Mobile Legends: Adventure Character Tier List (2024)

Mobile Legends Adventure Character Tier List

Mobile Legends Adventure is the beloved spin-off to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which happens to be one of the most successful MOBAs that you’ll find on the mobile platform, growing further every year in terms of both the casual and competitive scales.

It’s known for not only its gameplay that is often compared to League of Legends but its unique characters as well which have a great personality of their own.

Unlike MLBB though, Mobile Legends Adventure is an idle role-playing game that plays differently from MLBB but features the same cast of characters that we know and love. When a game is so wildly different, it’s a no-brainer that its tier list is going to be different from the main game, and how every character works needs to be researched all over.

It can be time-consuming to figure out which characters are the best ones for use since these things change with every update.

Fortunately for you, we’ve created a thorough list of the Mobile Legends Adventure character tier list in 2023 – so you can read our guide and pick the characters that you want right away without a second wasted! So, let’s jump right into it.

Mobile Legends Adventure Character Tier List

It’s very important to know one particular thing about the game before we get into the tier list. Just like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, this game has different legend classes that each fills in an individual role for the team.

So, the tier list of the characters is split into each of these individual classes as it’s not possible to rate them together.

So, it all comes down to which class you personally prefer playing more and that’s what you look for in the Mobile Legends Adventure tier list. With that clarified, let’s jump into the tier list!

Tier LevelSABC
Fighter Class Tier ListZilong,
Yu Zhong, Argus
Lapu-Lapu, Alucard.Alpha,
Hilda, Minsitthar, Badang.
Marksman Class Tier ListClint,
Yi Sun-Shin, Hanabi.
Lesley, Wanwan, Moskov.
Assassin Class Tier ListLancelot, Gusion.Saber,
Tank Class Tier ListMartis, Gatotkaca, Lolita.Akai,
Thamuz, Uranus,
Franco, Balmond.
Mage Class Tier ListAlice,
Guinevere, Vexana,
Cyclops, Eudora,
Support Class Tier ListEstes,

Fighter Class Tier List

Fighter Class Tier List

Fighter class is all about brawling. This class often leads players into battle and has balanced attributes which allow them to be both agile and strong – as long as they’re in the melee range. And their learning curve is quite short too.

  • S –  Zilong, Yu Zhong, Argus
  • A –  Lapu-Lapu, Alucard
  • B – Alpha, Aldous, Bane
  • C – Hilda, Minsitthar, Badang

Marksman Class Tier List

Marksman Class Tier List

Marksmen are an interesting class as they are meant to deal long-ranged damage – so basically you can call them the sniper class in easy words. The difference between them and mages is that they’re faster in speed but less damaging since they don’t use spells.

  • S –  Clint, Karihmet
  • A –  Karrie, Irithel, Bruno, Claude
  • B – Miya, Yi Sun-Shin, Hanabi
  • C – Lesley, Wanwan, Moskov

Assassin Class Tier List

Assassin Class Tier List

The Assassin class is a bit different from the rest, as they’re not exactly meant to provide support nor head-first into danger and lead charge. Their job is to pick the weakest links in the enemy team and take them out, which allows the rest of the team to have a better focus on the biggest threats.

  • S –  Lancelot, Gusion
  • A –  Saber, Karina
  • B – Helcurt

Tank Class Tier List

tank Class Tier List

Tanks are a very straightforward class, but surprisingly a bit different than Fighter. Their job is to act as a frontline since they can take the damage and inflict it back too.

  • S –  Martis, Gatotkaca, Lolita
  • A –  Akai, Hylos
  • B – Thamuz, Uranus, Grock
  • C – Tigreal, Franco, Balmond.

Mage Class Tier List

mage Class Tier List

Mages are quite a self-explanatory class. They have magic and can cause massive amounts of damage to opponents, which includes the ability to crowd control too since they have area-of-effect moves. The only catch is that most of their actions are slow and need support from the other players.

  • S –  Alice, Chang’e, Lunox
  • A –  Valir, Zhask, Aurora, Odette, Harley
  • B – Laylia, Guinevere, Vexana, Kadita, Kagura
  • C – Cyclops, Eudora, Gord.

Support Class Tier List

Mobile Legends Adventure Support Class Tier List

The support class, as the name implies, is about providing help to whatever teammate needs it the most. Whether you flank, distract, or even sacrifice – your job is to help those in need and heal those who have lower health now.

To balance it out, of course, the damage potential is low for this class.

  • S –  Estes, Nana
  • A –  Diggue, Angela
  • B – Rafaela, Kaja

That’s a wrap on our guide for the Mobile Legends Adventure character tier list of 2024.

Do keep in mind that the list changes every time there’s a new update in the game because it tends to balance things out and even add new characters.

But at the time of writing this guide, this is the ideal and up-to-date tier list for the game and we’ll update you with future changes as well.

Don’t shy away from asking any questions and while you’re here, check out some of our other helpful gaming guides too!

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