Genshin Impact Crashing Error On iOS (Fixed)

Genshin Impact Crashing Error On iOS (Fixed)

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular mobile games right now on the iOS platform – and for good reason. It’s filled with content that lasts hundreds of hours and regular updates add even more things to do overtime.

The game features a beautiful world that can be explored at the player’s leisure and engaging gameplay with many unique weapons and characters to unlock. And on top of that, the game has cross-platform multiplayer that allows you to have fun with your friends no matter what device they’re on!

Despite being very optimized for iOS devices, the game is massive in scale and can be very demanding in terms of hardware. And this often leads to crashes that can range from rare to very common.

Even if the crashes are rare, however, it’s still very annoying to have to restart your progress from your last saved checkpoint. And of course, no one likes to wait for their game to load again too!

Fortunately, there are some useful steps that you can try out which will help you fix your Genshin Impact crashing issues on iOS devices. So, let’s solve the problem and fix your game!

How to fix Genshin Impact crashes on iOS

We’re going to try a few different methods that can solve your Genshin Impact crashing issues on iOS devices in 2022. If any of these methods solve your problem – then you don’t need to try the rest.

But if your game keeps crashing even after you try something from the list, move to the next method and see if that works better for you instead.

Method 1 – Change your graphics settings

This method is very straightforward. Genshin Impact is a beautiful game, but that also means that it takes a lot of your device’s power to run it. So, lowering your graphics settings is a good first step to see if crashes are solved.

Step 1 – Navigate to your in-game settings

Open the menu located on the top left of your screen. Then, click on the Settings icon on the bottom left of the Paimon Menu.

Step 2 – Lower your graphics settings

Once the Settings open, move to the ‘Graphics’ section and now you can change all of your settings to Low. To quickly try to fix, set everything to Low and see if your game crashes again or not.

If it does not, then you can change your settings to whatever you are more comfortable with. For example, if you played the game on High, you might still be able to run it fine on Medium settings.

Method 2 – Clear background apps

A very simple thing that people often forget to do on their smartphones is to clear background apps. It’s possible to have over a dozen apps running on your smartphone and they silently use your RAM, which makes some apps run slower.

The way to clear apps differs from the version of iOS that your phone is running. On the latest iPhone 13, you just have to swipe on your screen from the bottom and to the middle – and then you can close them by swiping them upwards.

Then, try launching the game and see if it still crashes.

Method 3 – Verify File Integrity

Making sure that your Genshin Impact files are not corrupted is a good way to solve crashing issues.

Head over to the game settings (the only step)

Open the game’s Paimon Menu and then access the Settings in the same way as we explained in Method 1. Once you’re there, move over to the ‘Other’ section and tap on ‘Start Verification’.

The game will ask you to confirm, press Yes. This may take some minutes, but if any of your files need to be replaced, the game will do that automatically. And then your crashes might stop!

These are the three best methods that you can use to fix Genshin Impact iOS crash issues in 2022. 

If these did not work for you, then your device might not be able to run the game anymore. But you can still try a few simple things that aren’t listed in the guide.

For example, you can try to reinstall the game, update the game’s files if you’re not on the latest version, or even update your iOS device as it might have a new update that the game is already optimized for. 

You can see how to do these things in our Genshin Impact Insufficient Space Errors Fixed guide if the methods listed in this guide did not work. But we do hope that we managed to solve your problems and that your game is already running perfectly!

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