Stardew Valley Sewing Machine & Tailoring Guide (2024)

Stardew Valley Sewing Machine

Concerned Ape’s Stardew Valley has been a sensation in the gaming world, with updates released continuously it has surely enticed a lot of sandbox gamers out there.

One of the latest updates includes a sewing machine, which is a pretty big deal for the players. The feature lets the players create new clothes and dye clothing.

Even though the sewing machine is hugely popular among fans, many do not know how to use it or unlock it. We are with a complete guide on sewing machines, tailoring, and making clothes in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Sewing Machine

Triggering the event to unlock the sewing machine

You need to have at least one cloth in your inventory to trigger the event. If you don’t have any clothes yet, don’t worry. You can get one from the loom or by recycling newspapers in the recycling machine, or by killing creatures. You can also earn a cloth in the community center by completing the field research bundle.

Once you have acquired a cloth, all you need to do is wait until the next day in the game. Then you must exit from your farmhouse between 6 am and 11 am, and then you will meet Emily, who will tell you about her sewing machine. 

Once the cutscene ends, now you can go to Emily and Haley’s place to use their sewing machine at your leisure. Their house is located on 2 Willow Lane and is open from 9 am to 8 pm. You will find the sewing machine at the bottom end of their house.

Making clothes in Stardew Valley using a sewing machine

You can make a variety of clothes in the Stardew Valley. You can make fancy shirts, skirts, pants and even hats for your character. Creating clothes using the sewing machine is pretty straightforward and not much of a hassle. 

To make a piece of clothing, you will need a piece of cloth and one other ingredient. Place the cloth on the left-hand side and the other ingredient on the right-hand side in the sewing machine. Now you can experiment with various outputs until you are satisfied with one.

The experimentation with new clothes is pretty much the most fun part of making new clothes. You can keep trying new combinations to your heart’s content. One of our favorites among all the cool items is the black leather jacket.

You can create it using a cloth, Pale Ale, Beer, Wine of any type, and Mead.

Stardew Valley Sewing Machine

Using a sewing machine, you can also create Prismatic clothes, which are shinier and fancier than anything in the Stardew Valley. Creating Prismatic clothing follows the same steps as regular clothing. First of all, you will need a Prismatic Shard and Cloth. 

The only tricky thing while creating prismatic clothing is that you will not have a choice on what clothing items you can create. Instead, you will be given a random item among the following five options. 

  1. A prismatic shirt with a rectangle in the front and short sleeves.
  2. A prismatic shirt that has white sleeves. 
  3. A prismatic shirt with black sleeves.
  4. A pair of prismatic pants.
  5. A pair of prismatic genie pants. 

Prismatic clothing is rare in the Stardew Valley; you can still get duplicate items but use them at your own peril. 

Making clothes using a sewing machine in Stardew Valley is exciting and straightforward. We hope we have covered everything you needed, from how to trigger the event to making the shiny prismatic clothing items. 

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