The Best Gaming Lap Desk 2024: Top Lapboards to Buy

If you’re looking for the best gaming lapdesk to buy in 2024, this is the guide for you. Whether you need a small laptop desk for your bed or just researching the best lapboards for gaming, we’ve highlighted everything in this guide in addition to the pros and cons of each product, images, and FAQs.

Laptops are very convenient to use and while their name has the word ‘lap’ in it, using them by directly placing it on your lap is not the best idea. It can be hard to pick the right object to place the laptop on, especially if you’re a gamer who needs to use it for several hours at once – that’s where Lap Desks come in.

Lap Desks are specifically crafted to keep laptops from heating while also keeping your body safe, and usually also provide space for a few extra goodies to be kept on the side such as your mouse and smartphone.

While a general lap desk can fit many needs, gamers have different types of needs when it comes to convenience and comfort – so it can be very time-consuming to find the top lap desks to buy. That’s why we’ve created a coherent and helpful list of the best gaming lap desks for 2024 that will start off your year in the best way possible!

The Best Gaming Lap Desk At A Glance

Bamboo Laptop Desk

Bamboo Laptop Desk

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LapGear BamBoard Pro Lap Desk

LapGear BamBoard Pro Lap Desk

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Moclever Laptop Table for Bed

Moclever Laptop Table for Bed

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LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

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WorkEZ Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand & Lap Desk

WorkEZ Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand & Lap Desk

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TeqHome Laptop Desk for Bed

TeqHome Laptop Desk for Bed

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What makes a gaming lap desk great?

Before we get started with our guide, let’s take a moment to understand what makes a gaming lap desk good for you.

Gaming lap desks are often an overlooked component when people purchase laptops and related accessories – but once a person uses laptops placed on their lap for too long it becomes evident that the heat is increasingly uncomfortable as time passes.

That is why the first thing that is very important for a gaming lap desk is the material used to create it. It should be comfortable, it should be durable, and it should be heat-resistance but without being anti-air.

Secondly, the space is an important aspect because any gamer would need space for a mousepad right next to the laptop as the default scrolling options on a laptop make it almost impossible to aim or attack by itself in the majority of video games.

The third important detail to look for is to see how well the lap desk matches your preference.

There are different variations to lap desks which are built for different people, as some of them can be set directly on a lap, some of them have a bit of a stand so the laptop can line up with the person’s field of view, and some of them even come with extended materials which have a separate mousepad by default.

If your laptop does not have a great heating system by default, you also need to look for one of the gaming lap desks that have a cooling system within its materials to make sure you end up with the best possible combo.

Now that we have the important details out of the way, let’s jump right into the guide to buying the best gaming lap desk!

1. LapGear BamBoard Pro Lap Desk

LapGear BamBoard Pro Lap Desk with Wrist Rest, Mouse Pad, and Phone Holder - Natural Bamboo - Fits up to 17.3 Inch Laptops and Most Tablets - Style No. 77101

LapGear BamBoard Pro Lap Desk Features and highlights

Don’t be fooled by its minimalist design – the LapGear Bamboard Pro is extremely comfortable, uses great wooden materials, and offers additional comfort in its design that most lap desks skip out on.

The design is spacious and allows you to place your laptop, a smartphone or tab, and a mousepad all at the same time – and has a wrist rest in the beginning so your hands won’t get tired of using the laptop.

It also has a great deal of airflow that will keep your laptop cool while also providing you the comfort of not feeling the warmth that comes from the exhausts. It’s the best gaming lap desk if you’re not looking for cool designs and want affordability.


  • Can fit a tab or smartphone on the right side
  • Generous mouse space
  • You can buy it with a wrist rest which has soft materials on the area your wrist will be on so that it does not get tiring
  • Fits laptops with up to 17.3 inches display
  • Several holes below the laptop side keep the airflow going
  • Works additionally as a tab holder as well, which you can then attach a keyboard too.


  • If your laptop exhausts too much heat, the airflow might be overdone and heat up your lap

Why we recommend it: The LapGear BamBoard Pro is affordable and has every option that you’d need in one place. Whether you want to work or play games, it’s one of the best lap desks to buy.

2. Ybj-ake Bamboo Laptop Desk

Ybj-ake Bamboo Laptop Desk,Serving Bed Tray Breakfast Table with Folding Legs,Multifunctional Table with Cup Holder,Floor Desk Notebook Stand with Tilting Top Storage Drawer,Black

Ybj-ake Bamboo Laptop Desk Features and highlights

A great way to describe this lap desk is multi-functional and premium.

Not only does it have many features such as foldable legs, moveable laptop plate, a cup holder that can also be used as a tiny drawer, a great airflow, and a spacious mouse area – it can also be used as a table for general use such as using it for a quick breakfast on your bed.

Of course, you won’t really need to use the last thing – but better to be prepared right?


  • Multi-functional, which means it can be used for plenty of things besides holding a laptop on top for you. One of its uses even includes serving breakfast… but you probably shouldn’t do that.
  • Foldable legs allow you to switch between traditional lap placement and a stand.
  • Spacious mouse pad area on the side
  • Small drawer which can keep small items in or act as a cup holder
  • Movable laptop plate, so you can set it a bit lower or higher to best fit your field of view
  • Fancy design, which includes great airflow which is guaranteed to keep your laptop cool.


