Dead By Daylight Selection Keys Explained

Dead By Daylight Selection Keys

Dead By Daylight has a lot of different characters, perks, and add-ons to use that greatly change how every match works. Since the game follows an asymmetric 4v1 format, it needs to mix things up in a way that it remains fair for every side – and that’s why there is a lot of variety in the way you can play the game so that it neither becomes boring nor unbalanced. 

Aside from tons of characters with unique abilities that include guests from horror franchises like Evil Dead, SAW, Stranger Things, and Friday The 13th – the game relies on the add-ons that the player can obtain and assign.

One of those items is the Keys in Dead by Daylight that can be used for a number of things that serve as an advantage to the survivors. 

There are multiple types of Keys and they all have different uses, so it can take quite a while to figure these things out by yourself since you would have to take them into matches to try them out.

So, we’ve created a thorough guide on what the selection keys in Dead by Daylight are to save your time! Let’s get started.

Every Key in Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight initially launched with only one Key in the beta period of its release, but there have been two more Keys added over time.

Not only that, but the keys come with their own different uses and perks too that separate them from each other and make them useful in gameplay. Here are all of the Keys and what they do:

1. Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key is considered the ‘original’ key in Dead By Daylight since it was added before the others. Its power cannot be used by itself and you have to attach add-ons to it to unlock different abilities. But you can use it to open a Hatch that hasn’t yet been opened if its condition is not depleted.

If you activate its Aura-reading ability through the use of add-ons, it can be used for 30 seconds.

2. Broken Key

Broken Key

Broken Key, in appearance, is literally a key that is broken in half. You can equip Add-ons to it to unlock the Aura-reading ability as it does not have any use by itself just like the Skeleton Key. And the Aura-reading for this Key lasts 10 seconds. 

Unfortunately, the Broken Key cannot open a closed Hatch.

3. Dull Key

Dull Key

The Dull Key, just like the previous two, cannot be used in any way without applying Add-ons to it, such as the one that can be used to read Auras. It lasts only for 5 seconds, which is the lowest of all three of the keys.

Fortunately, you can consume the Dull Key to open a closed Hatch ahead of time, as long as the Key has not deteriorated.

Dead by Daylight Key Perks

The Keys in Dead by Daylight only have the basic purpose of unlocking Hatches with the exception of the Broken Key. What makes them more useful is if you add Add-ons to them, which are also referred to as Perks in the game.

Keep in mind that a depleted key cannot open the Hatch. Here’s a list of the Add-ons and what they do:

  • Prayer Rope – Adds 10 extra seconds to the use of the Key
  • Scratched Pearl – Increases the range of the Aura-reading ability
  • Prayer Beads – Adds 15 extra seconds to the use of the Key
  • Eroded Token – Activates Aura-reading for as long as you are in a range of 24 meters to the survivors
  • Gold Token Activates Aura-reading for as long as you are within 48 meters of range of the survivors.
  • Weaved Ring – Does not make you lose the Key if you die, instead you only lose this Add-on
  • Milky Glass – Do not lose the Key when unlocking the Hatch. Instead, you will lose this Add-on.
  • Blood Amber – Reveals the Aura of the killer as long as you are within 32 meters of them. Also decreases the efficiency of the Key.
  • Unique Wedding Ring – Reveals the Obsession’s Aura and reduces the odds of being the Obsession yourself.

And that’s it for our explanation of Dead by Daylight selection Keys.

We hope that you found it useful and while you’re here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful gaming guides as well.

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