3 Reasons Linux Is Good for Gaming

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If you’re someone who’s looking to get into gaming, the first question is naturally going to be, ‘Which platform is best?’ Well, that depends on the kinds of games that you want to play, and there are a number of differences between the experiences that you get from mobile, PC, or console gaming.

PC, some would argue, is the most flexible – partly due to how it allows you to play online for free while also giving a great variety of titles. So, perhaps you opt for that route, but then what kind of PC?

Well, a Linux might be what you’re looking for – and while a laptop might not sound like the best choice over a desktop, there might be reasons why it is.

Cloud Gaming

One such reason is one that doesn’t detract from everything else that Linux laptops can be known for. Of course, if you wanted to opt for a gaming laptop, you could look to examples that are better known for this, potentially leading you to one that dedicates itself to gaming.

Linux laptops are more multi-purpose than that, and thanks to cloud gaming, that doesn’t have to detract from its ability to game at all. Cloud gaming, through services such as GeForce Now, can allow you to play games – regardless of how demanding they are – by streaming them on the device you own. This can open the door significantly on what you choose and can help to reinforce Linux as the right choice.

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What It Can Handle

However, that excludes the wealth of titles and games that can be played without cloud gaming. Your own interests might fall to slot games through outlets like jackpotcitycasino.com. Linux devices will likely be more than capable of handling your slot game of choice, whether that’s a basic variant or something more visually complex, as can be the case with movie or music slots – such as The Dark Knight or Guns N’ Roses.

This alone can give you a great degree of flexibility in what you play, expanding outwards when you look to other games outside of the slot umbrella, such as Match Day or Blackjack. The visual quality of these games can be especially leveraged in situations where immersion is the focus, as it is with slots featuring RPG characters. However, Linux users often report strong GPU performance, meaning that they’ll be more than able to handle whatever games you throw at them in this regard.

Even looking away from online casinos, you might find a wealth of indie games or older games that your device will be more than capable of handling. This mentality could lead you to a lot of underrated gems that get overshadowed by more popular titles.

The Range

Something that’s been touched on briefly is the range of games that would be available to you through a Linux device. While you might fear this wouldn’t be as true as it is on PC, you might find that this still leaves you with a wealth of options.

However, if you’re finding that this is your first foray into gaming, there should still be plenty here for you to try and get to grips with as you develop a sense of what is to your taste and what you’d rather stay away from in the future.

Trying new things is important when getting into a new hobby, though, and that’s more than possible here.

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