Paladins Tier List 2024: Best Heroes (Ranked)

paladins characters tier list 2021

When it comes to Multiplayer Online Battle Arena shooter games, after Overwatch’s prolonged death, Paladins is the only one still alive and kicking.

When it comes to the MOBAFPS genre, there aren’t many games that have garnered such a massive amount of popularity as Overwatch and its direct competitor, Paladins.

Paladins is a highly underrated game, and the people who have stuck with it ever since its release way back in 2018 surely realize that now. 

The game is free to play on most platforms, including Android and macOS, so you can check it out for yourself what it’s all about. With that said, in a game with so many different playable champions, there are bound to be some that are much better than the rest.

These champions that stand out amongst the crowd are some of the most frequently picked due to them being overpowered compared to some of the least picked. So we’ve decided to put together our own tier list for Paladins’ 2022 version.

Paladins Tier List 2024

Tier LevelCharacter(s)
Paladins S-Tier CharactersCassie, Dredge, Androxus, Drogoz, Bomb, King, Inara, Koga, Atlas.
Paladins A-Tier CharactersYing, Furia, Makov, Willo, Strix, Viktor, Lian, Khan, Barik.
Paladins B-Tier CharactersBuck, Ash, Seris, Imani, Fernando, Evie, Terminus, Lex, Kinessa.
Paladins C-Tier CharactersZhin, Sha Lin, Mal’damba, Tyra, Torvald, Pip,
Paladins D-Tier Characters Jenos, Grover, Grohk, Ruckus.
Paladins F-Tier Characters Vivian, Maeve, Skye, Moji

Paladins S–Tier Characters

Here’s a list of the best Paladins S-Tier characters ranked.

1. Cassie

Paladins S–Tier Characters Cassie

The strongest fighter in Paladins, Cassie’s extremely high damage, and her high mobility make her one of the fastest and strongest champions in the game. In fighting, her trusty crossbow disengage blast shot, and her highly overpowered Dodge Roll buff made her the most vigorous champion in the game by far.   

2. Dredge

The Admiral of Abyss can do a plethora of damage to his enemies simply by using his basic attacks. He’s the best option for a crowd-control character in the game. Not to mention, he’s one of the easiest characters to learn in the game.

3. Androxus

Androxus the Godslayer, and his fast-paced mobility-based playstyle, along with his flanking capability make him one of the strongest characters in the game. His damage is insanely high, too, despite having a high amount of mobility, Androxus is an all-rounded champion who is good at everything.

4. Drogoz

Drogoz is one of the best champions if you’re looking for a lot of range, and a lot of damage. This Wyrin champion can avoid a ton of close-quarter engagements by simply vertically running away from all fights using his mechanical wings. 

5. Bomb King

Bomb King is a terrifying beast of a champion to come across in combat, his plethora of high-end area damage and his overall damage rating can take down your entire team in clusters. His sticky bombs are extremely annoying to deal with and can take you by surprise at every turn.

6. Inara

The Stone Warden uses her Earthen Guard to give herself a higher chance of surviving. Inara is a close combat fighter, with guns that do a ton of damage when up close.

7. Koga

Koga has multiple stances, which lets him swap abilities really quickly. His primary dual SMG weapons, and his insane mobility and movement speed result in one of the best aggressive pushers and quiet flankers in the game. He’s so fast, even his abilities don’t require a cooldown! 

8. Atlas

Atlas and his Chrono-Cannon fire massive projectiles that deal so much damage to his enemies that they can’t even react before they’re dead. Not to mention, if you’re charging his attack then it’s going to deal even more damage!

Paladins A–Tier Characters

Here’s the list of Paladins A–Tier BEST Characters.

1. Ying

Ying is basically the best support character in the game, her primary weapons let her do a ton of mid-range damage and she can help her allies with her illusionary skills.

