Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb Guide (2024)

Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb Guide

The heroes of Gotham Knights are equipped with unique weapons and devices to aid them in combat. Though, not all of them are designed to knock out enemies.

They also have Smoke Bombs for when stealth is needed or when you need a distraction to escape from hordes of enemies. Using Smoke Bombs is a little bit more complicated in Gotham Knights, as it can only be used in specific locations. 

Stealth missions are a huge part of Gotham Knights and are not easy. Most enemies are grouped in clusters, so you can’t take them down individually without alerting other enemies.

The takedown mechanics of the game are somewhat broken as well, so players are bound to fail at some point. It can suck when it happens; thankfully, there’s a way to recover from it.

Smoke Bombs are perfect for creating silent takedown opportunities and combining them with Fear takedowns. However, it takes a lot of time and practice to master this skill.

This guide tells you how to use Smoke Bombs in Gotham Knights properly.

How to Get Smoke Bombs in Gotham Knights

How to Get Smoke Bombs in Gotham Knights

Like Health Packs, Smoke Bombs can’t be crafted or looted in the game. Many players may be unaware that they already have smoke bombs in their inventory unless they accidentally trigger the mechanic while trying to grapple.

Remember that you only get a limited amount of Smoke Bombs and that they only get replenished each time you visit The Belfry, a secret headquarters built by Tim Drake. Smoke Bombs also can’t be upgraded to last longer and you can’t increase your capacity to carry more. 

You only learn how to use them when you initiate the Basic Training Exercises on The Belfry. It’s the tallest building in the center of the Financial District, disguised as a clock tower. The Belfry is always marked on your map and you can always fast travel to it (as long as you aren’t in combat), the building also has multiple entryways so it shouldn’t be hard to get to.

The Belfry is where players can switch heroes, inspect clues, keep track of missions, change and customize suits, craft gear, and replenish resources.

Many essential and optional cutscenes take place in this location, so returning here is the only way you can progress the game’s story. It’s essentially the home of the Gotham Knights, plus it has a cute cat. 

If you look for the training dummy in The Belfry’s main area, you can access tutorials on the game’s various mechanics, from interrogation, stealth, combat, to using special abilities such as Fear. Here, you can find the Smoke Bomb tutorial to learn how to use them.

Regardless, you can start using the Smoke Bombs immediately, even without going through the tutorial (and save resources). 

How to Use Smoke Bombs in Gotham Knights

How to Use Smoke Bombs in Gotham Knights

A common problem for Gotham Knights players is learning how to use Smoke Bombs. We’re used to throwing them when it’s convenient and simply running away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that in this game.

The Smoke Bomb requires you to use the grapple device, which uses the same button for that mechanic. It’s different for every platform (and what you map it to), L1 for PS5, LB for Xbox Series X/S, and F, or any key you map it to on the keyboard. 

Instead of tapping the button, hold the button to use a Smoke Bomb. Because you need the grapple, you will need to find a grapple point to perform the stunt and escape the area successfully.

This automatically puts you back in stealth mode. This is important for stealth missions where you’ll need to return to the shadows safely before the enemy alarm goes off. 

Gotham Knights Smoke Bombs Tips and Tricks 

Now that you know how to use the Smoke Bomb, it’s time to discuss what situations are best for them and what you can do after successfully doing a Smoke Bomb evade. For the most part, you’ll be given the option to perform an Aerial Attack. 

If you’re going for stealth mode, it’s always best to pick Robin. He’s the only member in the Batfamily designed to take down large numbers of enemies in stealth mode. Smoke Bombs are his best friend and he can use them to jump in and out of sight.

All you have to do is rinse and repeat; remember that you only have ten Smoke Bombs each time you go out on patrol. 

To keep track of how many Smoke Bombs you have left, you can always check on the Batcomputer Menu in the bottom left corner of the screen, right under the number of Health Packs you have.

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