  • Its legs might annoy your skin when folded. While the legs are removable with a screwdriver, constantly attaching and detaching it would be hectic.

Why we recommend it: The Ybj-ake Bamboo Laptop Desk is both affordable and quite fancy. It leaves out no detail that a gamer needs from their lap desk and offers a premium experience that will provide you years of durability.

3. TeqHome Laptop Desk for Bed

TeqHome Laptop Desk for Bed, Adjustable Laptop Bed Table with Fan, Portable Lap Desk with Foldable Legs, Laptop Stand for Couch Sofa Bed Tray with LED Light, 4 USB Ports, Storage, Mouse Pad

TeqHome Laptop Desk for Bed Features and highlights

While most gaming lap desks offer an airflow, only a few go the extra step to integrate a cooling system within itself – which is something TeqHome covers you with.

Since gaming laptops have a limited amount of USB ports compared to a gaming PC – the lap desk also provides four additional USB ports that will keep you covered.

On top of all that, most of the desk is very flexible and you will easily change their placements without losing comfort. And the fact it has an LED light and extra storage space below the mouse segment just show you how much the product over-delivers.


  • Dedicated cooling system with great airflow
  • Provides 4 extra USB ports
  • Has an LED light
  • Foldable legs that allow you to change the placement
  • Moveable laptop plate for your convenience
  • Small storage space below the mouse side to hold in a few cables.


  • Folded legs may be slightly annoying when directly on your body
  • The somewhat smaller mouse space compared to others may not be enough for some gamers

Why we recommend it: TeqHome Laptop Desk has everything that you would want from a gaming lap desk – and more. With dedicated cooling, moveable placement, an additional LED light, and four extra USB slots, this lap desk gives the competition a run for their money.

4. Moclever Laptop Table for Multi Functions

Moclever Laptop Table for Bed-Multi-Functional Laptop Bed Table Tray with Internal Cooling Fan & 2 Independent Laptop Stands-Foldable & 3 Different Height Laptop Desk-LED Lamp-4 Port USB

Moclever Laptop Table for Multi Functions Features and highlights

If you’re looking for something that offers every single feature that an ideal gaming laptop desk needs and still retains a sleek and fancy design – then this is easily one of the best lap desks to buy.

You will be getting extra USB ports, an LED light, great mouse space that also allows for you to place a cup or your smartphone above it, extremely flexible parts, and a great internal cooling and airflow system in the same lap desk without losing much on the cons side.

What’s especially an advantage with this lap desk is the fact a lot of the competition starts to look terrible when they try to integrate so many features at once or increase the price by a great margin, but thankfully Moclever delivers in both departments exceptionally well.


  • Multi-functional, which allows you to use it for a few extra purposes besides the laptop. Reading is most certainly one of them as it comes with a dedicated LED light
  • Spacious mouse area, which would suit most gamers easily
  • Fancy design compared to most others
  • Foldable and moveable pieces, such as the legs and laptop plate. You can move things around for your convenience and get the best field of view.
  • Four additional USB ports should keep you covered with every device that you want to attach, especially useful for external storage
  • A dedicated internal cooling fan that will keep the airflow in check.


  • It may be a bit heavy for some, and the extra mouse space comes at the cost of could-have-been mobility.

Why we recommend it: Moclever Laptop Table provides multi-functionality, internal cooling, additional USB ports, flexible parts, an LED light, and a great amount of space for your mouse – it’s hard to miss something that provides all those features and looks cool while doing it too.

5. WorkEZ Best Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand & Lap Desk

WorkEZ Best Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand & Lap Desk for Bed Couch w/Mouse Pad. Ergonomic Height Angle tilt Aluminum Desktop Tray Portable MacBook pro Computer Riser Table Cooler Folding Holder

WorkEZ Best Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand & Lap Desk Features and highlights

This lap desk is somewhat multi-functional but all of its uses are mainly related to gaming laptops. It has an additional mouse pad that can be adjusted to your preferences but it also acts as a cup holder for days you wish to work on instead.

The usual stuff is still here, such as adjustable height, material that keeps your laptop cool, and a moveable laptop plate – and its no-nonsense approach to the design grants it ideal mobility.


  • A separated and moveable mouse pad that lets you place your mouse in the exact position that you want it to for your convenience
  • The mousepad can also be used as a cup holder if you don’t wish to use a mouse and work instead
  • On the affordable side while not compromising on the important features.
  • Foldable legs that offer multiple heights, and can be adjusted for your ultimate pleasure
  • Moveable laptop plate so you can best fit your field of view and tilt it how you like
  • Aluminum panel that naturally eradicates heat without the need for airflow holes or a dedicated fan


  • For the older laptops, not having additional airflow can be an issue.

Why we recommend it: WorkEZ is providing one of the most affordable and coolest looking lap desks that do not compromise on its mobility and features. Recommended for people who move their position a lot and like more freedom with their mouse placement.

6. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Device Ledge

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Device Ledge, Mouse Pad, and Phone Holder - Silver Carbon - Fits Up to 15.6 Inch Laptops - Style No. 91585

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Device Ledge Features and highlights

While the LapGear Home Office Lap Desk lacks several features that others are offering, it compensates by offering great material that is good for both your body’s comfort and laptop’s heating and a great discount that you can’t afford to miss.

It does offer you a dedicated mousepad and a smartphone holder, so most people will be covered well enough.


  • One of the most affordable options you can find that don’t compromise on mobility, comfort, and material
  • Comes with a mousepad that also acts as a phone holder on top
  • Smooth airflow that will keep your laptop cold, based on instructions by laptop manufacturers
  • Comfortable foam material on the bottom is perfect for any body and will keep your legs safe from any heat.


  • Only fits up to laptops with 15.6 inches displays
  • Mouse space might not be enough for everyone

Why we recommend it: If you don’t need a stand and want the absolute highest tier of comfort for your body – then this is the best gaming lap desk you can go for while also saving a good chunk of money.

7. Ybj-ake Laptop Desk Tray (Basic)

Laptop Desk Tray, Breakfast Serving Bed Tray, Computer, Notebook Holder & Stand, Adjustable & Foldable with Flip Top and Drawers, 100% Bamboo

Ybj-ake Laptop Desk Tray (Basic) Features and highlights

The Ybj-ake lap desk is offering every basic feature that is healthy for your laptop and also covers your gaming needs at a very affordable price, despite its simple looks the bamboo used to create it is 100% pure which means you won’t be holding back on the material aspect.

The body is very foldable and tilt-friendly and the extra space for mouse, smartphones, and even an additional drawer – make its mobility very useful as not many lap desks of this size can hold everything at once.


  • Multi-functional serves as a general-use table beside the obvious lap desk purposes.
  • Foldable legs that will help you use it both directly on your body and as something with a bit of a height
  • Moveable laptop plate which you can tilt for your ideal field of view
  • A drawer on the side that you can use to fit some extra stuff in, and is more spacious than the usual ones that come with lap desks
  • The mouse side is spacious so you can place a mousepad and other things such as a cup or smartphone at the same time, and the ability to move the laptop plate lets you worry less about spilling anything.
  • Very minimal design while every important feature is present
  • Decent airflow which is further helped by good wood material


  • Folded legs might be a bit uncomfortable for direct body use.
  • Might be too simple for some people design-wise.

Why we recommend it: If the phrase ‘back to basics’ was applied to a gaming lap desk – the Ybj-ake Laptop Desk Tray would be the result. It offers a decent price and the most important features that a gamer needs, but with the simplicity of design, multi-functional use, and nearly perfect mobility. It’s a great deal through and through if you’re not looking for a fancier design.

That’s it for our guide for the best gaming lap desk for 2024 that you can buy right now – at the most affordable prices and great quality.

We hope you found the perfect match for your gaming laptop and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Don’t forget to check out many of our other helpful gaming guides too on the website while you’re around.

Buying The Best Lapboard For Gaming FAQs

Here are some of your burning questions answered.

Can you use a gaming laptop on your lap?

While laptop desks are multi-purpose and can be used in different environments, they are almost a necessity for gaming laptops and should be used with them. This is because they allow the gaming laptops to be placed conveniently above your lap without them getting unnecessarily warm and your lap feels more comfortable too.

On top of that, many lap desks have better airflows than what the laptop already has too which keeps it safe and cool – and that’s guaranteed to give you better framerates in most video games too. Last but not least, it also allows your laptop to be useable with less heating issues when on charging mode and running a demanding application.

Should I get a lap desk?

If you wish to use your laptop for long periods of time or play video games on them, you should most certainly buy a lap desk. Not only do they give you better-adjusted angles to have a more precise face-to-screen angle, they also make the airflow far better which allows the laptop to be safer and keeps your body away from unnecessary heat too.

What should I look for in a lap desk?

Lap desks have three important aspects that everyone should know of before they purchase one. The first one is that it should be comfortable since you will be placing it on your lap very often. The material shouldn’t be weak but it should feel good on your body too. The second aspect is the airflow and other possible conveniences, which are to be picked based on your personal preferences. The third and last aspect is how tall and wide it is, which will play a crucial role in the face-to-screen angles – which is an important factor for your posture.

How do you clean a lap desk?

It’s very simple when it comes to cleaning a lap desk. They don’t have any difficult spots to scrub and they’re not sensitive either, so using a dusting piece of cloth or something silky would do the job. And if you’re worried about germs, it’s safe to apply a little bit of soap to a silk cloth wring and clean the lap desk. If you do use a liquid, make sure you let it completely dry off first before placing your laptop on it again.

Do gaming laptops need cooling pads?

Gaming laptops don’t need cooling pads as a necessity, but if you believe that your laptop has a heating issue or would just generally like it to remain cooler than it usually is when you play video games – then cooling pads can really help you out. And some lap desks come with integrated airflow, so you might not even need the cooling pads at all if you buy a good lap desk that prioritizes the coolness of your laptop.

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