Lothric Knight Sword: Dark Souls 3 Boss Guide

Lothric Knight Sword: Dark Souls 3 Boss Guide

Dark Souls 3 is a game meant to be the conclusive piece of an incredible trilogy that cemented itself in the history of video games. Just like any other game in the series, Dark Souls 3 is filled with amazing attention to detail, fun combat, compelling lore, and dozens of unique enemies.

Since Dark Souls 3 is known for its difficulty, it’s no surprise that some of the enemies in the game are very difficult to deal with and it can take a long time to figure out the perfect strategy for them.

And another important thing in the game is that certain items that the player might want are tied to enemies that drop them as loot after being defeated.

One such enemy that has troubled players is called the Lothric Knight, which is a little more than the normal enemy and a little less than the main boss. These enemies are best described as mini-boss and they hunt down the player in many different parts of the game while killing them is not very easy early on due to their immense strength.

So, how do you defeat the Lothric Knight in Dark Souls 3 and how do you get the Lothric Knight Sword? We’re going to answer these questions for you so that you don’t have to waste your time in trial and error to figure out yourselves.

So, let’s not waste even a second and get right into the ultimate Lothric Knight guide!

How to Defeat the Lothric Knight in Dark Souls 3

The very first thing to know about the Lothric Knights is that there are two variations of them in Dark Souls 3.

Although they are very similar in general, the difference comes in the fact that one variant uses a sword while the other variant uses a spear. We’ll talk about both of them and how you can defeat them.

Lothric Knight Sword Variant

The best way to defeat the sword variant of Lothric Knights is by parrying and blocking their attacks. Every time they try to hit the player, you can roll around to avoid getting hit by their attacks and if they use a move like Thrust – you’ll get a decent window to hit them back.

You can either slip to their side or behind them and then attack them before they recover from their animation which gives you a few seconds after you dodge an attack. And with other attacks, rolling can work but is not as overly effective – so you can block and deflect attacks until it gives you an opportunity to hit back.

While the sides/back is the least risky way to hit them, unlike the Spear variant, this one can still be fought quite well from the front side if you know how to block and deflect properly.

Standard, Thrust, and Strike damage are what this variation excels at.

Lothric Knight Spear Variant

As mentioned above, the Spear variant mostly acts the same as the normal one. However, they tend to focus more on a frontal guard which makes it a necessity to roll and side-step more often to get hits in them.

And additionally, you can kick on their shield too which gets them staggered sometimes and allow you to get in a couple of hits with ease. So, in every case, you need to be somewhat decent at parrying as that’s how you will get most of your hits in if you’re not too leveled up within the game.

Although you can fight from the front too, the sides are generally an easier approach to take. Thrust and Strike damage is what this variation excels at.

Lothric Knight Resistance:

  • The Lothric Knights are very resistant to Fire, Physical, and Bleed damage – which is generally what a lot of builds are based on.

Lothric Knight Weakness:

The Lothric Knights are weak to Frost, Lightning, and Toxic/Poison attacks. Although these builds are not that common for new players, those who have these elements included in their character will have a great advantage against these enemies.

  • Although not a weakness, just normal attacks as instructed earlier in the guide work pretty well if you have the patience.

That’s all that you need to know for the Lothric Knights as an enemy. Although they appear intimidating, they won’t stand much of a chance once you go in with adequate knowledge and take them down. With that completely explained, let’s move on to the Sword.

What is the Lothric Knight Sword and how to get it in Dark Souls 3?

The Lothric Knight is a straight sword in Dark Souls 3 that is one of the fan favorites in the game due to its simple yet effective statistics and a generally fun moveset. The sword has several strong attacks, thrust attacks with different types of slashes, and when used with two hands, it has a great range that is almost the same as that of a Spear.

Certain items, such as the Leo Ring, make the sword even better and makes it an excellent choice for counter-attacks and it has a higher critical modifier than some of the other straight swords in the game too.

The difference is 10 points, as the Lothric Knight Sword has 110 and the rest have 100.

The recommended build for Lothric Knight Sword is Dexterity, coupled with sharp fusion and other upgrades. It ranks a scaling of S in Dexterity and since it happens to be the most common build newcomers and even some veterans go for, it’s no surprise that the Lothric Knight Sword is very popular.

Hearing so many good things about it would be pointless unless you also learned how to get it right now, so here are the two methods:

  1. The Lothric Knight Sword is dropped by Lothric Knights once they are defeated. If you don’t know how to defeat them, take a look at the first section of this guide. Make sure that the enemies you kill to obtain this sword are the Lothric Knights who wield a sword, not those that wield a Spear.
  2. You can buy the Lothric Knight Sword at the Firelink Shrine and it’s sold by the Greirat of the Undead Settlement there for 4000 souls. You have to wait for him to return from his second scavenge expedition in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

That’s it for our guide on the Lothric Knights and their Sword in Dark Souls 3. Keep in mind that they drop other parts of their armor too, which is equally sought out by players for its usefulness and cool design.

We hope that this guide helped you understand both how to defeat the Lothric Knights and how to obtain and use the Lothric Knight Sword.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And while you’re here, make sure to check out some of our other Dark Souls guides too.

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