Is Harvestella Cross-Platform? (Switch, PC, XBOX, PS5)

Is Harvestella Cross-Platform

Harvestella is a brand new role-playing game by Square Enix that lets you farm crops and save the world from a deadly plague called the Quietus.

If you enjoyed Final Fantasy and Stardew Valley, this game is just for you. It has everything: fishing, farming, cooking, crafting, combat, and magic. In Harvestella, you can customize your appearance, upgrade your tools, and befriend or romance the villagers.

The game is heavily story-driven and offers multiple endings, which makes it a bit different from other life simulators. Apart from that, you get to select from twelve classes and battle against monsters alone or with teammates.

The real threat, however, is the Quietus – a dusty season that kills crops and forces people to stay indoors. So while there are relaxing activities to partake in like fishing and cooking, there’s also a lingering sense of doom.

This is why players need to prepare every season to prevent the farm from falling apart.

With so much to do and lots of time to kill, we might want some extra hands. The combat is no joke in Harvestella. And like most farming RPGs, it’s more fun to forage resources and build things with friends.

This is why it’s natural to wonder if Harvestella has some cross-functionalities in the game. So, is Harvestella Cross-Platform? Can you actually play Harvestella with friends? We have all the answers in this guide.

Harvestella Cross-Play Explained

Harvestella Cross-Play Explained

Before we find out whether Harvestella is cross-platform or not, let’s take a moment to explain the difference between the different cross-functionalities in video games.

There are three different variations: cross-platform, cross-generation, and cross-save. First of all, cross-platform allows you to play a game with other players on different consoles. For example, if you’re on PC, you can play with another friend that’s on Xbox One. 

Second of all, cross-generation gaming means players can play as long as they’re from the same console family.

For example, PlayStation 4 users can only play with PlayStation 5 users, while Xbox One users can play with Xbox Series X users. And lastly, cross-save allows you to transfer your game progress to another platform. That means if you started out on the Xbox One, you can continue your progress on the PC.

Does harvestella have cross-platform enabled

Is Harvestella Cross-Platform?

No, Harvestella does not support cross-platform multiplayer. Square Enix hasn’t explained the lack of cross-play, but it’s not hard to understand why.

The game has only been released for Nintendo Switch and Windows users, so it wouldn’t make sense to add the feature right now. However, that doesn’t mean the developers aren’t planning to launch Harvestella on other platforms. 

Square Enix hasn’t announced anything yet, but keep in mind that Harvestella has just been released. If they decide to release Harvestella on other consoles, they might add the feature at a later date.

So we’ll keep an eye out and update this article if it does happen.

harvestella faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harvestella Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Harvestella is a single-player experience.
That means there are no multiplayer or online co-op options in the game.

It’s unlikely that Square Enix will add multiplayer in the near future as they have been dead silent on this topic, which is strange since this is a feature many players look forward to in the farming simulator genre nowadays. 

You’ll have to chat with your friends or stream your gameplay if you want to share what you see in the game. And if you don’t want to fight alone in the dungeons, don’t worry, you can always recruit allies from the village in your team. 

Will Harvestella Have Co-op?

Square Enix hasn’t announced whether they’ll expand the game to a multiplayer adventure, but this doesn’t rule out the possibility of it happening. It also wouldn’t be the first time a life simulator has launched as a single-player experience before adding a multiplayer mode. 

However, adding this kind of feature will take months or even years for developers to work on. Making the experience good enough for one player is already hard.

As long as the game succeeds and the fanbase keeps asking for multiplayer, they might consider it. If not in the main story, they could add a multiplayer mode separately at the least. For now, you can only progress through Harvestella’s story alone.

Will Harvestella Be On PlayStation 5?

As of writing this article, there isn’t any news from the developers. Harvestella is currently available to play on Nintendo Switch and Windows (Steam). But since this is a game by Square Enix, you can always expect them to make Harvestella a multiplatform game.

As long as the game does well and there are no secret exclusivity contracts, there’s a good chance they’re going to release the game on PlayStation. But the fact that the game isn’t multiplayer could make-or-break potential buyers, so there’s no guarantee this will happen.

Wrapping it up

Alright, that’s everything we know about cross-play in Harvestella! Simply put, you can’t play the game with your friends at the moment. While that’s disappointing, the world of Harvestella is still packed with things to keep you busy and interesting characters to meet.

If you’re looking for other farm simulator games with multiplayer features, you could always try Stardew Valley or Minecraft. If any changes happen in the future, we’ll make sure to update this article.

While you’re still here, feel free to check out our guides on the newest and most popular games.

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