10 Best Games Like Rocket League (2024)

games like rocket league

Rocket League is one of the most popular multiplayer games in 2024 and has an extremely successful esports scene that is always reaching new peaks.

The combination of competitive car racing and soccer was an idea that most people would have rejected on paper, but thanks to a talented team of developers it ended up becoming something fun and exciting.

Whether you really like Rocket League and want even more games similar to it, or feel that it’s not your thing and want to try something that is a bit similar – we’ve got you covered.

There are many random Rocket League clones on both Steam and mobile phone markets but most of them are not fun at all and just rely on people trying them accidentally.

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What Are The Best Games Like Rocket League Out There?

Here’s a coherent list for you with the 10 best games like Rocket League that you will have a blast playing. Let’s get started!

1. Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

Available on: PC, OS X, Linux

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball is in many ways similar to Rocket League, and in a few ways different. You play as a bunch of robots that walk around on wheels and they can throw balls on other players to either knock them out or score points.

Perfectly catching the ball can eliminate the person who threw the ball as well, and you can also get creative about the ways you play the game – like ricocheting your ball for example.

The graphics of the game are full of neon aesthetics and minimalism, which is very much comparable to the art style of the Tron franchise. While the game’s community is not as massive as it once was, the arcade mode and those that are similar to it are still blooming and the different cosmetic items will keep you interested for a while.

2. Axiom Soccer

Available on: PC

Axiom Soccer is a unique take on the Rocket League formula in which the vehicles are changed from cars to small hovering ships with turrets. The goal is still scoring balls within the goal spots of the opposite theme, and the game is graphically very similar as well. What truly sets it apart besides the floating is that you have to shoot at the ball to make it move.

That means you can even shoot the ball from a distance, which adds a new dimension to the gameplay and adds a difference between close and far-ranged tactics. It could certainly use some extra polish in comparison to Rocket League, but it’s still one of the most solid alternatives that you will find.

3. Turbo League

Available on: Android, iOS

Looking for Rocket League but on mobile phones? Turbo League is the best alternative that you will find. Everything about the game is the same, the graphics are beautiful, there are dozens of different cars to play with and the matches are won by scoring the most goals with the bouncing ball. The only difference is that unlike Rocket League which has up to 4 people per team in a match, Turbo League only supports 3 people per team.

One of the coolest features in the game is that it also lets you personalize and design your vehicles with a ‘Decal’ editor, and it also has cross-platform so you can play with players on other mobile platforms as well.

4. Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Available on: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is an arcade soccer-themed video game that appears to be a simple football game with an anime art style from a distance, but if you actually play the game you start to realize that it matches the intensity and some of the mechanics from Rocket League.

The game can be best compared to the classic Shaolin Soccer movie, as it lets you beat each other up through subtle excuses on the playing field and there are a lot of different and dramatic moves for the characters that have special animations like a lion being shown as the spirit of the character doing a goal and the goalkeeper trying to hold the ball but failing at it due to the sheer power.

It’s a pretty fun multiplayer experience and has a great single-player story too.

5. Rekt: Crash Test

Available on: PC

Rekt: Crash Test is one of my personal favorites on this list. The game does not have a soccer mode like Rocket League does, but it instead focuses on competitive racing and super cool stunts to pull off. The game has gorgeous graphics and different maps which have unique tracks and stunts to play through, and there are beautiful neon aesthetics around every corner and a color scheme that changes itself based on what you’re doing.

It’s intense, dynamic, and lively, and that’s what makes this game so much fun. On top of everything else, the game has many different types of vehicles that are not just variable in aesthetics but also their playable properties, which keeps things fresh.

6. Supraball

Available on: PC

Supraball is an ‘easy to play, hard to master’ game that takes some practice getting used to, but once you actually get the hang of it, it’s a very fun game to play. The rules are simple and very similar to Rocket League – you and your friends get to play in different maps which often share the themes of a stadium and football field, and you have to manipulate a ball into going into each other’s goal spots with gun-like tools.

It’s intense and requires a lot of teamwork, and the pay-off is amazing when you finally get around to it and win a few matches. It does not have too many players left today, so gathering up a group of your friends would probably help a lot to enjoy this game to its potential!

7. Grand Theft Auto V

Available on: PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, XB360, XB1, XBSS/XBSX

I know that you’re thinking ‘did this guy really just put an open-world action-adventure game as an entry about games similar to Rocket League’ – well, yes, but hear me out. Grand Theft Auto V comes with its multiplayer counterpart ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ and that’s pretty much an entire thing of its own. And that is going to be quite literal soon as Rockstar plans to release it as a standalone product as well.

But anyway, let’s get to the point. Grand Theft Auto Online is very customizable when it comes to the different games you can host within the vast online world that it offers and that even includes player-designed modes that you can mess around in.

There are several very incredibly well-designed Rocket League modes in the game which feature almost the exact experience but with more destructive environments and exploding cars.

While games that are more specifically built for the genre are arguably better, almost everyone owns GTAV and it’s great that you can get to play those modes with no additional cost.

8. Graveball

Available on: PC

Graveball is a unique multiplayer game that shares similar goaling mechanics and football-like fields, but puts its own twist on it with a spooky theme that would be perfect for Halloween nights.

You get to play as zombies who are close to cemeteries and you have to hit the balls into the enemy goal-posts using sticks and bones in your hands.

What throws in extra fun is that you can kill each other to prevent opponents from getting a goal, and once you die in the game you can roam around as a ghost to find the most ideal grave for you to crawl back out of. It’s a game that rewards tactics but can also be played chaotically, and that’s what makes it so awesome.

9. Brawlerz Nitro

Available on: PC

Previously called Brawlerz: Nitro, Brawlerz Arena is an updated version of the game with extra features. Brawlerz Arena is one of the most similar games to Rocket League compared to some of the other games on the list, as it has vehicular soccer as one of the main modes.

However, Brawlerz features a whole lot more than its inspiration as it has deathmatches, capture the flag, machine guns, railguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and more.

The matches start off simple and end with cars blowing each other up and scoring goals very fast before their opponents – which easily makes it one of the best alternatives to Rocket League for people who want to try something even more intense. Unfortunately, the player base of the game is very low at the moment, so having a group of friends to try it with would be the best approach.

10. Disc Jam

Available on: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Disc Jam is not similar to Rocket League in a literal comparison, but once you begin playing it you start to see the ways in which the game offers the same kind of experience. The game in general offers players a disc to play with which they can throw at their opponents and the goal is to make sure they fail to catch it and score a point.

But what makes the game exciting is that there are strategies that the players can apply which can cause the disc to glow and that gives them destructive capabilities.

You can also ricochet the disc on the sides and try some other things to ensure your chances of winning, and it’s overall a very fun sports experience that is the perfect blend of air hockey and tennis.

If you’re not in the mood for online – the game also features local and split-screen play for some offline goodness.

Those were our picks for the 10 best games like Rocket League. We hope that you found the perfect alternative to play, and we’re here to answer any questions that you might have!

So, let us know your thoughts, and make sure to check out some of the other helpful gaming lists on our website.

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