Dark Souls 3: Blue Sentinels Guide (2024)

Dark Souls 3 Blue Sentinels Guide

As much as we hate to admit it, not every single-player game is immediately ruined by the existence of multiplayer features and Dark Souls has always been an incredible example of that.

The co-op functionalities that have existed in the franchise since the Demon’s Souls days have always been celebrated by the fans, and From Software finally added another depth to the multiplayer aspect of the game in the form of the Covenants in Dark Souls 3.

There are many different Covenants that players can join in the game and they are essentially factions, which come with different perks and abilities as a reward. One of these factions is called the Blue Sentinels, and it’s one of the most important Covenants in the game.

It can be very time-consuming to try out every Covenant and to see which one suits you the most, so we’ve created a thorough Dark Souls 3 Blue Sentinels Guide for you to know everything there is to know about them in a matter of a few minutes! So, let’s get started.

Dark Souls 3 Blue Sentinels Guide

What Are Dark Souls 3 Covenants?

Covenants in Dark Souls 3 can be compared to how factions in other games work.

You can ally with one of 9 different Covenants in the game and it affects both online and multiplayer gameplay. Each Covenant caters to a different playstyle and players are given different items, abilities, and game mechanics as a reward.

The rewards can vary between things like other players invading your world and attacking you, or the player gaining special abilities that help them throughout single-player gameplay. So, let’s talk about what benefits the Blue Sentinels hold and how you can join this Covenant.

Dark Souls 3 Blue Sentinels Guide

Although a few Covenants in Dark Souls 3 are independent, several of them are linked to each other in one way or another. The Blue Sentinels have one titular objective and that is to protect the Way of Blue Covenant allies every time they are invaded by a different Covenant.

Dark Souls 3 Covenants Blue sentinels

Based on what the Way of Blue ally requires, the job of the Blue Sentinel would either be to escort the Way of Blue member to a boss fight or kill the invader who is attacking their world.

So, to put it simply – Blue Sentinels are bodyguards who exist to help Way of Blue members in PvE and PvP purposes, with the latter being more exciting since it feels like you’re fighting rogue players every time they try to commit a crime.

If you want to join the Blue Sentinels, let’s go over how you can do that and the rewards you’ll receive for doing so.

How to join Blue Sentinels:

To join the Blue Sentinels in Dark Souls 3, you can either talk to Horace the Hushed (or Anri of Astora) or kill him. By doing either of the two things, you will get the insignia for this Covenant and all you need to do is to equip it to join the faction.

You can find Horace the Hushed at the Halfway Fortress Bonfire that is located on the Road of Sacrifices, right before you defeat the Deacons of the Deep.

If you have already defeated the Deacons of the Deep, you can then find Horace the Hushed at the Firelink Shrine.

Blue Sentinel Rewards:

Here are all of the rewards that you get for joining the Blue Sentinel Covenant.

  • If a Host of Embers enters a boss room, the Blue Sentinel is rewarded with a Proof of a Concord Kept and sent back to their world. Killing the invader rewards the player with the Proof of a Concord Kept too.
  • Darkmoon Ring – Rank 1 offers 10 Concords, which increases as you level up.
  • Darkmoon Blade – Rank 2 offers 30 Concords, which increases as you rank up

How to Rank up as a Blue Sentinel

To rank up, the player needs to collect Proof of a Concord Kept. They can be acquired by killing invaders and escorting players to boss fights, as explained above. And rarely, killing Silver Knights in Anor Londo drops them too.

Having 10 Proof of a Concord Kept will level you up to Darkmoon Ring and provide 2 additional attunement slots. Having 30 Proof of a Concord Kept will level you up to Darkmoon Blade, which provides the player with Miracle.

You do not need a total of 40 (10 once, 30 again) Proof of a Concord Kept since they are additive. So, you need 10, and then 20 more, which will make a total of 30.

That’s it for our guide on the Dark Souls 3 Blue Sentinels! We hope that you found it useful and will be joining this great Covenant soon enough.

If you have any other questions, we’re here to answer. And while you’re here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful Dark Souls 3 guides too.

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