Brawl Stars Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (2024)

brawl stars characters tier list

Do you love playing MOBA-styled video games? If so, then you would be familiar with Brawl Stars as it is a Multiplayer Hero Shooter and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video game that pits two teams of heroes against each other from a third-person viewpoint.

It introduces multiple modes; each features a different objective to complete; however, the player can choose one of several playable heroes, known as Brawler.

In this game, players can either play against AI-controlled characters or online players.

As mentioned above, there are dozens of player heroes available that will unlock through boxes; each has unique attributes, and knowing about heroes would be in your favor when you jump in 3v3 arenas.

Brawl Stars Characters Ranked

We’ve compiled several tier lists that cater to each game mode. Before starting, you should know about playable heroes, and their names are the following:

  • Jessie
  • Rico
  • Bo
  • Tick
  • Sand
  • Belle
  • Gale
  • Max
  • Mortis
  • Brock
  • Lou
  • Griff
  • Colonel Ruffs
  • Ash
  • And more.

In this article, you will discover up to four-tier lists, and their names are S, A, B, and C Tier lists. See the table given below to discover characters, rarity, type, and rating.

Brawl Stars S-Tier List

The S tier list contains up to six playable characters, and each one is on the top of our list, offering thrilling powers, abilities, and attack powers.

ByronNormal Attack can heal and inflict damage
Normal Attack reaches faraway teammates and enemies
Best healer.
CrowFast movement speed
Normal Attack and Super Skill deal damage
Super Skill is available.
LegendaryToxic Assassin10
LeonSwift movement speed
Super Skill
Super skill can be used to hunt down low HP enemies.
LegendaryStealth Assassin10
SqueakDeal AoE damage
Attacks can hit enemies behind a cover
Beat multiple enemies at once.
SproutBounces off after landing
Block paths of opponents
Damage multiple enemies.

Brawl Stars A-Tier List

A tier list consists of 6 Brawlers, ranging from Legendary to Mythic Rarities.

Each has a unique type and comes with a different rating for you to choose accordingly and take on enemies timely to be the last standing team and win.

MegPowerful Mecha with her Super
Long-range and fast movement speed
Super-fast, in regular or Mecha form.
LegendaryDamage Dealer9
Colonel RuffsHigh damage output
Power up all allies with his Super Skill
Normal Attack and can bounce off walls.
AshA great range for a Heavy Weight Brawler
Can increase the attack and movement speed
Can Protect and damage enemies.
ChromaticHeavy Weight9
GriffWide range
Super can pierce through enemies.
PocoHe can hit multiple enemies because his Attack pierces through enemies
He can provide his teammates with huge heals
Gadget and Star Powers can provide more support to their teammates.
LouHe can make the ground slippery for his opponents with his Super Skill
He can slow down and freeze opponents with his attacks
He is arguably the best support brawler in the game.

Brawl Stars B-Tier List

We’ve added 4 B-tier brawlers to this list. They comprise Sharpshooters, Dashing assassins, and Support classes. They’re effective as well.

BrockHas a very long range and high damage output
He can hit multiple enemies and destroy obstacles with his Super
He becomes powerful when he gets his Star Powers.
Trophy Road RewardSharp Shooter9
MortisHas the best mobility in the game
Super skill can damage multiple opponents and heal himself
Can further improve his mobility and damage when equipped with his Star Power.
MythicDashing Assassin9
GeneCan deal damage on multiple enemies
Super Skill Hit multiple enemies.
MaxMost attacks compared to all the Brawlers
Movement speed boost to all allies
Has damage output for a Support Brawler

This concludes our current tier rankings for Brawl stars characters.

We’ll keep updating this list, in the meantime, here are some of the new guides we’ve published:

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