Bitlife: How to Get the Gold Digger Ribbon

How to Get the Gold Digger Ribbon

Bitlife: Life Simulator is a Text-based Role-playing video game developed by Candywriter, LLC for Mobile Devices.

The game doesn’t introduce any visuals, as it is represented as a text-based simulation where choices you make throughout the game will impact the outcome. You start life as a newborn baby with the option of giving it a name, deciding the birthplace, and choosing the gender.

The baby gradually grows as you hit the “+” button, and the game asks you a few questions related to your character and its career. In short, you have complete command over your virtual life where you decide your career, friends, family members, relationships, and more.

Several stats are available that will determine your happiness, professional life, and more. Your ultimate goal is to keep your all stats on 100% to enjoy a better life even if it involves doing risky things like robbing a train in Bitlife.

Furthermore, you can adapt pets, participate in different fun-filled activities, create your social media accounts, and become whatever you want. You also can become the president of the United States, but it wouldn’t be easy as the game has set a few requirements for each profession you choose to continue.

Similarly, the game introduces a variety of Ribbons displayed on the character’s graves once they die.

Ribbons In Bitlife Explained

In Bitlife, a Ribbon is awarded to the player based on his life. Usually, there are thousands of actions you can perfect, and they will impact your life and determine the outcome.

Upon your character’s death, a ribbon appears on its grave, describing the stats of his life.

In short, a ribbon describes the whole life of your character in one or two lines. At the start, all ribbons are locked, but as you unlock anyone, they will be opened in your ribbon collection.

Secret Bitlife Ribbons:

  • Bandit
  • Big Boss
  • Teammate
  • Model Bitizen.

Before doing deeper, you should know that four secret ribbons are available that won’t appear until you complete the requirements.

At the start, there are only 11 ribbons available as follows:

  • Academic
  • Fertile
  • Hero
  • Lazy
  • Loaded
  • Lustful
  • Mediocre
  • Rich
  • Scandalous
  • Unlucky
  • Wasteful.

What is Gold Digger Ribbon, and how to get it?

Indeed, you would be familiar with the term “Gold Digger” in the real world.

How to Get the Gold Digger Ribbon

Similarly, it has the same meaning in Bitlife: Life simulator. Besides, every ribbon has its difficulty level and comes with a specific requirement that you must achieve before dying.

  • Ribbon – Gold Digger
  • Difficulty Level – Hard.

Gold Digger is a term used to dream of becoming rich by marrying or coming into a relationship with rich people. Furthermore, the Gold Digger ribbon is a dark green stripe with a pickaxe emoji printed on it.

How to get Gold Digger Ribbon?

In case you are one of those players who intended to grab Gold Digger Ribbon, then this guide holds a few tips and steps for you to follow and achieve your target.

  1. Firstly, you should keep your “Looks” and other Stats high after taking birth in the wealthiest country. We recommend you Germany or Australia.
  2. Never did a job in your life.
  3. Prefer freelancing to earn Quick Money and utilize the cash to purchase Dating App premium packages for you; meanwhile, plan your wedding. We also suggest you steal items to get money, but not too many times as it will help you get the Thief Ribbon.
  4. Open the Dating app, search for the target (Rich Person), and start dating. To impress or propose for marriage instantly, you can gift BitLife Bitizenship.
  5. You can also use “god mode” to edit the partner with 100% money.
  6. Plan your wedding at a low-cost price and get an inheritance of more than $1.5 Million through divorce or widow to earn the Gold Digger Ribbon.

It’s that easy.

Bitlife is one of the best simulation games out there today and we’re committed to providing more guides to help your gameplay.

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