11 Best Base-Building Games 2024: PC, PS5, XBOX


As an enthusiastic gamer and a journalist, I’ve witnessed the evolution and growing popularity of base-building games. These games, celebrated for their creativity and strategic depth, offer players an opportunity to construct, manage, and expand their own virtual worlds.

In 2024, the base-building genre sustained its classic appeal and embraced innovative features, blending various gaming elements to create immersive experiences. From managing a campus in “Two Point Campus” to surviving on an alien planet in “The Planet Crafter,” the diversity in gameplay and thematic settings is more pronounced than ever.

Games like “Noble Fates,” with its fantasy-themed kingdom building, and “Len’s Island,” focusing on survival and exploration, have broadened the boundaries of what base-building games can offer. Meanwhile, titles such as “The Riftbreaker” and “Raft” have introduced unique survival elements into the base-building mix, keeping the genre fresh and engaging.

Top Base-building Games of 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of base-building games; these are the best options for you;

1. Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus

In the world of base building games, “Two Point Campus” stands out as a delightful blend of management simulation, strategy, and base building. This game draws its lineage from the likes of “Theme Hospital” and “Two Point Hospital,” but carves out its own identity with a unique twist on the tycoon business simulator genre.

As players, you are tasked with the creation and management of your very own campus university. This includes overseeing everything from staff hiring to the layout of classrooms, ensuring that both students and curriculum thrive under your guidance.

Its lighthearted approach and zany humor set “Two Point Campus” apart. The game doesn’t bog you down with overly complex systems; instead, it invites you to revel in its cartoonish graphics and whimsical scenarios.

These elements infuse a sense of playfulness into the strategic gameplay, making it an enjoyable experience for both seasoned and novice players. Whether you’re dealing with bizarre student requests or navigating the quirks of campus life, “Two Point Campus” offers a refreshing take on the base-building genre.

2. The Planet Crafter

The Planet Crafter

Shifting gears from the bustling campus life to the solitude of space, “The Planet Crafter” offers an intriguing experience in the open-world survival and base building category. Set against the backdrop of a hostile, uninhabitable planet, your mission is to terraform this alien world into a sanctuary capable of sustaining human life.

This premise alone sets “The Planet Crafter” apart from its contemporaries, offering a unique challenge that blends survival elements with the creative freedom of base building.

As you embark on this journey, you’ll find yourself meticulously crafting a base, generating essential resources like oxygen, heat, and pressure to create a viable biosphere. The game requires strategic planning and resource management, pushing you to explore and harvest various materials to expand your operation. Transforming a barren wasteland into a habitable environment is challenging and rewarding, making “The Planet Crafter” a standout title in the genre.

3. Noble Fates

Noble Fates

“Noble Fates” takes us into the realm of 3D fantasy, where kingdom-building meets survival in a richly detailed world. As a colony simulation, base building, and survival game, it offers a multifaceted experience catering to various gaming preferences. In “Noble Fates,” you are in charge of constructing, crafting, farming, mining, and defending a growing colony of villagers, each with their own lives and discoveries.

What truly distinguishes “Noble Fates” is its AI-driven characters and the ability to shape their stories in real-time. This adds a layer of depth and personalization to the gameplay, as each character’s journey evolves based on your decisions and interactions.

The game allows you to oversee your empire from a bird’s-eye view or dive into the action with a third-person perspective, giving you control over individual characters and their unique narratives. Coupled with a robust set of building tools, “Noble Fates” offers an immersive and engaging experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional base-building games.

4. Len’s Island

Len’s Island

“Len’s Island” is a gem in the realm of open-world survival, base building, and exploration games. This title offers a unique experience where the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of building coalesce into a single, captivating adventure. Set on a picturesque island brimming with mysteries, “Len’s Island” invites players to delve into a world of exploration that goes beyond traditional base building.

