Black Desert Mobile Dark Knight Guide


Black Desert Mobile, developed by Pearl Abyss, is a Traditional Role-playing and Massively Multiplayer Online video game released for Mobile Devices.

It serves as the original Black Desert Online mobile version, offering you a thrilling gameplay experience. The vast world awaits you to fall in action against players of over 150 countries across the globe.

You will experience an exciting adventure when playing the game where over 13 unique character classes welcome you with emotional skills.

The graphics are completely gorgeous, and the opportunity of becoming a true hero is fantastic.

Introduction to Dark Knight Class

Indeed, if you are a diehard fan of BDM (Black Desert Mobile), then you would be familiar with Dark Knight as it is a character class loaded with two-handed Kriegsmesser as their primary weapon and an Ornamental Knot as the secondary; however, the awakening weapon (Vediant Glove) gets unlocked as you reach the level 56.

Using Vediant Glove, players can use three swords with magic. Furthermore, the Dark Knight Class uses a wide range of melee weapons to slash foes and eliminate dark magical spells.

The Dark Knight class is suitable for 1v1 matches, and it is helpful until your competitors don’t out gear you; however, the class has low defenses powers.

Meanwhile, it is also strong in 5v5 matches and may help you achieve victory in Player versus Player arenas because of their AoE Damage.

Dark Knight Pros:

  • High Mobility
  • Protected Skills
  • Easy to Understand
  • Lots of AoE
  • Very Fast.

Dark Knight Cons:

  • No Grab Skill
  • Very Squishy Class.

Powerful Against

Indeed, you would be curious to know the weak opponents ahead of the Dark Knight, and we are here with a list of characters that might be the weaker when it comes to 1v1 matches; however, most matches with equal gear will be tough.

  • Witch If you love playing PvP matches with the Dark Knight Character Class, then Witch could be your primary target as it is considered a bit harder than Wizard because of their massive range of advantages and blocks.
  • Wizard – If you are new to the game, then keep in mind that Witch could be one of the main targets in Player versus Player matches when you are playing with the Dark Knight; however, we suggest you use the mid-range skills to deal damage and become dominant on your opponent safely.

Weak Against

There are a few characters that could be hard to defeat in various matches. Their names are the following:

  • Maehwa – Maehwa could be hard for the Dark Knight as they have more mobility and several Super Armors and Frontal Guards hidden in their Awakening Skills.
  • Berserker – It can be tricky if equipped with your type’s gear. Make them perfect ahead of the Dark Knight with the best healing skills.
  • Striker – Both Striker and Mystic are the best competitors as the Dark Knight. This is because said characters come up with high Magic Damage Reduction and Evasion making them hard to deal damage.

Dark Knight Absolute Skills

There are six different types of Absolute Skills with varied requirements and level conditions to be unlocked. Names of Absolute skills are mentioned below:

  • The lunacy of Vedir – Requires Level 59 (35 Skill Points)
  • Slanted Balance – Requires Level 56 (30 Skill Points)
  • Wheel of Fortune – Requires Level 60 (54 Skill Points)
  • Air Strike – Requires Level 56 (27 Skill Points)
  • Pervasive Darkness – Requires Level 57 (32 Skill Points)
  • Nocturne – Requires Level 58 (45 Skill Points)

Dark Knight Weapons

  • Rosar Kriegsmesser
  • Liverto Kriegsmesser
  • Kzarka Kriegsmesser
  • Offin Tett’s Radiant Kriegsmesser
  • Blackstar Kriegsmesser.

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