Paladins A–Tier Characters Ying

2. Furia

Furia and her heals are highly important for most team compositions. Her Pyre Strike brings a ton of crowd control, and her Pyre Blade is a very powerful weapon for mid to close-range combat.

3. Makov

Makov is one of the best long-range aggressor champions in the game. He can both push aggressively using his fast mobility, and he can also provide support to his team from a distance as they’re pushing the opponents’ objective.

4. Willo

Willo is all about damage and mobility. Her focus is entirely on splash damage, which helps her control a small area of enemies and can help her create chokepoints. Her Faye Wand helps her in sending strong energy blasts that can hit multiple targets at the same time.

5. Strix

Strix requires you to have a good aim; he’s a difficult champion to master due to his sniper rifle. He’s one of the only two champions who have the option to switch between primary and secondary weapons, and his flash-bang grenades are extremely useful for pushing and blinding opponents.

6. Viktor

Viktor the Lone Wolf is just what he sounds like, a solo champion that has a ton of high damage attacks. He’s basically the go-to comfort pick for every single Paladins player and can dish out massive amounts of damage, which is especially useful in end-game scenarios. 

7. Lian

The Scion of House Aico deals a ton of damage through her mid-range semi-automatic Heirloom Rifle, which can attack her enemies with insane ferocity and speed. Lian is a decent character, with a ton of focus on just killing everyone and supporting from a good enough range.

8. Khan

Following in Lian’s footsteps, Khan is the Primus of House Aico and an offensive aggressor support champion whose entire job is to kill. His Heavy Repeater is an ideal weapon for a mid-range fight and can deal tons of damage. Khan also helps in healing his team using his Battle Shoul ability.

9. Barik

Barik and his blunderbuss are popular in the world of Paladins for throwing fire pellets at super high speed. His turrets are very useful for crowd control situations. Not to mention, Dome Shield is still absolutely OP.

Paladins B–Tier Characters

Here’s the list of Paladins B–Tier BEST Characters.

1. Buck

Buck the Unyielding, is one of those flank champions that rely on the hit and run strategy, doing tons of damage and zooming through the map. His ultimate Bulk Wind will give him infinite ammo, and give him a speed boost further emphasizing that hit and run strategy.

Paladins B–Tier BEST Characters.

2. Ash

Ash, aka the War Machine, is a cannon-firing, bullet chewing maniac in Paladins. Her fire cannon can literally chew through any opponent’s defenses. She can do a ton of crowd control, and does a great job at taking hits and doing damage; however, she’s not very fast.

3. Seris

Seris’ healing abilities are very crucial to some important team compositions, yet her Soul Orb attack damage isn’t too great. However, the red orb does a ton of damage especially if marked correctly.  

4. Imani

Imani is one of the most versatile characters, yet she’s also one of the hardest to master. She’s extremely strong, she can change between her Ice and Fire stances for more damage and is quite mobile; however, learning to control her weapons and kit takes a LOT of time.

5. Fernando

Fernando and his shields will always help the team out, not to mention he does a lot of damage too. He’s not too fast but he makes up for it in damage and utility.

6. Evie

Evie has probably the best area of effect damage out of any champion in Paladins. Her speed and her mobility provide for good survivability during matches but her health is very low and her guns have very little damage.

7. Terminus

Another front-line aggressor, Terminus deals a ton of damage using his Massacre Axe during the heat of the battle. His ultimate Power Siphon allows him to absorb all energy attacks thrown towards him so that he can charge them into an explosive Calamity Blast. He really needs there to be energy users in the opponent team though, and that makes him weaker than most others.

8. Lex

Lex is another flank champion; however, unlike Buck, he’s much better in close-ranged battles and can’t do much in longer ranges. His In Pursuit skill lets him kill elusive targets with lower health, randomly. 

9. Kinessa

Kinessa is another sniper that deals a TON of damage per hit. She doesn’t have the most amount of speed or the most amount of health; however, her Headhunter skill gives you an additional 50% damage on each opponent per hit.

