the spaceship, or kill residents of the ship if you are the imposter.

If you are in the lobby in Among Us, you will change your hat, color of the character, and skin by interacting with the laptop. The game doesn’t allow two players to pick the same character color in the same lobby but choose the same hat and other skin customization options. 

Those new to Among Us wonder how other players have access to particular hats and other accessors. In most cases, these accessories are from the limited-time Halloween and Christmas events.

These events offer some excellent hats, and this guide features the perfect method to get your hands on a Halloween hat without waiting for the specific event. Make your character look scary with the bat hat and secretly kill the spaceship’s residents.

Among Us Halloween Hats

If you have been playing the game for quite some time now, you may know that you need to log in weeks before the actual event starts to get items.

This is the right way to get things done, but those who have missed this opportunity are looking for alternatives. The Among Us collection of Halloween hats contains more than 12 hats, including Cat Head, Bat Ears, Devil Horns, Mohawk, Pumpkin, Paper Bag, Witch Hat, Wolf Ears, etc. 

How to unlock Halloween Hats In Among Us

The process to unlock all Halloween-related items is the same for both pc and mobile phones, and it is easier done than said. It would help if you played the game on the 31st of October to unlock Halloween hats.

If you log in to the game on the given day, all the event-related items will automatically be added to your account. 

Those who downloaded the game before or after the Halloween event but loved those scary costume items can get them following the guidelines below. 

  • Go to the system settings 
  • Open the date and time section
  • Turn off the “set automatically” option 
  • Set the date to the 30th of October 
  • Set the time to 11:59 pm 
  • Open the game and wait for some time
  • Host a new game with local or online players
  • Go to the laptop in the lobby to customize your character.

You will find all the Halloween hats in the hat tab on the laptop. After getting hats, change the date and time and turn on the “Set automatically” option.

Among Us Christmas Hats and How to get them

Just like the Halloween event, this hides and seek adventure game also features a Christmas event with various Christmas hats to help you customize your character and spend your holidays in style.

Snowman, reindeer, garland hat, Christmas hat, present, and elf come in the Christmas event package. 

The Christmas hat event isn’t free like the Halloween event, and you have to pay a price of 4.49$ to get the Christmas bundle. The bundle includes all eight Christmas-themed hats, but you can only buy this bundle on the 25th of December.

Most players who wanted this bundle couldn’t log in to the game on that specific day, but they can follow the below steps to get those hats. 

  • Open the game and go to the shop
  • Open the settings section of your phone while keeping the game running in the background
  • Go to the date and time section
  • Set the date to the 24th of December 2018 and the time to 11:59 pm
  • Open the game and go to the shop again
  • Buy the bundle from the shop.

Sometimes, this won’t work, but don’t worry and refresh the shop to view the bundle. Alternatively, you can change the date directly to the 25th of December instead of the 24 to get the bundle without waiting for that extra minute.

The process is the same for both pc and mobile phones as you need to change the date and time.

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