Rune Factory 5: Bronze Ore Locations List (2024)

Rune Factory 5 Bronze Ore Locations List Guide

Rune Factory 5 is nothing short of a revival for a long-running franchise since the last main entry in the series was 2012’s Rune Factory 4.

It brings back everything that made the previous games so much fun, such as the ability to befriend strangers, farm, tame monsters, fight enemies, and even marry townsfolk.

As with any other RPG, Rune Factory 5 allows players to farm resources and then use them to craft certain items. One of the most important resources in Rune Factory 5 is Bronze Ore, and it helps to know where you can find it.

So, what are the best Bronze Ore locations in Rune Factory 5 and how can you get them? Let’s find out!

How to get Bronze Ore in Rune Factory 5

Bronze Ore is an item that is very similar to other materials in the game, such as gold.

You can get Bronze Ores in Rune Factory 5 by mining rocks, which can be found throughout the game in different locations. The identification that you should look for is that certain rocks have a reddish tone to them.

Once you find a reddish rock, break it and you will start to get Bronze Ore as a reward. One interesting thing to note is that you will get other resources too while farming for Bronze Ores, such as Iron as a quick example.

And if you have these rocks close to your own farm, try to learn how easily they break. If a rock has to be hit 9 times to break, only hit it 8 times so that you can repeat the process at a different time instead of losing the stone forever.

rune factory 5 bronze ore guide

Keep in mind that you need a Hammer tool to mine Bronze Ores and those can be obtained in many different ways. And as you level up, you’ll find recipes for better Hammers too. The better your Hammer is, the higher the number of Ore you will gain from mining.

Rune Factory 5 All Bronze Ore Locations

Bronze Ore can be found in different places in Rune Factory 5, but here are some guaranteed ones that will always work out for you:

  • First Floor in Kelve Lava Cave
  • The Second Floor in Kelve Lava Cave
  • First Floor in Cloudheim
  • First Floor in Bandit King’s Old Base
  • Second Floor in Bandit King’s Old Base
  • First Floor in Atohl’s End.

So, grab a good Hammer and go to these locations for your Bronze Ore mining needs!

How to use Bronze Ore in Rune Factory 5

Bronze Ore is a very important resource in the game. You need it to craft several weapons and farming tools. For example, Great Sword, Pole Axe, Battle Scythe, and Cutlass need Bronze Ores to be crafted.

And things like Chopping Axe, Beginner’s Pole, Tin Waterpot, and Sturdy Hoe require Bronze Ores as well.

rune factory 5 bronze ore guide

We hope that you found this guide useful and are already on your way to mine some Bronze Ores in Rune Factory 5 in all of the locations!

Always stock up on a lot of them because it’s a resource you will constantly need when crafting some great items in the game.

While you’re still here, do check out some of our many other helpful gaming guides as well.

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