Paladins C–Tier Characters

Here’s a list of Paladins C–Tier BEST Characters.

1. Zhin

Zhin is probably the best dueling champion in the game. Zhin’s Inferno Blade flings splashes of burning oil at his enemies and does a ton of damage. However, his ability to not transfer much of his damage onto other players and just being able to fight the one player is what makes him weaker.

Here's a list of Paladins C–Tier BEST Characters

2. Sha Lin

The oppressive ranged attacker, Sha Lin The Desert Wind. He’s sort of the Hanzo of Paladins, firing high damage dealing arrows that have a ton of range. His extremely hard-to-pull-off move is known as Crippling Arrow, which allows him to damage his opponents and injure them to walk and run slower.

3. Mal’damba

Mal’damba is one of the best healers in the game, however, his Crowd Control abilities are also quite unique. The only problem with Mal’damba is his slow speed and low damage output.

4. Tyra

Tyra is great at hunting down targets in a small radius of the map. She has an assault rifle with a really high fire rate; it chews through enemies just as well as her Nade Launcher that blows them up.

5. Torvald

Torvald the Runic Sage is a very complex character. He’s a supporting character, yet he’s also a front-line character with a primary skill to defend his allies. He’s very situational, not bad but you wouldn’t need him on your team in most compositions.

6. Pip

Pip might be a support champion; however, he’s just as aggressive as the front-line aggressors. His potion launcher lets him do a ton of area damage, just as his explosive flask slows them down while doing damage.

7. Raum

Raum and his Gatling gun can rip apart all of Raum’s enemies to absolute shreds. He’s great at close-range battles, with a high fire rate weapon that can easily transfer sprays to multiple targets.

Paladins D–Tier Characters

Here’s a list of Paladins D–Tier BEST Characters.

1. Jenos

Jenos is a very cool healer, who can heal his allies through walls! However, his primary assault weapon Star Splitter isn’t that good of a weapon for a support champion.

Paladins D–Tier BEST Characters

2. Grover

Grover’s ability to do poke damage can be insane, however, his axe throwing has been nerfed and his mobility has always been very low. This makes Grover a very underwhelming champion now more than ever before, his passive Blossom can still heal nearby allies in a certain radius, however, the healing isn’t plentiful.

3. Grohk

Grohk and his Lightning Staff can help support your team out of tricky situations. He deals a ton of damage when using his staff to produce beams of lightning that can shred people in mid-range combat. However, he’s not optimal for any other situation than basically just that!

4. Ruckus

Ruckus is probably the best—tier character in the game, having both defensive and offensive capabilities to support his team. His minigun can deal a ton of damage, both with the rocket launchers and the bullets that it throws out.

Paladins F–Tier Characters

Here’s a list of Paladins F–Tier BEST Characters.

1. Vivian

Vivian is a decent close-range gunner, due to her light machine gun which can shred through enemies and her deflector shield is also decent. However, her very low mobility and her low range of damage output make her weaker than most other gunners in the game.

Paladins F–Tier BEST Characters

2. Maeve

Maeve has a ton of mobility; her flanking is very impressive, however, her damage is only good in short bursts. She also can throw daggers at her opponents, which do a lot of damage but are very hard to hit.

3. Skye

Skye is useless, she’s only good for one on one fights but she also fails in that regard due to her low damage output. So, you have to hope your opponent is the worst Paladins player to win that fight.

4. Moji

Moji is super cute; unfortunately, that doesn’t win you any games in Paladins. Moji comes with a weak primary attack and even weaker secondary attacks which produce a ton of spray damage, but it’s extremely low damage output overall.

That was our ultimate tier list which ranked from the best of the best to the absolute worst characters in Paladins.

Paladins is a game that is constantly evolving, and we’re pretty sure that more content will come out very soon eventually. Until then, make sure to check out our guides and reviews for other stuff!

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