Dead By Daylight Legion Gameplay Guide (2024)

Dead By Daylight Legion Gameplay Guide

There are many horror video games in the market and some of them feature online multiplayer too, but none of them scratch the itch that Dead by Daylight does.

It handles the asymmetric survival horror format better than most other games have and provides players with unique cat-and-mouse gameplay where one side plays as the survivors and the other side is the killer.

The game’s roster is filled with many familiar names from the horror industry, whether it’s movie characters like Ash Williams, video game characters like the Pyramid Head, or TV show characters like Stranger Thing characters – everything that you know and love is there from the genre.

But the game has an original cast of characters too which have gained popularity within the game’s player base over time and one of them includes the killer, The Legion.

Whether you wish to play as this unique killer with multiple personalities, or whether you wish to play against them – you’re in the right place. Here’s a thorough gameplay guide on how to play as The Legion in Dead by Daylight so that you know everything about the killer! Let’s get started.

The Legion Gameplay Guide

Dead By Daylight Legion Gameplay Guide

Legion Specialty Perks

One of the biggest game-changers in Dead by Daylight is the specialty perks, which determine what unique characteristics every killer in the game has.

They provide a major advantage to the killers if used properly while serving as disadvantageous for the survivors in numerous ways. Since the survivors are always in a group compared to the singular killer, it’s only natural that the killer needs to rely on the perks and abilities for the gameplay to become fair.

You cannot use multiple perks at the same time unless you level up the Bloodweb, so it’s highly recommended that you try them out individually and see which ones fit your playstyle the best. 

1. Mad Grit

When you’re carrying a survivor to hook them, you won’t suffer any cooldown for missing basic attacks. Additionally, attacking and hitting a survivor with a basic attack will pause their wiggle timer for 4 seconds, which can change based on the tier of your perk.

2. Discordance

Generators being repaired by two or more survivors within a 128 meters range are marked with a yellow aura and when it’s highlighted, there is a loud noise notifying the generator’s direction.

When the generator isn’t within range or not being repaired anymore, the aura will still remain visible for 4 seconds. The aforementioned range alters based on the perk’s tier.

3. Iron Maiden

You can unlock lockers at a 50% faster speed than usual, depending on the tier of your perk. Additionally, survivors who exit lockers will have an ‘exposed’ status effect for 15 seconds, and their location is revealed for 4 seconds.

This is very useful because lockers play a big role in the strategy of both survivors and killers in Dead by Daylight.

Dead By Daylight Legion Weapons and Power

Here are the two main weapons available for Legion in dead by daylight,

1. Hunting Knife

The Hunting Knife is the weapon that The Legion uses. There is nothing special about this knife and it simply does the basic job of stabbing survivors. It works best in close-range, but since The Legion is not as slow as some of the other killers, the range is not a problem.

Dead By Daylight Legion Gameplay Guide

2. Feral Frenzy

Feral Frenzy is The Legion’s ability, which functions as a power gauge that can be filled within gameplay. Once it’s filled up and you press the power button to activate it, The Legion goes into a rage which makes them move faster and allows them to vault Pallets.

An additional effect is that the killer can no longer see scratch marks and blood pools of the survivors.

If you hit a survivor while Feral Frenzy is active, and the survivor is not afflicted with the Deep Wound Status Effect, it immediately applies the aforementioned effect to them – injuring the survivor if they weren’t already injured. It fills The Legion’s entire power gauge too, which allows them to remain enraged for longer.

And lastly, it reveals the location of all survivors who don’t have the Deep Wound Status Effect applied and are within The Legion’s terror radius. The Feral Frenzy ends as soon as the power gauge runs out, or if the killer misses an attack.

Lastly, if you hit a survivor who is afflicted with the Deep Wound Status Effect while in Feral Frenzy, it ends the ability immediately just like it would if you missed an attack.

Dead By Daylight Legion Gameplay Strategy

Here’s how to effectively put Legion to good use in the game.

1. Ability and Perk Awareness

The Legion is not a killer with a simple advantage that the player can abuse until their ability runs out. Instead, this is a killer that you need to carefully master to succeed. The very first thing to know here is that when using the ability Feral Frenzy, The Legion cannot kill survivors.

Instead, he can only inflict Deep Wound status on them and it might seem redundant at a first glance.

However, as mentioned above, every time he manages to inflict Deep Wound Status on a survivor, his power gauge is refilled. This means that coupled with the speed boost the killer receives in this state, the player can hunt down and injure multiple survivors in one go as the power gauge will keep refilling every time.

Then once the ability ends, it will be far easier to kill the survivors in their vulnerable state.

Additionally, since the ability is pretty specific here, perks will be very helpful too in order to play as The Legion successfully. Since you cannot use all of the perks at once until you’re leveled up in the Bloodweb – experiment with all three and choose the one that suits you best.

Dead By Daylight Legion Gameplay Guide

2. Scout Generators

Unlike some of the other killers in the game that are great at exploration, The Legion is a bit slow when not in Feral Frenzy and that can cost you the game if the survivors manage to evade you for too long and repair all the generators.

The solution to this is that the player should scout elevators as much as possible and make sure that they’re damaged and that the players aren’t able to repair too many of them.

And of course, the players will always visit all of the generators one by one, so it makes running into them easier too.

3. Map Knowledge

Without having a proper understanding of the game’s maps, you cannot know where the generators always are or how to successfully corner the killers when using the speed boost of the Feral Frenzy ability.

Playing a bunch of matches without having victory in your mind is always a good way to practice, and this can be the determining factor of you winning the game by the end as you’d know how to apply pressure to the survivors.

4. Add-Ons

The game has multiple add-ons that the killers can use. They’re not necessarily needed for victory, but it can be the exact thing that you require sometimes as it adds a few advantages to the power and abilities of the killers in the game – with The Legion not being any exception.

5. Master Your Playstyle

No guide on the internet will ever be a perfect thing to copy. At the end of the day, the way you play a video game will always be the most important thing to focus on.

You can learn several things from the guide and incorporate them within your playstyle, but you might find a strategy or two that you come up with far more useful than something suggested on this list.

Never be afraid to experiment and embrace your playstyle above everything else.

And that’s the end of our gameplay guide of The Legion in Dead by Daylight. Don’t forget to experiment and always try to gain knowledge of the game’s map, the killer’s abilities, and all different kinds of perks.

We hope that you found this useful, and don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful Dead by Daylight guides too while you’re here!

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