One of the most notable features of “Len’s Island” is its modular building system. This intuitive design allows even those who are new to base-building games to feel like expert architects. This user-friendly system allows players to construct homes, develop farms, and expand their living spaces. This construction approach ensures that the focus remains on creativity and personal expression, rather than on complex building mechanics.

Moreover, “Len’s Island” is not just about building and living off the land. The game intertwines an engaging narrative that unfolds as players explore the island. Each discovery adds a piece to the island’s story, from delving into mysterious caves to hiking through lush forests. This blend of exploration, narrative, and building creates a rich, immersive experience that sets “Len’s Island” apart in the genre.

5. The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker

In the strategy, tower defense, base building, and survival genre, “The Riftbreaker” stands out with its compelling gameplay and unique setting. The game transports players to an alien world, where the primary objective is to establish and defend a network of bases against the planet’s hostile inhabitants. This setting creates a thrilling backdrop for the base-building mechanics, as players must strategically gather resources and construct defenses to survive the relentless assaults of alien creatures.

“The Riftbreaker” expertly combines the thrill of exploration and resource gathering with the tense excitement of tower defense. As players progress, they must continuously upgrade and expand their bases, ensuring they can withstand the increasingly challenging alien attacks.

The game’s focus on defense mechanics adds a layer of intensity and strategy to the base building experience, making every decision crucial for survival.

The game’s protagonist, Ashley, a scientist-commando, accompanied by her mech, Mr. Riggs, adds a personal touch to the narrative. Their journey of survival and discovery on this alien planet makes “The Riftbreaker” a memorable addition to the base building genre, offering a unique blend of strategic planning and action-packed defense.

6. Raft

Raft base-building games

“Raft” presents a distinctive take on the base building, multiplayer, and open-world survival genres. Set in the vast, perilous ocean, this game offers a unique survival scenario where players begin their journey stranded in the middle of the sea, with nothing but a few planks of wood and a hook. The challenge lies in building a mobile fort from the floating debris scattered across the shark-infested waters, turning a nightmarish situation into a fight for survival.

The game’s focus on crafting a floating base adds an intriguing twist to traditional base building mechanics. Players must balance the need to expand their raft for better survival capabilities while defending against the constant threats posed by the ocean, including the ever-present sharks.

This balance between expansion, resource management, and defense creates a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

“Raft” also shines in its multiplayer aspect. Teaming up with friends adds another layer of strategy and fun, as players can collaborate to build their sea fortress, share resources, and face challenges together. This cooperative element enhances the survival experience and fosters a sense of community and teamwork, making “Raft” a standout game for those who enjoy building and surviving with friends in a unique open-world setting.

7. Valheim


“Valheim” takes players on a mythic journey into a Viking-themed purgatory, where open-world survival, base building, and cooperative gameplay converge to create a rich and immersive experience. This game, set in a vast and procedurally generated world, draws heavily on Norse mythology, offering players a survival challenge and a cultural odyssey. Players find themselves as Odin’s fallen warriors, tasked with proving their worth in this mysterious tenth Norse world.

The base building system in “Valheim” is both intricate and rewarding. Players can construct everything from simple shelters to majestic longhouses with intricately carved wooden dragons and sturdy stone fortifications.

The level of detail in the building system is commendable, allowing for a high degree of customization and creativity. Players must gather resources, craft tools and weapons, and build fortified camps to survive against various threats, including menacing trolls and sea monsters.

Cooperative gameplay is a cornerstone of the “Valheim” experience. The game supports multiplayer co-op, enabling players to band together with friends to explore, build, and battle. This collaborative aspect enhances the survival experience, as players can divide tasks, share resources, and strategize together to conquer the challenges of this formidable Norse world.

8. No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

“No Man’s Sky” presents an awe-inspiring journey in space exploration, base building, and survival. Since its initial release, the game has evolved significantly, transforming into a much more refined experience than it was at launch. This evolution is most notable in the addition of new features like base building and multiplayer capabilities, which have rejuvenated the game and attracted a new wave of players.

