Crown of Insight Genshin Impact Location And Uses

Crown of Insight Genshin Impact Location And Uses

In this guide, we’re talking about one of the rarest materials found in Genshin Impact, Crown of Insight. Without any doubt, it is one of the most valuable and super rare items to come by in Genshin Impact.

Furthermore, the game introduces several methods for leveling up characters and building their abilities, ranging from defeating enemies and taking down bosses.

Driving out enemies from the battlefield may help your character improve their skills and skills to become powerful. During the game, players can use “Character Development Items” to enhance the skills of particular characters.

Besides, Crown of Insight is a “Character Development Item” that lets you improve the combat talents of your Character from levels 9 to 10.

Using the Talent Books, you can discover lots of Character Development Items; however, Weekly Boss Drops many rare items for you to collect, including the Crown of Insight, that are difficult to obtain.

It would help if you kept in mind that the Crown of Insight is pretty rare, but the game introduces several ways to unlock one and get it for your character.

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2 Methods to Unlock the Crown of Insight

There are two possible ways players worldwide can use to get a Crown of Insight. The first method involves offering one of the multiple trees found in Teyvat. 

Method One

However, two different trees are found in Genshin Impact, such as The Frostbearing Tree and the Sacred Sakura. The first tree requires you to collect “Crimson Agate” for rewards discovered in Dragonspine.

Once you reach Gratitude Level 11, the game grants the player a Crown of Insight. The Sacred Sakura tree is found in Narukami Island, where you will be awarded a Crown of Insight once you reach levels 5, 15, and 25. 

Method Two

Surely, you would be excited to know about the second method of unlocking a Crown of Insight; however, it revolves around Limited-time Events.

Usually, these events appear on the scene with a special shop that becomes open during the event. Players worldwide are allowed to buy Crowns of Insight from the shops, and the purchase will cost them the special event currency.

Furthermore, you aren’t supposed to get your hands on the rare crown once the event ends. 

Crown of Insight Locations 

Although locations are already described above briefly, you are only allowed to use Event Shop to grab the Crown of Insights.

Get ready to get some crowns for your character from the Unreconciled Stars Event Shop, but keep in mind that you must have at least 110 Essence of Fading Star that helps you unlock the Crown of Insight. 

Crown of Insight Effects 

It comes with a rarity of 5 and doesn’t have any special effect; meanwhile, its type is “Character Development Item.”

Some past events that were released with redeemable Crowns of Insight are the following:

  • The Midsummer Island Adventure 
  • Unreconciled Stars
  • Lantern Rite.

Using the Special Event Currency, you can make your dream come true and unlock Crowns of Insight that help you level up your character speedily. This doesn’t end here, as the rare material comes with fabulous powers that help you unlock new abilities and defeat enemies within no time. 

Crown of Insight Uses

Upon having a Crown of Insight, players require “Talent Materials” and Mora to improve the talent from Level 9 to 10.

It would help if you kept in mind that the Talent Material of Each character is different from others, but the Crown of Insight is required for each one.

Getting Crown of Insight may help you enter the new era of power where players can keep their focus on leveling up their talents. 

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