Grand Theft Auto Online – Trailer Teases New Location and Heist

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For a long time, Grand Theft Auto Online has consistently remained one of the most played games for both PC and console platforms. Its success has reached a point where Rockstar has even decided to separate Grand Theft Auto V as a story campaign while Online will be downloadable as an online-only experience.

It’s only natural that a game with such a giant player-base has a high demand for new content, and Rockstar was only adding small heists to keep the momentum going until now – an-all new teaser trailer has revealed that Grand Theft Auto Online will be receiving a new update that not only adds a new major heist but even a new location that has an evident tropical touch to it.

It’s called the ‘The Cayo Perico Heist’ and is dubbed the ‘biggest update yet’ to the game. The heist will come with a new location that is set on an island and is home to the biggest drug dealer of the game’s fictional world.

In the all-new heist, Rockstar has claimed that the gameplay will be different than before and players are allowed to do them solo if they want, while the usual up to 4 players per team is still valid if that’s more to your preference. The players will have to find a way to breach the Cayo Perico island which is said to be one of the most secure private islands in the entire world, and they will have multiple ways to tackle the threats such as stealthily evading them or killing them.

Then you would collect money, art, and gold and try to get out alive in one piece while all the private security of the infamous drug lord will come after you, which will most certainly be a challenge. It’s also implied that there will be alternate approaches to how you do the heist so that means replayability can be well-expected.

There are also going to be more vehicles and weapons added with the missions, and the locations will be available to you for more casual adventures as well such as dancing in clubs and partying with your friends in the exotic parts of the game’s world. Lastly, there has been something teased about an armed submarine HQ.

While the trailer of course does not show too much of this information, you get a good enough look at the dynamic environments in the new exotic island, and some of the more heist-specific things such as the aforementioned submarined.

Fans all over the world are undoubtedly excited to see how this new update turns out, and it will surely scratch the itch for a new Grand Theft Auto game for a while because more content to play while you patiently wait for the next gen GTA adventure is always very good news.

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