The base building aspect of “No Man’s Sky” allows players to construct their own outposts on a myriad of unique planets. Each planet offers different environments and resources, challenging players to adapt their building strategies to the diverse extraterrestrial landscapes. The game’s engine upgrades have ensured a smooth and visually stunning experience across various planetary systems.

Multiplayer in “No Man’s Sky” has brought a new dimension to the game, enabling players to explore the vast universe together, share discoveries, and build collaborative bases. This social element has added depth to the gameplay, allowing players to engage in joint ventures and create shared stories in a boundless cosmic playground.

9. Astroneer


“Astroneer” takes players on an adventure where space exploration and base building merge seamlessly, offering an experience full of discovery and creativity. Set in a colorful, whimsical universe, the game challenges players to navigate and survive on various alien planets, each with its own unique characteristics and challenges.

The base building in “Astroneer” is central to the gameplay, as players need to establish and expand their bases to survive the alien environments. The game employs a modular building system, allowing for a high degree of flexibility and innovation in base design. Players can experiment with different layouts and structures, adapting their bases to the specific needs and resources of each planet.

Exploration is equally important in “Astroneer.” As players traverse different planets, they uncover new resources, unlock new technologies, and unravel the mysteries of the game’s universe. The ability to reshape the terrain and the dynamic weather systems add layers of complexity and realism to the exploration aspect, making each venture into the unknown an exciting and unique experience.

10. Terraria


Terraria” stands as a shining example in the 2D retro-platformer genre, renowned for its deep freedom of expression in building and an extensive crafting system. This game merges the charm of classic pixel art with a modern sandbox approach, offering a boundless canvas for creativity and exploration. In “Terraria,” players are building structures and shaping entire worlds, each reflecting their personal vision and style.

The building aspect of “Terraria” is incredibly open-ended, allowing players to construct anything from simple dwellings to elaborate castles, underground cities, and even artistic creations. The game provides a vast array of tools and materials, enabling players to bring their most imaginative designs to life. This freedom of expression is one of the core elements that makes “Terraria” so captivating and has led to a dedicated community sharing their impressive creations.

The crafting system in “Terraria” is just as expansive. It encompasses various items and resources that players can gather and combine to create new tools, weapons, furniture, and more.

This system is integral to progression in the game, as crafting enables players to tackle more formidable challenges and explore deeper into the game’s diverse biomes. The way “Terraria” intertwines building and crafting creates a dynamic and satisfying gameplay experience, continually evolving as players advance and discover new possibilities.

11. Factorio


“Factorio” is a game that redefines the Realtime Strategy (RTS) and base building genres with its emphasis on automation, resource management, and complex logistics. The game is celebrated for its endless playability, a vibrant modding community, and engaging cooperative gameplay. In “Factorio,” players are tasked with building and maintaining factories on an alien planet, a process that evolves from simple manual resource gathering to a vast network of automated production lines.

The heart of “Factorio” lies in its intricate system of automation and production. Players are encouraged to design and refine production chains, constantly optimizing and expanding their factories to achieve greater efficiency. This continuous process of improvement and expansion offers endless playability, as there is always a new way to streamline or enhance the production systems.

The modding community in “Factorio” is particularly active, contributing many mods ranging from minor tweaks to major overhauls. These mods add new dimensions to the gameplay, offering fresh challenges and extending the game’s replay value. The support for modding has fostered a creative and collaborative community, constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved within the game.

Cooperative gameplay in “Factorio” adds another layer of complexity and enjoyment. Players can collaborate to build and manage factories, dividing tasks and strategizing together to optimize production. This cooperative aspect enhances the social experience and allows for larger and more complex factory designs than would be possible in single-player mode. The combination of endless playability, a rich modding community, and cooperative gameplay makes “Factorio” a standout title in the RTS and base building genres.

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