ASTD Dark Spiritual Orb: How to Get It

ASTD Dark Spiritual Orb

Roblox is one of the most creative online gaming and game-developing platforms. It comprises not only a vast number of worlds and games but also heaps of attributes and upgrades related to them. All-Star Tower Defense (ASTD), too, is one of the platform’s most popular games. 

All-Star Tower Defense is an anime-inspired game on Roblox, which features several power-ups and items related to various popular anime and manga. Orbs are what the game uses as a way of obtaining power-ups and abilities about different anime.

But even the orbs have different categories and specialties. The Dark Spiritual Orb is one of the game’s most desired and overpowered orbs due to its ability to slow down the enemy and damage air units.

Long story short, to get the Dark Spiritual Orb, you need to complete the “Bleach Challenge”, also known as the “Challenge 3” in All-Star Tower Defense, which is also the game’s final challenge. The challenge is named after the anime and manga series Bleach, with all the bosses and enemy units being inspired by it too. 

But before we discuss the ways to get the Dark Spiritual Orb in ASTD in-depth, let’s discuss the working of orbs and the Dark Spiritual Orb themselves. 

What are Orbs in All-Star Tower Defense?

Orbs in All-Star Tower Defense can be equipped or attached to a specific slot in your team and provide you with additional skills like increased damage, quicker healing, etcetera depending on the orb.

Each orb is inspired by an anime/manga series and comes with skills and powers associated with them. 

There are 39 orbs in ASTD, all of which feature powers or skills from specific anime or manga.

What are Orbs in All-Star Tower Defense

How to Obtain Orbs in All-Star Tower Defense? 

The primary way of getting orbs in All-Star Tower Defense is to complete the game’s various trails, raids, and challenges. The trials, raids, and challenges are often based on the manga or the anime the orbs are related to. 

Another way of getting orbs in ASTD is to buy or craft them in the Orb Shop, which requires gems, or for you to be lv 50+. The Dark Spiritual Orb can be obtained through both these ways.

How Powerful is the Dark Spiritual Orb in ASTD?

The Dark Spiritual Orb is attributed to Ikki (Dark), a 6-star ground and cone (AoE) unit inspired by Ichigo’s Final Getsuga Tenshou form. The Dark Spiritual Orb was given to him as a unit-specific update last year, and cannot be used for any other ASTD character. 

This orb has a 15% Upgrade DMG, and in its final upgrade, can slow down all the enemies and manage to hit air units. Since Ikki is one of the game’s most powerful characters, the orb makes him even stronger. 

How to Get the Dark Spiritual Orb in All-Star Tower Defense?

Completing the Bleach Challenge (also known as Challenge 3) is essential for obtaining the Dark Spiritual Orb in ASTD. The challenge pits you against enemies and bosses based on characters from the Bleach anime and manga series. 

Since Challenge 3 is All-Star Tower Defense’s final challenge, the ability to access and accomplish it requires you to be level 100. It is the last challenge also means that it’s arguably the most difficult challenge in the game. 

But worry not because we intend to guide you through the challenge in this article. 

All-Star Tower Defense Challenge 3 Explained

Challenge 3, or “The Bleach Challenge,” involves 16 rounds, having an additional round over the usual 15 rounds. It features Elementals, a type of enemy that harnesses unique attack patterns and abilities. The enemies in the Bleach Challenge are also much more durable and have a higher HP. 

The 16th and the final wave of Challenge 3 bring forth the game’s final boss. After the spawning of this boss, all the non-Bleach characters in the arena will suffer from a stunning effect of 60 seconds, rendering them motionless during the phase. Whis, Suzaku’s Lance Mech, Souma, and Susano-o are the only exceptions from this condition. 

An essential piece of advice for the battle is to finish it as quickly as possible because regardless of how well you defend yourself in the battle, the boss will inflict 55 damage on the base around every 30th seconds.


The Dark Spiritual Orb is debatably the most wanted orb in All-Star Tower Defense, and attaining it may be even more complicated than getting one’s hand on most of the other orbs. The two main ways of obtaining orbs in ASTD include completing challenges, trails, and raids and buying or crafting them in the Orb Shop. 

However, the Dark Spiritual Orb requires you to complete the Bleach Challenge/Challenge 3, which is the game’s final challenge and can only be accessed at level 100. As soon as the challenge ends, you’ll get the Dark Spiritual Orb, and will be able to upgrade your Ikki (Dark) unit with it. 

That’s all you need to know about finding the Dark Spiritual Orb in All-Star Tower Defense, we hope this guide was helpful. While you’re still surfing, please check out our other articles and guides on All-Star Tower Defense, Roblox, and various video games.

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